MBC Releases Video Showcase of the 4 Tall Handsome Male Leads of Wed-Thurs Drama Extraordinary You

I’m still surprised that my post on the female lead of Extraordinary You got so much response. She’s the central focus of the drama but is surrounded by the usual bevy of high school good looking boys, but in this story narrative with a twist. The characters have their “stage” roles and their “shadow” selves and with that it deviates from the usual K-drama tropes. I actually really enjoy watching all four male leads and clearly fans like either their performances but more likely the eye candy. Male leads Ro Woon, Lee Jae Wook, Jung Gun Woo, and Kim Young Dae are all over 187 cm tale and quite telegenic onscreen. Who’s your favorite? I like Ro Woon because he seems like such a sweet melancholy puppy but I feel Lee Jae Wook has the broadest and widest potential to hit it big both small and big screen.

Male leads of Extraordinary You:


MBC Releases Video Showcase of the 4 Tall Handsome Male Leads of Wed-Thurs Drama Extraordinary You — 20 Comments

  1. Love the drama and love Rowoon, he is such a total package: can act, sing, dance well, so tall and so handsomeeee. I fee like I’m a cougar (haha) searching him and SF9.
    Kim Hye Yoon is good, I don’t know what other people said but to me, she did very good job switching her character in stage and shadow. I love her acting in there. Her endless energetic brings so much fun into the character.

  2. I love both rowoon and lee dae wook almost equally.

    Kim Hye Yoon may be energetic in her role but her acting is still cringe and overwhelmingly extra and that it keeps pulling me away from completely feeling for her during her times of trials.

    I’m really disliking danoh now, she’s too boy crazy. I wish she had more dreams and a more heartfelt purpose to staying alive. Is her life purpose only to be beside Haru? It’s give me Haru or give me death.

    • She wants to live but at the same time when she doesn’t have much time left, she of course wants to spend her remaining time with the person she loves the most which is understandable. People do have strong will of living, but when they don’t have control over that, they have to seize the moment to be with their love ones.
      Of course my interpretation and yours are different.

      • I see what you are saying but the thing is that since from beginning of the show is that she was fighting to change the destiny in her life. She didn’t want to be an “extra” or “side character.”

        This is not the kind of show where it’s guaranteed that she is going to die. She’s a comic character. I’m saying that she should fight to live not just for love but for herself.

  3. I love Kim Hye Yoon more than the boys to be honest. Her Dan Oh is a lovable character and having seen Sky Castle, I love how she did a complete opposite character here to Ye Seo with so much ease. Among the guys, Rowoon snd Jae Hyuk will get many more roles as their popularity is massive so I hope I get to see more of Jung Gun Woo….I adore Deo Hwa as a character and the actor deserves his own show.

    • I watched Sky Castle, her character is different but her style of acting is almost exactly the same except for in ey, she hyped it up more esp in her tonal of Boyce, almost to the point of screeching.

  4. I like LJW the most, he is able to act out many different emotions and not necessarily the typical sweet & kind flower boy style. RW’s nose is a bit distracting and hindering him from expressing much emotions. EY is getting quite boring now and very draggy. I wish the storytelling can run at a much faster pace without much repetitions.

  5. KHY made the show unwatchable with her screechy voice and excessive aegyo in shadow. Thankfully LJW is there to save the drama which is a failure at this point. The online response has drastically reduced people have given up the drama because the writing is terrible.

  6. The show started off so strong but for the last few episodes it’s been going down in quality. Even though the premise is so interesting, the writing is weak and it’s been dragging a lot.

    The lead actress is terrible. Her voice/tone really annoys me.

    Right now the most interesting thing about the drama is Joo Da gaining awareness and fighting her damsel-in-distress role.

  7. April Naeun is a better actress than Hye Yoon. She deserves to be the lead over her actually. The show lost its spark at the mid way point. It’s boring now.

  8. All the actors are rookies and they did great in their role. Rowoon is swoony and has this warm side that was perfect to play Haru. LJW is very charismatic (my only “complaint” would be his smile), it’s kinda sad he couldn’t show more because of his character. Kim Hye Yoon was perfect! She can manage the sad scenes and the comic ones so perfectly! Switching like this (voice and face) was very hard but she did it like it was nothing.

    I prefer the actress playing Sae Mi than Na Eun but it was kinda a detail. JGW and KDY are good in their character.

  9. Kim Young Dae looks like he could make a good romantic hero. He has chemistry with his female co-stars. Lee Jae Wook expresses the most emotions, so I think he has potential. I like Rowoon’s natural acting. He was even good in historical setting. I cringed the most with Jung Gun Woo’s acting. Some parts were not natural at all, but I wouldn’t say he’s a bad actor.

  10. I am really enjoying hyeyoon performance. Yes sometimes I do think she goes overboard with her acting but nonetheless I don’t have any major complain about her acting. She is doing fine job obviously actors are easily overshadowing her when it’s comes to performance and character. There are no doubt that all the 4 boys are doing phenomenal job with their characters. But my personal being Lee jae wook and jung goon wun both onscreen and offscreen.

  11. LJW and KYH are so good in acting! LJW perfects the nuances of his shadow character while KYH always goes all out! Now I look forward to both their “stage” and “shadow” interactions as it seems that it’s the first time they’re getting to know each other as they’re finally baring their real selves ?

  12. LJW is my favorite but that’s probably because I’m a sucker for tsundere types and cold asshole-y characters with sad, emo back stories lol…Not to mention he wonderfully emotes with his eyes.

    BUT! Shout out to Jung Gun Woo as puppy Do Hwa. He’s a little green sometimes with his expressions but his character is both equally cute and sad.

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