OCN Grim Reaper Police Drama Black Drops New Posters and Shiver Inducing Preview

The darkness is coming with OCN‘s fall offering Black, the short and concise title hopefully delivering in the effective tension and well-crafted narrative heft. A sleeking produced and executed K-drama can go some ways in making up for the any lack of acting proficiency in the cast which remains one of the unknowns with leads Song Seung Heon and Go Ara. I like him despite his notable lack of acting rage and her typical wide-eyed acting style, but putting them together could be doubling down on the lacks or a surprising combination of their strong suits. It helps that the supporting cast is across the board solid character veterans, with Lee El being the most prominent plus with an always stellar screen presence. With the screenwriter from God’s Gift: 14 Days together with the PD of Voice and Pied Piper, this is one drama that looks worthy of retaining optimism and excitement for.

Preview for Black:


OCN Grim Reaper Police Drama Black Drops New Posters and Shiver Inducing Preview — 5 Comments

  1. The posters are really gorgeous, the dark blue color and flowing lines capturing the uncanny darkness and threatening dynamism of the Reaper theme. SSH looks smashing, and I hope he delivers in this role. By the way, Go ara’s role sounds similar to Suzy’s in As You are Sleeping. Actually the two dramas seem to have a lot in common. Suzy seems to have improved a lot in the first episode last night. Good for her.

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