Daniel Choi and Baek Jin Hee Pair Up for K-dramas Jugglers in First Drama Stills

The first batch of lead stills are out for upcoming KBS drama Jugglers, probably one of the lower profile prime time dramas but with the network currently leading the Mon-Tues time slot with the surprise success of Witch’s Court then it’s setting up this drama for a good chance to succeed as well. Starring Daniel Choi and Baek Jin Hee, this drama gets my attention for being the return project for the male lead who was away for two years in the military, as well as getting Kang Hye Jung back in prime time dramas here as the second female lead. The story is about Baek Jin Hee as the titular Juggler who tries hard to please everyone as her passive giving personality brings her into the world of the male lead who has succeeded with his me-first attitude and now is her boss. The drama doesn’t sound particularly interesting but I’m curious enough to give it a shot.


Daniel Choi and Baek Jin Hee Pair Up for K-dramas Jugglers in First Drama Stills — 6 Comments

  1. We’re glad DANIEL CHOI’s new drama! Everyone is waiting for his comeback. He is indeed a great Actor, rest assure to watch and follow this new series!

  2. The drama plot sounded so cliche but will give it a go just to see Choi Daniel’s first comeback project. Hoping to see more of him in the future..

  3. Kang Hye Jung used to be one of the top most movie actress few years back. Unfortunately her career took wrong turn and she is relegated to being second leads in not so good dramas. Hope this drama showcase her acting chops properly.

  4. This drama is the least likely to win at ratings but who knows it might be a surprise like WC. Its a premiering a week later than Two Cops and Doubtful Victory so unless both dramas have very weak first week episodes the ranking will be:

    Doubtful Victory (YKS is enjoying a lot of love since 3MAD just ended)
    Two Cops (JJS, enough said)
    Jugglers (CD is amazing but his past few dramas haven’t done very well)

  5. I loved him in Ghost..I wished he d stayed longer and didnt morph into So Ji Sub.And I like So Ji Sub but hacker Daniel was on point.

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