Early Promos for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay with Leads Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji Together

Hmmmm, this was not what I was expecting at all for the upcoming tvN drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay but I’m not complaining. Just curious why Seo Ye Ji‘s character looks like a fashionista even though she’s a children’s book writer or am I stereotyping lol. She gives off IU from Hotel Del Luna vibes and if that means plenty of incredible outfits and accessories that’s great I love seeing beautifully curated outfits on the right character onscreen. These promos are not official drama posters but posted on the FB page for the drama but it’s clearly not photoshopped (though it looks rather crude) as both leads are dressed in character. I appreciate the drama presenting the story of the characters hence Seo Ye Ji gets the spotlight and male lead Kim Soo Hyun supporting her rather than the production milking his return to the small screen after 5 years for all it’s worth.


Early Promos for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay with Leads Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji Together — 62 Comments

  1. When I saw the poster I burst out laughing honestly, I mean is this 2010?! Still looking forward with 0 expectations.

    • I like the pairing, both have talent and great charisma of their own. I like the poster, its dark unsmiling, potraying extraordinary emotional healing, I await the unusual but approachable unfantasizing chemistry of the intended pair.

  2. whoever thinks this poster is good for public consumption should get their *ss whipped. like, seriously?

    good thing TVN released the latest trailer for the drama which is sooo good, am counting down until june 20.

    • I will not be surprised if she copied IU’s style as Jang Man Wol to a tee. Didn’t she copy the way IU dressed when she attended the press conference of her previous drama with Lee Joon Gi. IU dressed in a floral dress when she attended Moon Lovers’ presscon, she did too for Lawless Lawyer’s.
      She even encouraged her fans to throw shades when IU guested on Knowing Brothers with Lee Joon Gi in tow. Jealousy much?

      • Clearly you are Joonu shipper,I know who said the same thing like your comment here on instagram during Lawless Lawyer broadcast time.So are you saying all actresses who wear floral dress that time are copied IU’s style ? Never,not her style not her acting. And unless you can show us a prove that Seo Yea Ji encourage her fans to bashed IU on KB,just shut up.After 2y,what’s with the insecurity towards her?

      • The first part of your username is Stgz, does it mean stargazers? What a coincidence this is what Joonu(Lee JoonGi-IU) shippers call themselves.
        You’re Joonu shipper since the only ones who said SYJ copied the way IU dressed were the Joonu shippers and only because her dress had flowers, which reminds me that long ago the Joonu shippers said the samething about Lee JoonGi’s ex-girlfriend, they said JHB copied IU’s way of dressing(So delusional).
        Wasn’t it enough for you shipper that during Lawless Lawyer broadcast you mocked and bashed SYJ? Two years have passed since the drama ended, leave her alone and stop make up stories, it seems that you are the one who is jealous of SYJ.

      • Proof? This is the exact romanization of her fans comment on her IG post: aneunhyungnim…. leejoongi aiyuraniyo…… leejoongi seoyejiyeosseoyajii…… TT TT asuibsse ???
        Which basically means Joon Gi should have come with Seo Ye Ji instead of IU. And she even gave like to this comment! Of course she has deactivated her IG, because ya sure… what is there to brag about. She has lost 2 of her most notable endorsements, and the most embarassing is that she lost her cosmetic endorsement to an idol, male idol at that!
        Well she looks pretty, but the most precise phrase should be: her ps was wonderfully done. Because she looked nowhere near how she looks now in her school days. Just see yourselves on the web. She must want to bury her past so deep that she even blocked an account that uploaded those younger days photos of her.

      • What a load of crap I’ve read. This is one of the many reasons so many fans hate the shippers. They spread hates wherever they go.
        Leave IU out of your crazy war!

      • Far out it’s been 4 years since Scarlet Heart and you’re on a SYJ article offloading your angst on her new role as the chosen FL in KSH post military drama and you want to pick at her wearing and emulating IU’s dress sense to the loss of endorsements,deactivating her IG account oh and the best one her high school photos pre ps days. Cos time is precious and I don’t have the patience nowadays I’ll keep this short and sweet. Whatever makes you happy because reading between the lines you sure have some pent up anguish knowing that LJK had amazing chemistry with YJ off and on screen during LL and that’s most likely driving your rage here. And to think LJK is in his next drama with Moon Chae Won gosh let it go with your JoonU obsession. They’re friends until you hear or read otherwise stop embarrassing yourself. Go write and fund Scarlett Heart 2 if you want that so desperately.

      • Amazing chemistry with Lee Joon Gi on and off cam huh? So good their chemistry that Joon Gi immediately distanced himself and stopped mentioning anything about her once the drama finished airing. Joon Gi didn’t even mention her name at all in his post LL interview, all the while singing praises of Choi Min Soo & Lee Hye Young.
        His fans decided to turn blind eyes to the wide spread knowledge that SYJ demanded for more screen time and managed to get it, consequently reducing Joon Gi’s. At least we shippers can see right through. And good thing that she is now working with Kim Soo Hyun so she will act docile, she is practically working with her boss anyway.
        Money well spent on ps to fix face but will never be able to fix a mean heart.

      • Do you feel better airing your rant now? Like who cares LL was 2 years ago? Heard that saying what you don’t know won’t hurt you? Far out I know you must be seriously be affected by LL to the point you’re still carrying it to this day dogging SYJ in any given chance.Are you bitter that SYJ created chemistry with LJK on and off screen in their bts? Now you’re accusing her of having a mean heart? Well you got one thing right -a mean heart cos she needs that to be in character. Perhaps you could give her a few pointers since you’re practically an expert.

      • I have learnt it from the best,
        Actress Seo Ye Ji herself. Wasn’t she the one who started crossing the line of disrespecting IU by planting seeds of jealousy towards IU? And it really irritates me how people here just brush this very fact off. Is it because IU is a much bigger name & has a bigger fandom so people should just let Seo Ye Ji with her small fandom get away with her wickedness? NO.
        I should just let it out in a much bigger platform. I am very curious to see how Kim Soo Hyun fans react to it. Afterall his fandom reacted to the news that she joined his agency & the casting in this psycho drama with much skepticism. Worth to mention that lots of his fans are fond of his friendship with IU, and tons of IU’s fans have been strong supporters of him for a long time.

      • ENOUGH!!!!
        I don’t know what your problem is that you have to pick on SYJ like you are doing now. Mental?
        If you have been active as a JoonU shipper on Instagram long enough that you managed to see (& most likely screenshot) that particular comment on SYJ’s post, you will definitely know me. Now read my clarification below carefully!

        I knew right away that the comment would potentially become problematic if the shippers saw it, especially if it got picked up by someone mental. That was the reason I immediately approached one of non Korean speaking SYJ’s fans and talked about it. There was no such thing as SYJ fans were jealous of IU, it’s just your own assumption based on your own hatred towards SYJ, because:

        1. SYJ’s fans at first didn’t know that IU was the original sole guest on Knowing Bros, they of course didn’t know that LJG wouldn’t have come to the show if IU hadn’t asked him to accompany her.
        2. You conveniently didn’t mention SYJ’s fans who replied to that comment. She mentioned: where is mubab power? (For those who are not familiar, mubab power is a phrase that LJG frequently used when he promoted the drama on his Instagram posts).

        The comments were genuinely based on their longing to see more of SYJ- LJG interactions as it wasn’t that long since the drama finished airing. (3 months is much more reasonable compared to the freaking 4 years of your ship’s continuous begging for the 2nd season of SHR)

        3. SYJ had habit of liking all of the korean comments under her posts, all of her fans know it. When she’s already known to like all the Korean comments, how do you think she should react when she read the comments? If she ignored it, people would assume she didn’t want to work with LJG anymore. If she liked it, then crazy people like you would definitely jump on the conclusion that she’s being jealous. It’s like damned if she did, damned if she didn’t. And she had eventually deleted that post long before she deactivated her account.

        Your behavior is so typical of the JoonU shippers’, see one thing and automatically make tons of assumptions/theories without even trying to find the truth. And some more you even dare to make those questionable theories known to public. I lost count how many times I (& LJG’s fans) had to clean up after the craps all of you have made.
        So before you create another problem that might affect several fandoms at once, stop whatever you’re planning to do. Stop trying to convince people to join your hate wagon. Everything that you & your fellow shippers have done has bring nothing but more hate towards everyone you drag in your meaningless battle. And most of all, you invite more hate towards your beloved ship. Please start using whatever that is still left on your head before launching your next actions.

      • Joonu shippers are experts making up stories and that’s why the fans call them delusional, everyone knows that the words of the joonu shippers don’t have credibility, perhaps the only ones who could believe you are your feloow shippers.
        And IU’s fans and KSH’s fans will realize that you really don’t care about IU because if that was the case then you would have responded to those who attack her, you didn’t respond to what weeh said (she usually attacks IU here and she’s not SYJ’s fan).
        You only respond to those who mention about Joongi-SYJ’s strong chemistry on and off screen because that’s what hurts the joonu shippers, that’s why during LL broadcast time many of you shippers mocked and bashed SYJ and it’s also why you attack her now.
        So you shipper don’t care about IU or Joongi, you only care about you ship.

      • HA! jj_is_b, Uaena on IG that we hate the most, so you are still alive? I thought covid found you. Long essay as always. Can’t you find another hobby than getting in people’s ways. What is the point of your clarifying on behalf of those petty and jealous SYJ’s fans when you didn’t even confront the fans that actually made the comments in Korean. You are just making generalization based on what the non Korean SYJ’s fans fed you. Of course they would defend each other. And SYJ herself should at least openly rebuke her fans for putting out such comments if she knew they could be easily misunderstood. You said yourselves that she actively liked comments on her account, meaning she can easily stop her from getting misunderstood. It’s a vast different between can not and do not want.
        And you better stop acting mighty as if you are the most righteous Uaena on IG. You can’t even see Joon Gi’s fans massive hatred towards IU, even a simple hashtagging is seen as an unforgivable sin. It is as close as an insult that those fanatic fans see IU is no match to their beloved Joon Gi. Worst is you always work hand in hand with one of them to attack us. I could understand Joon Gi’s fans’ crazy obsession that “oppar is mine”, but you? What are you? A BUTCH? Pft.

      • @Stgz-bandibul I actually really feel sorry for the JoonU shippers because it’s like an unrequited love that is one sided for those shippers only because no one told LJK an IU who are simply just good friends. This obsession with them is so unhealthy and detrimental to your mental health because SYJ is still to this very day roped into this equation when oh hello we’ve all moved on except the JoonU shippers haven’t. You can’t project your frustration at LJK or IU so you go for the co-stars instead and that is really sad.Here is a song dedicated to you by a legend of mine to help you along your way ‘Suspicious Minds’ by Elvis Presley.

    • SYJ >>>>>> IU… Honestly, IU in Hotel Del Luna lacked elegance in her outfits. She looks like kid wearing her mom’s dresses.

      • I will just take it that you are affected by the crazy shipper’s comments above.
        I have no reason to be salty because the Baeksang judges’ decision to include IU in the Best Actress category holds more value than an anonymous commenter.

      • i agree. IU looks is so ordinary. Even in gucci outfit she looked …… lmao.

    • @stgz_bandibul thanks for your concern, it seems that my existence has a huge impact on you that you had wished for my demise. Sorry to disappoint you then, I am here & apparently being a busybody runs in my DNA.

      It is actually up to everyone to believe your story or mine. At least I did offer a different perspective from a much more neutral ground. Yours is only filled with your own narratives and judgments that are obviously clouded by extreme hatred.
      The comment that you took as an offense was no longer there because the post was deleted long time ago, and even SYJ’s account has been deactivated for a while now. SYJ did delete the post not long after the comment incident happened, so it could also mean she knew all along the comment could create some problems. She eventually did something about it, far from your assumption that she planned to “plant seeds of jealousy” instead. Apparently you have too much dramas & conspiracies running amok in your head.

      If you say LJG’s fans hate IU, then their hate is so pale in comparison with yours towards SYJ. Yes, they don’t seem to be happy to see so many updates about IU in their feeds, which usually are forced on them by you & your friends. Thanks to years of flooding their feeds with anything IU that they eventually have reached the point of ‘tired’ of anything IU. So, your (again) allegation that LJG’s fans hate IU is none other than your own ship own doing. Just direct your blame on yourself & your friends if you want to hold some people accountable for it.

      So, you & your friends feel hurt because I & LJG fans gang up to attack you? Then why don’t you behave, stop spouting nonsense and creating problems, we will leave you & your ship alone. No one likes to deal with your ship anyway. What’s there to like? The attitude you are presenting here is already the perfect sneak peek of the whole JoonU shipping fandom’s. You have presented the nastiest attribute of the JoonU ship in its fullest glory. I don’t even have to try to expose them.

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  4. LOL as long as those aren’t official, don’t really care for it. Tho have to say, it’s a completely different vibe they’re going for than what I had in mind. And I LOVE IT!! I’m suddenly so excited lol.

    Definitely looking forward to this. The vibe seems more fairy-tale, melodramatic with a touch of whimsy. Similar to Goblin I’d say. I’m hoping it’s as funny with great bromance (and better romance lol)

  5. Seo Ye Ji looks stunning in the poster and the photographs. There’s something very electric about her. Can’t wait to see the chemistry between her and KSH. She’s a strong personality, so I doubt she’ll be overshadowed by him.

  6. Honestly, it was aweful. I was very disappointend when I first saw it. Good thing the it was now deleted by tvN.

    Last night, tvN released two much longer teasers than the first one and I’m loving it very much. Definitely looking forward for Soo-hyun’s comeback. I hope it gets much love from the Korean viewers.

  7. Except for the second photo, all the another photos were not posted on the FB page for the drama(the drama does nothave an official FB page), Netflix edited those photos and put them as covers.

  8. Honestly, it was awful and poorly done. I was very disappointed when I first saw it. Good thing it was now DELETED by Netflix Korea.

    Last night, tvN released two teasers featuring mostly of Soo-hyun and I must say I am loving it very much. Definitely looking forward for his much-awaited comeback. I hope it receives much love from the Korean viewers and in Netflix. Fighting Soo-hyun. ❤❤❤

  9. I like the acting of the cast…but what’s with this low quality poster? LMAO

    I think this is just an experimental drama for KSH, he is trying to estimate his popularity after his military service before accepting other big projects.

    • Kim soo hyun doesn’t care about his popularity. He just want to try all genre and want to become verstaille actor. If he cares about popularity then he can do another drama like my love from star.

  10. Looking forward to more and more projects. He is an actor of different level. See more of you Kim Soo Hyun!

  11. I would love to see these two together…..so excited for this…..I fully support this drama…..from the title itself it looks so interesting…..guess what makes it more….Kim soo hyun♥️♥️

  12. And you are going to expose your delusion loud and clear if you don’t have proof of your claim YJ demanded more screen time in LL and spent a lot of money on ps. Now you want to get established factual evidence and lay it here then by all means go for it but right now you’re shovelling shite up hill. Nothing worse when there are unstable shippers lost out at sea only to reappear when they still have beef to air like you @Stgz_bandibul

    Geez I thought you guys would be happy with the career trajectory both IU and LJK have taken these past few years and present but I guess not you’re still stuck back in your 2016 star gazing bubble going nowhere except to make a fuss over SJY and her drama. Best be picking yourself up and making haste my dear because I’m not going to stand for it.

    • They will never be really happy with everything IU & LJG have accomplished in their respective careers post SHR, because they are not actually fans. Just look at what they cheer the most, was it the success of IU’s or LJG’s dramas? Was it IU’s highly acclaimed album/songs? No. They create more buzz when IU & LJG are interacting publicly on Instagram. These shippers are really “deep” ?

      • We are shippers, we are joyful when Joon Gi & IU are feeding us crumbs. But don’t make a twist that we don’t care about their personal projects, many of us are always showing supports whenever they have new projects coming up.

  13. i believe children’s playbooks have dark sides, and even sometimes can come off unintentionally creepy and terrifying. i look forward to seeing this because the ml works in psychiatric ward and it’s my dream of work hehe

    • @stgz_bandibul Don’t bring IU in as an excuse – you are using SYJ as a means cos you’re still peeved that her and LJK had a riot on LL and that’s the reason why you are here 2 years later still going about her so called disrespect? Oh pleeeeassee if that is the case you really do need a wake up call to snap you out of this unhealthy ghost ship of yours. That’ right your JoonU ghost ship only you and your shippers are on going nowhere except to chase your own tails. If you are so intent in spreading your untruths then go to her agency Goldmedalist and write out a full page complaint to them if it’s going to help you out with your unresolved grief.

      @jj_is_b THANK YOU for posting the actions of what this JoonU ship are all about. I thought it was me when they were purposely and actively going through the LL fan edits and would cut and paste IU on to SYJ head; I mean who has the energy for that? Obviously they do. How annoying for those of us who just sit back and enjoy the works not paying much attention until these doodlers appear to wreck havoc.

      JoonU shippers are like the cantankerous, stir crazy mother in law who dictates to her son who she wants for her daughter in law and literally drives everyone to the hills with her demands. The type that you deny any relationship with when asked if you are acquainted. For Gosh sakes can you please learn to differentiate between characters on screen and private lives in reality.

      • @Ginger Crunch these shippers always claim that their “doodles” are masterpieces. And the most outrageous thing is that they claim the ownership of the posters & feel justified to publish them because they have spent strenuous FEW hours in photoshopping the posters. Never mind that to create a single official poster perhaps took months of deliberate concepting & planning, countless hours of meetings & preps. Even to produce a single perfect pose might took several hours. Seriously, these people have zero sense of appreciation and consideration to the hardwork of all the people working behind the scenes that translates into a single poster.
        But the thing I despise the most is how they go around and create problems, just like what everyone have witnessed here. I think SYJ’s fans and to some extend KSH’s fans too will be upset if they read this thread. And in the end it’s always IU who will be at the very receiving end of the hate. Because it’s easier to point your anger to a “known” figure rather than to a group of “anonymous” ?
        So for me personally their existence is more than just annoying, I’d say they are menacing.

      • @ginger_crunch because according to them, only smart people can honour their “masterpiece” with praise. and fans just a bunch of “not smart” people who insult their creativities with hatred.

        @jj_is_bae still full of energy as always sista ? instagram misses u

      • @jj_is_b and @Neko Again thank you for your post and support here. It makes a lot more sense as to their motive but I guess SYJ fans are swooning over KSH right now because we move like a caravan following our girl with her choice of works and right now we are head over heels in love with her new drama – I can’t believe there are those still stuck in LL mode from 2 years ago. LJK and MCW are striking it rich in their new drama which I am keen to check out so happy he’s back too but please can the JoonU shippers just park it for once.

      • @Ginger Crunch You’re welcome. It is never a pleasure to do so much ranting like that, but most of the time they are asking for it. And you are right, they are stuck with their ML obsession while everybody else has moved on. Even though IU has scored 2 much more critically acclaimed dramas after ML, for the JoonU ML is the best drama IU has ever worked in. So sorry to say, but the truth is many of us think that other than the genuine friendship IU developed while filming ML, nothing good came out if it ? the JoonU is definitely part of the “nothing good”.
        Well… I wish your girl & also KSH all the best ✊? And hopefully we won’t see the looney comes again.

        @Neko I never meant to leave, this is an involuntary hiatus. So many things happened pretty much at the same time that it almost sounds ridiculous. Oh nothing related with covid tho, no one catches it in my household. I really need to find ways to go back a.s.a.p.

      • @ginger_crunch JG fans wont forget their “masterpieces” ever. They avoid talk about it now pretend it never exist and keep saying that they ALWAYS support JG all this time. bah. May I remind them, about how they called JG fans, when we complained about their “masterpieces and good intention arts” as butthurt and told us to just go sulk in the corner. Because according to them, I quote, the edit is harmless unless someone replace the face of actress with the face of the dog or cat or poop ??

        Anyway, we move on. and to joonu shippers, you want to stay in your hole, be our guests but don’t ever try to pull JG down into the hole together with you.

        Pray for all our actors all the best. JG, SYJ and IU. ?

        @jj_is_b we’ll be waiting ?

  14. LOL Thanks to this playground, Seo Yea Ji get so much attentions from her “super fans” here, thank you so much for your detailed attention up to her cosmetics ad and comments under her post. You’re an ardent “fan” of her..i’m impressed. Keep on watching her , and watch how she grows so well as a great actress and co star of Kim Soo Hyun, how much blessed to have her on that drama Psycho But Its Okay..

    • You are so sweet. Thank you for your warm welcome. I’ll gladly accept your ordaining me as SYJ’s arden “fan”. I am good at multitasking and will share my passion equally between shipping JoonU & spreading news about SYJ, negative news is still considered news too, isn’t it? Should I start soon?

      • This will be the last time I am asking you to stop. What is this with you threatening people around?

      • Start soon? You never stopped @Stgz_bandibul. What’s negative is you harping on about SYJ affecting your JoonU ship. Nothing wrong with shipping it’s when you involve 3rd parties and start to make disparaging and untruthful remarks everywhere to prove your point. SYJ is in a drama as FL with KSH who I might add has his fair share of shippers for a IU reunion but at least that ship is a whole helluva more respectful and honourable then the ship you’re on. Also IU is in a film with Park Seo Joon so that is going to be a new ship altogether so best be leaving SYJ and moving over there….but you see you won’t because SYJ left an indelible mark on all of JoonU shippers and that is the reason why 2 years on you guys are not going to forget nor forgive her for the attention she had when she was in LL. That is your obsession and you need to contain it somehow and like @jj_is_b said just stop.

      • Who are you to tell me what to do, jingjjang_is_bae? Didn’t I tell you that you should stop acting so mighty? You always put your weight around & drive us shippers to corners. So disgusting.

        And to you Ginger crushed, we shippers wouldn’t react like this, if SYJ didn’t disrespect IU in the first place. At least we dare to step up & make our displeasure known, unlike the cowardy jingjjang_is_bae who prefers to brush everything under the rag. We genuinely support IU and are willing to fight for her.

      • Who am I? I am just a small Uaena account with few followers. Thank you btw for promoting my account here. I haven’t had the opportunity to update my account for months because this pandemic has changed the dynamic of my daily life, and for sure this situation has lowered my threshold of patience considerably.
        I shall return the favor though, so I will not be indebted to you. Too bad I don’t know what your Instagram’s ID is. So, I will just give credits to some of you who were very active “supporting” IU during the broadcast period of Hotel Del Luna. And also to give readers here some understanding of the real form of “supports” that your ship usually offers.

        1. For photoshopping IU’s 1st official Jang Man Wol promotional poster and turning it into Jang Man Wol & Wang So poster, even before the drama aired. Credit goes to @arctic.jade
        2. For reposting the poster that eventually caused some clueless netizens to question if it was a poster for MOON LOVERS2 instead of HDL. Some netizens even lamented that instead of Yeo Jin Goo, the role of Goo Chan Sung should have been given to LJG. Credit goes to @syuhada133 @lukina6516 @miyo197807021 @joongi_iu_love @hablandodekdramas @stargazerscassiopeia @fan_oppas_from_spain
        3. For editing video clips from HDL and turning it into Moon Lovers themed videos starring IU & LJG (editing YJG out). For editing video clips that compared scenes from HDL & ML, which were all done during the broadcast period of HDL. Credit goes to @indrianipussa
        4. For organizing mass attack posts on Instagram to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of ML on Aug 27th 28th 29th that fell on the FINALE week of HDL, which practically meant IU’s related hashtags would be flooded by the celebratory posts on those dates. Total disrespect to HDL, IU & her costars. Credit goes to @stargazerscassiopeia (she said 3 days because it was the 3rd anniversary afterall)
        5. For the most number of celebratory ML’s 3rd anniversary posts on Aug 29th. Credit goes to @miyo19780721 @joonu4ever @jgiu520. Collectively these 3 shippers posted more than 50 of the same celebratory post each time at noon, afternoon, & 9PM along with the rest of the shippers. Completely interrupting fans’ efforts to build up the HDL hype during the most crucial period.

        Thank you (read: SCREW YOU!!!) for the above mentioned “support”, definitely can’t dislike your ship more. Uaenas will be forever grateful if the next time IU has a new drama, you & the rest of your friends just stay quiet rather than disrupting our efforts to give the real supports. And oh, your friends don’t have to thank me for the above promotion I’ve done for them, the gratitude is solely belong to you.

        Lastly, I hope this petty fight stops here. If you still go ahead with your plan to attack SYJ on Instagram, I will post the list above along with the evidences too. I am sure your friends will not be happy to see that. So, just behave & stay quiet!

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