First Look at the Returning and New Cast of KBS Drama Mystery Queen 2

Aw heck yeah, the intrepid Mystery Queen duo is back together and this time with an even better supporting cast for the second go-around. First looks are here for 2018 K-drama Mystery Queen 2, taking viewers back to that quirky world where a housewife has the interest and developed skills to lend a fresh mind to the crime solving world of hot-headed Korean police detectives. Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Kang Hee return as leads (yay!) with new second leads Lee Da Hee and Oh Min Suk, as well as fabulous character actors Park Byung Eun and Kim Tae Woo. Of all the big three prime time dramas in 2017 this one felt the most like an odd duck out, with cable style written all over it and doing a great job of bringing a different vibe to KBS.

First teaser:


First Look at the Returning and New Cast of KBS Drama Mystery Queen 2 — 7 Comments

  1. I really love that this drama is coming back. I loved the first few episodes I saw of the first season. But I dropped it as soon as I found out that people who loved it HATED how it ended! They said there were way too many cliff hangers. I am so happy they are going to address this in season two.

    Now I have to go back and finish season 1!

    • Yes, the ending was little overwhelming but the ride up to there was so much fun!

      Can’t wait for the second season, even though I’ll be missing the non-returning characters.

  2. i love their bantering. I wonder if there will be love line between them although it was hinted it at the end in S1. Just sad puppy detective is not there this time round. I can’t look at Park Byung Eun in the same way after watching him on This is my first life. He’s very serious and stoic here unlike the puppy dog over there.

  3. Where is our puppy police? I forget his name but he’s currently in Jugglers.

    Despite the ending of s1, i was satisfied with the ending of s1. It gives the chance for 2nd season. 2018, new love to come uri ajjumma!!! This time, the real and true love. Fighting!!

  4. I really like good actors, the leads in this drama are very talented, they have a wonderful working chemistry. Actually, the entire cast member team, make this drama work. The female lead reminds me of YEH, because she has great comedic timing, like YEH does. She is so cute and can also play the serious side of a character, in a drama, as well. I personally like the comedic side to her, just my preference.

    I will definately support this drama and it’s actors.

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