Suits Maintains Strong Lead in Wed-Thurs Time Slot with The Undateables Coming in Third

A slotting in of new dramas in two networks has solidified the lead of KBS legal drama Suits in the lead among a generally weak pack of prime time dramas. Suits is staying steading in the 9% range with Thursday’s episode taking in 9.6%. Coming in second though it’s really neck-and-neck is MBC drama Come and Hug Me with 4.6% and 5.4%, with SBS bringing up the rear with The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum) getting 4.9% and 5% in the second night of airing as a small dip from the previous night’s premiere episodes. I haven’t watched The Undateables yet but the audience reviews have been lackluster, with criticism of Hwang Jung Eum‘s overacting and repeatedly playing the same type of energetic, loud, and brassy character in a way that is turning off viewers. And if folks think it’s not her fault and just the way the character is written, then perhaps it’s time to not take those types of roles and wait for something that does not feel like a repeat of prior dramas like She Was Pretty and Lucky Romance.


Suits Maintains Strong Lead in Wed-Thurs Time Slot with The Undateables Coming in Third — 23 Comments

  1. He is the reason i want to watch it but she is the reason i don’t want to watch it….again shall not watch it…ouch painful lucky got other drama ?

  2. I have watched the first two episodes of this drama. While they were not terrible, they were quite cringy because she overacted a lot. Also, it might be her hair styling but she looked a bit scary and unnatural in the drama. That was a little distracting, especially with no great acting to back it up. I hope she will get better as the drama goes though cuz I do love her a lot in older works such as High Kick, Secret, and KMHM, and really wish for her success.

  3. I couldn’t get past the first scenes in Ep 1, her overacting/screaming really got to me. I watched many of her previous dramas and liked her in KMHM. But with this drama I reached a threshold and decided that there are too many other dramas I could enjoy without having to be annoyed HJE. Actually C&HM is a better watch – if you’re not watching Suits.

    • Agreed. I like C&HM also watching Suits. Secret Mother has interesting plots, Miss M is good too…happy with L acting

  4. agree with @M. Come and Hug Me is actually a nice watch, so far quite enjoyable. I am not watching Suits coz I like the original version. I cannot watch NGM because I cannot stand HJE, and reviews & ratings have also proven… too bad for NGM that this drama will be his first flop… There are lots of dramas to choose from and LL is my favorite now 🙂

  5. Surprisingly, I enjoy Come and Hug Me, though I have a tad of complaints on Jin Ki Joo (I am not feeling her character). It’s Jang Ki Young whom is holding the drama and the boy is amazing. I won’t bother to watch The Undateables because Hwang Jung Eum annoyed me to no end. As for Suits, this drama is boring and probably the only reason it is leading the timeslot is the popular actors in Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun.

  6. You guys seem to forget that She was Pretty started quite low as well and slowly picked up ratings. Time will tell whether it picks up or not but from what I saw the over the top tone is deliberate from all involved here not just Hwang Jung Eum so I don’t get why you are pin pointing on her alone. As for Suits, its a well done drama and I am glad that its ratings are as high as it is.

    • Well, lucky romance got low rating despite it was ryu’s comeback drama after reply88.
      I dont hate her, but she’s really overacting in some scenes. After KMHM, she did the same character in She Was Pretty. She then continued the same character again in Lucky Romance. And now, she seems to enjoy this character repetitively. Even JJH got some negative comments on her performance in Legend of the blue sea.

      I personally didnt like NGM in romcom. I prefer his villain character. But then, probably next time. Cuz it seems like viewers do not buy his romcom anymore.

      I enjoy watching C&HM also suits.

    • @Gem – She was Pretty picked up ratings later on partly due to Choi Siwon’s scenes-stealing acting and his mysterious identity “Ten”. @Yasss is correct, how do you explain the low rating of Lucky Romance? HJE’s acting has not changed for 4 dramas in a row… I like KMHM, ok with SP, dropped LR after one episode, now just watching her in the new teasers makes me cringe (even tho I really like NGM)… lol…

    • But it’s true that her roles have all been the same or similar for a while now, hence the shrieky acting (which I didn’t have a problem with initially because it was just the roles….but like, 3-4 roles in a row?)

      The funny thing is HJE is a decent actress in melo too like Secret, latter half of Kill Me Heal Me etc but just sticks to shrieky romcom roles which lead to all her projects blending together for viewers.

    • Part of the slow start to She Was Pretty is it went up against the end of Young Pal,one of the few big hits of 2015 or whenever. I actually didn’t think HJE gave the same performance in Lucky Romance and the issues in that drama fall directly on the writer.

      Either HJE likes doing these type roles or she has been typecast because she does do melos well. Does k-dramaland produce as many melos these days..?? Perhaps it’s that simple.

  7. Jang Ki Yong is really coming for Nam Joo Hyuk – better looking and better acting. I didnt know he has been on quite a few drama. C&HM is nice but I feel the story has slow progress. It has been 4 (8) episode, but it felt like a long intro, we are still on the child phrase. The directing is gorgeous though, the blossom flowers and the custom. The response from the audience has been good – I think this might be the break out drama for both two leads. Jin Ki Joo might not be amazing but her role on misty confirm that she can act. (Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy was the first offered the role, I get why they didnt accept it, the drama is very dark. And their acting cant really compare to these two leads). I watch the 2 epi of the undeateable, its too childish, come on.

    Break out starts of 2017: Kim Jung Hyun – go on to do waikiki, which give really good impression. Dong Ha – go to military 🙁 Jung Ha In – get the first hit lead role. Jung Ki Yong gonna do well with this drama – its not a rating hit but he really suit the role, his look is perfect, somehow similar to his go back couple character. While Woo Do Han suppose to the biggest break out star of 2017 go on to do a a crap drama.

    • Waikiki was such a cute drama, it was the best comedy I’ve seen recently. Good cast, a bit slapstick but fun and sweet.

      (Also that baby is SO CUTE omg, I don’t know how they got her to make all those expressions lol).

  8. well, I’m more of the writing this time, first 4 episodes didn’t catch me, and think that the funny scenes are forced, maybe the director doesn’t know how to execute the funny script.But I am not hopeless, in the preview for the upcoming episodes ,both of them will work on how to make the undateables find their partners within 3 months.Thats what excites me actually,because that is not an easy feat.

  9. Come and Hug Me is really good. Jang Ki Yong acts really well, not to mention Nam Da Reum as his kid counterpart. What really got me hooked is the story esp the serial killer Dad, coz he’s a psychopath but he dotes on his younger son to be like him. I’m glad it’s getting decent ratings. Plus, JKY looks mighty fine in a uniform.

  10. Enjoying Come and hug me so far. It’s intense but sad at the same time. The actors playing the younger version of the leads are so good and of course the psychopathic dad. Not to mention the cinematography, my only qualms are, I find Jang Ki Jong to be a bit stiff in some scenes while Jin Ki Joo looks adorable she’s not quite convincing as of yet. Or maybe I just got too immersed with the child actors that I can’t quite connect to the adult versions.

    Another drama I’m currently enjoying is OCN’s Mistress, despite the questionable acting of the 4 leads, the episodes are intense and thrilling to watch.

  11. It’s a surprise for me as i like a lot Suits Us but i like the korean version too. It’s similar but fresh at the same time as the culture is not the same. Till now i didn’t like the other remakes ( Criminal minds , the good wife, entourage…) I’m waiting Life on mars… as for “Handsome guy…” i totally agree with @ M . Can someone tell me if Come and hug me is too heavy ?

    • Its not my mister heavy. Its a romance drama but there is a killer story so i guess something like strong woman do bong soon?

    • It is sugary more than heavy. But there is a creepiness in some scenes that makes your skin crawl.

  12. Come and hug me has a lot to offer and at this time I would definitely give it a try. Did anyone pick up that when the dad was raging in the background because they were gone the boy looked at the boxes in the corner and smiled?

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