Big Name Stars Descend on the Red Carpet Opening Night of the 2018 Busan Film Festival

If this week’s sad showing of mostly second and third tier K-stars at the Korean Drama Awards, then it was the exact opposite at the opening night red carpet of the 2018 Busan International Film Festival where I felt so much high profile faces beaming for the cameras. The hosting MCs Kim Nam Gil and Han Ji Min walked the red carpet together and were adorable, and they were thronged by an endless parade of A-list stars and better than usual fashion choices by the actresses. Zombie joseon movie Outbreak had male leads Hyun Bin and Jang Dong Gun attend together for double the visuals, and Nam Joo Hyuk continues to wow with his impressive height and handsomeness in a tux. Notabel e standouts were Sooyoung‘s black and white contrasting textured dress the most and Honey Lee flashing impressive assets and her inch deep signature dimples.


Big Name Stars Descend on the Red Carpet Opening Night of the 2018 Busan Film Festival — 7 Comments

  1. Finally haute couture done right! All beautiful and beaming so yes Soo Young is the epicentre of attention so demure and elegant with Honey Lee and Soo Ae equally as stunning. Thank you for looking glam and fabulous and saving the reputation for K celeb red carpet turnout. Paparazzi would be going clicker nuts over that visual array. ?

  2. OMG Hyun Bin is so fine and Jang Dong Gun is very good looking. Han Ji Min is so pretty in the dress. Everyone is good looking.

  3. Sooyoung looks amazing! She’s slaying the red carpet recently. Her electric blue dress at the Buil Awards is a standout too.

  4. Yup, I am proud to say that Sooyoung was definitely a stand out among all the celebrities, haha.
    She was so gorgeous with that dress but also the blue one that she wore at the award !
    I can’t wait to watch her movie when it comes out. I hope it does well and she gets great feedback for her acting 🙂

  5. Glad seeing how shinning star Sooyoung have become after she no longer with SM.
    Hope there will be a picture of her gorgeous blue dress too.

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