Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Find Modern Romance in Short Form Kakao M Drama City Couple Way of Love by PD of It’s Okay to Not be Okay

K-actor Ji Chang Wook is ditching the goofy of Backstreet Rookie for a more mature modern vibe in his next drama. K-ent is reporting that he’s going to star in the short form Kakao M drama City Couple Way of Love opposite Kim Ji Won. The drama will be in short 25-minute episodes for a total of 12-episodes and streaming only on Kakao M so I guess perfect for the phone and commute watch. It will be penned by the screenwriter of I Need Romance series and the PD is the currently winning raves director of It’s Okay to Not be Okay. The drama is described as capturing the modern mores of city couple romance and dating, with lots of sweet bickering and contemplation. It’s set to film in October with a November 2020 airing date.


Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Find Modern Romance in Short Form Kakao M Drama City Couple Way of Love by PD of It’s Okay to Not be Okay — 33 Comments

  1. Poor Kim Ji Won. She went from starring with A-list leads like Park Seo Joon and Song Joong Ki to him. Someone save her from his flop ratings curse!

    • When she partner with PSJ, he wasn’t A-list at that time.

      JCW needs to choose quality over quantity. He has many productions in a year but none memorable.

      • yeah PSJ at that time was still a ‘rising star’ who had a setback because the big budget/hugely hyped Hwarang got not-so-great ratings. It was Fight My Way that fixed that and cemented his place in the A-list. He and Kim Ji Won are both talented.

        And at least her projects so far have been interesting and not run-of-the-mill even though girl had to actually work for it and prove herself unlike some others who get more hype.

  2. Hope it will work well domestically. JCW seems like not a draw in SoKor. That is why KYJ is hard carrying BSR. Though it is still single digit in ratings for the last 12 episodes.

    • if it’s not for her- ratings for this drama would drop to 3%. he is only popular and well liked overseas but not in Sokor

      Well this announcenent wont affect the high ratings of BSR. BSR is currently no. 1 rating wise. Cant wait for eps 13 to 16. Go for double digits rating.

      Kim Ji Won is not also a rating magnet. Her Last drama with SJK also flopped. They must be thankful because this is not going to be shown on major network in korea because this ratings will surely bomb.

      • I don’t think ratings of BSR can be considered high for an SBS Fri-Sat slot. Further, it is number 1 because it has no direct competition in its timeslot. So, the ratings are really dismal. Hope, the leads pick better projects than BSR.

      • JCW is not considered A-List in Korea. That is why he cannot attract high profile projects because of his status. Anyways, hope this new project work well because if not, it will be his third project with low reception. He may be honored as the King of Flop Dramas.

      • @ Mary kay

        BSR ratings are okay. more than okay. rating of BSR is the same as TKEM,
        BSR got 8 plus percent ratings in some eps.

      • Go, convince yourself. Only KYJ and JCW fans will believe BSR has high ratings and a hit when it was nothing compared to previous dramas that occupied its timeslot. Or, she we say you just got low standards for high ratings and hit, so even an 8% rating is already considered a success for you.

  3. Too cute!

    I’m loving BSR both him and YJ are a hoot and I must add it’s a nice peaceful fun watch after having my heart and head torn and shredded the last few weeks from IOTBNO. BSR is that tonic after a hard night’s drinking. I love both dramas to bits.

    JCW and KJW is a pairing right up my alley way so no complaints and YJ has her movie out this year too so definitely happy on the horizon.

    Actually I watch BSR after IOTBNO just to calm my nerves.

    • I think you are totally right. I think the light tone of BSR kind of helps to calm down after IONTBO which I totally love. I’m hoping the final episode of both shows won’t disappoint.

  4. New to dramas so I’m not too familiar with the names. The girl looks like the girl from the Hello Bye Mama drama

  5. I love both actors.really a fresh pairing.Bonus director of IOTBNO.& KJW is good in picking project.so iam excited

  6. Ugh. Whoever is making decisions for him re picking a drama is not looking out for him. His recent projects of late are cheap and mediocre. He needs to go back doing actions.

    Both these actions are on the same boat.

    • 100%, He keeps picking projects that are cheap and mediocre in ratings. I doubt if his high salary pay is really the actual one because it does not do justice to producers who keep on casting him.

    • This reminds me of fans wanting Lee Junki to try out romcoms (again) to switch things up but maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t and is usually just offered the action type.

      NGM too (although he doesn’t do action) his biggest bust in recent years was a silly romcom. Romcoms apparently aren’t it for everyone, especially these guys.

      JCW should try with action sageuk or even thrillers/crime/mystery genres.

  7. Some comments are harsh here lol. But JCW has literally not had a ratings hit since Empress Ki where he was second lead and stole the show. And while Suspicious Partner and Healer got decent reviews in Korea, I see no one praising MMS. BSR also got terrible reviews in SK so I kind of get this onslaught of flack?

    Meh. Let’s see. I’m a KJW fan if anything so I’d like for her project to do well after the disaster that was Arthdal Chronicles. That was other level terrible.

    • Can I ask u something.. r u from south korea? Coz I always see BSR and it’s actors trending on naver and good data along with IONTBO and once again. So why r u saying it is not doing well?

      • Trending is easy just release 100 paid articles and you can trend. Truth is BSR has tons of negative feedback and you can trend with negative buzz too so it doesn’t mean anything.

  8. A web drama… hmmm… cheap production!! I thought web dramas are usually casted with rookies or idols. Please name any web dramas by A-listers (this is a sincere request, please pardon my ignorance). I don’t mean to bash, I am just surprised at web dramas with an experienced actress, is KJW popularity so low to pick a web drama?

    • So Ji Sub did a web drama with Kim Ji Won herself back in 2014 lol. It waa called One Sunny Day, you can look it up.

      Maybe she just isn’t prejudiced against newer formats for dramas, remember 5-6 years ago even cable dramas used to be considered ‘lower’ than MBC/KBS/SBS and ‘not for top stars’ until they started getting A-listers like Park Bo Young, Choi Ji Woo etc.

  9. Hmm well at least this just a short form drama. Kim Ji Won has so much potential to become an A-list actress. I hope she can pick her projects better.

  10. I had the impression that web series are for rookie actors and Idols only? so i was wrong. Kim Ji won and Ji Chang wook are taking in yhos project.
    what is happening to Kim Ji Won? i thought that whe would become more popular after DOTS and Fight my way? what happened or what is happening on her?

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