KBS Gives Out Co-Daesang to Kim Young Chul and Chun Ho Jin at 2017 Drama Awards

Last but not least in the coverage of year end K-drama network awards is the 2017 KBS Drama Awards held the same night as SBS, with MBC the night before. The big winners of the night were the exceptional veteran actors playing drama dads, with Kim Young Chul of Father is Strange and Chun Ho Jin for My Golden Life taking home co-Daesang awards. The younger leads of My Golden Life with Park Shi Hoo and Shin Hye Sun also won Top Excellence, and in the prime time dramas the notable winners for Namgong Min for Chief Kim, Jung Ryeo Won in Witch’s Court, and the leads of Fight My Way in Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won. It’s nice to see the veterans get recognized and the rest just feels like acknowledgement of stars who were in successful rated dramas this year.


Winners of the 2017 KBS Drama Awards:

Kim Young Chul (Father is Strange)
Chun Ho Jin (My Golden Life)

Top Excellence Actress
Lee Yoo Ri (Father is Strange)
Jung Ryeo Won (Witch’s Court)

Top Excellence Actor
Namgoong Min (Chief Kim)

Excellence Actress (Weekend)
Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life)

Excellence Actor (Weekend)
Park Shi Hoo (My Golden Life)

Excellence Actress (Miniseries)
Jang Nara (Go Back Couple)
Kim Ji Won (Fight My Way)

Excellence Actor (Miniseries)
Park Seo Joon (Fight My Way)

Excellence Actress (Daily Drama)
Myung Se Bin (First Love Again)
Im Soo Hyang (Lovers in Bloom)

Excellence Actor (Daily Drama)
Kim Seung Soo (First Love Again)
Song Chang Eui (The Secret of My Love)

Excellence Actress (Medium-length Drama)
Jo Yeo Jeong (Perfect Wife)

Excellence Actor (Mid-length Drama)
Lee Dong Gun (Seven Days Queen)
Junho (Chief Kim)

Best Couple
Yoon Hyun Min and Jung Ryeo Won (Witch’s Court)
Son Ho Jun and Jang Nara (Go Back Couple)
Park Shi Hoo and Shin Hye Sun (My Golden Life)
Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won(Fight My Way)
Ryu Soo Young and Lee Yoo Ri from (Father Is Strange)
Namgoong Min and Junho (Chief Kim)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Kim Young Ae

Best Actor/Actress (Drama Special)
Yeo Hoe Hyun (Girls’ Generation 1979)
Ra Mi Ran (The Last Week of Madam Jung)

Netizen Award
Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won (Fight My Way)

Best Screenwriter
So Hyun Kyung (My Golden Life)

Best New Actor/Actress Award
Ahn Jae Hong (Fight My Way),  Woo Do Hwan (Mad Dog)
Kim Se Jung (School 2017), Ryu Hwayoung (Father Is Strange and Mad Dog)

Best Supporting Award
Kim Sung Oh (Fight My Way), Choi Won Young (Mad Dog and Hwarang)
Lee Il Hwa (Chief Kim and Witch’s Court), Jung Hye Sung (Chief Kim and Manhole)

Child Award
Jung Jun Won (Father is Strange)
Lee Rae (Witch’s Court)


KBS Gives Out Co-Daesang to Kim Young Chul and Chun Ho Jin at 2017 Drama Awards — 18 Comments

  1. Congratulations to Kim Young Chul and Lee Yoo Ri because I really enjoyed FIS!!! Very happy for Kim Ji Won for winning her well deserved accolades!

  2. I’ll start the Park Shi Hoo mild rant…. I was hoping that after giving him the Best Couple award, we’ll be done. Ryu Soo Young also from a highly-rated weekend drama (though it was at a disadvantaged since it was on the 1st half) didn’t get any acting award. From feedbacks, Shin Hye Sun is the one really lifting the acting weight as compared to Park Shi Hoo. But, he’s more popular than Ryu Soo Jung, so there’s that. I guess he’s back after all.

  3. I still can’t watch anything with Park Shi Hoo. I wished that award had gone to other more deserving actors.
    I wished Park Min Young could win something. she really deserved some recognition for her work in 7DQ. Actually her chemistry with YWJ is explosive but unfortunately that show had v low rating and they were not even nominated for couple awards. ?

  4. I watched the award ceremony and whenever Park Shi Hoo was on stage or they mentioned his name, the scream was noticeably louder. So weird. Is his fans still that many? Im still uncomfortable watching him.. on top of that, getting the award @_@

  5. How Seven Day Queen didn’t win a couple award ? The love story was really good and the chemistry between the actors was great.

    I didn’t really like Fight My Way, I was pretty disapointed by the story and the characters. I’m surprised they won so much.

    I’m happy to see that Yeo Hoe Hyun won for Girls Generation 1979. This drama was so good ! I loved the OST. I would prefer that Seo Young Joo won, he’s a young but very good actor.

    • Me too. I dont like fight my way too and stopped watching it on earlier episodes lols. Although i dont understand the hype they got, but then, their actors did great.

      I like gg79 too. Those young actors deserve recognition.

  6. So happy for Shin Hye Sun, Junho, NJM, PSJ and KJW. Beside PSH whom I cannot stand, this award show seems to be the fairest… I agree that PMY should win something, hope she will do better this year with the new agency 🙂

  7. How can they give an award to Park Shi Hoo? this sucks so much. I didn’t watch his drama, and I’ll never watch anything with him. For me, he is a rapist who paid his victim. In a country where you can settle with money or threats, where the police doesn’t give a fuck if the victim of a rape withdraw the complaint, and doesn’t continue with the investigation even if there are clues, I’ll never believe men. Sorry. Because statistics says there are a rise in sexual assaults, but still, there a lot of women who doesn’t go to police because they’re ashamed. People, instead of blame the rapist, they blame the raped. And if the man is a celebritie, it sucks the double. Because, of course, she must be a kkot-baem, because oppars doesn’t need to sexual abuse of anyone (every women would like to have sex with them), because rapers are only shady persons. And ’til here my rant about Park Shi Hoo, and how this piece of shit with a lot of connections and a rich family can continue doing dramas.

  8. This award event is fair AND well deserving compared to SBS.
    Due recognition is given to those who truly deserve it.

    Well done!

  9. Congratulations to all the winners.
    I watch the weekend drama My Golden Life and the entire cast is amazing.
    I think that PSH deserves his excellence award for his convincing portrayal of the character Choi Do Kyung.
    More power to the MGL cast.

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