Kim Woo Bin and Han So Hee are the New Models for Eider Sportswear Joining Park Bo Gum

One of my faves is back and its fitting that he’s taking over for another fave going away. Eider released the first CF stills for its upcoming Fall 2020 ad campaign featuring Kim Woo Bin and Han So Hee. Long time spokesperson Park Bo Gum is also in the campaign but it’ll likely be his last as he’s heading to military service next month in August. If Eider rings it bell it’s likely due to Lee Min Ho and Yoona being the faces of the brand for many years and when Lee Min Ho went to the army it became Park Bo Gum’s time. I’m happy to see the fresh pairing of Kim Woo Bin and Han So Hee, he’s easing back after a three year hiatus and she’s balancing a sky rocketed breakout role in The World of the Married.


Kim Woo Bin and Han So Hee are the New Models for Eider Sportswear Joining Park Bo Gum — 16 Comments

  1. She is such a great beauty and getting so many offers. Her bank account must be booming since wom I mean she surely made me hate her in world of married lol. That is really sign of great acting plus beauty
    I hope she selects a smart role again.

  2. Haha, I read it as “Elder” sportswear for a moment and felt bad for KWB. Glad to see him back and looking healthy.

  3. Another question, why Ockoala keep archiving articles related to Lee Joon Gi? The July 22 article is again disappeared from the list.

  4. Alot of people didn’t catch the meaning of this article. There is a major shade in this article and easter egg. Lee Min GO? thats the point and hidden gem of this article.

    Koala just confirmed that Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun are an official thing and she already gave Lee Min Ho? Kim Go Eun’s after-name. His married off to her. His is off of the market thats what Lee Min Go signals

  5. Han So Hee was supposed to be cast in that drama as FL with Ji Jin Hee but the role went to Kim Hyun Joo who I might add was offered the role first. I need to see her in variety shows and a good old fashioned rom com because whilst she’s pretty and scoring tonnes of CF gigs she’s only got this one note acting range of playing second lead as a cold, conniving mistress – that’s it. Show me a fun loving comedic side to convince me otherwise. She’ll end up being typecast.

    • Being typecast in melodramatic roles is definitely better than being typecast in romcoms and especially variety. She is not an idol… Real top-class actors do not appear in variety.

      • But she needs to show range in a rom com as the FL and a few variety shows. That’s my point though. She’s only come across as the harlot mistress in 2 dramas(TWOFM and Moneyflower) to date. I’m sure if she was given an opportunity she would do well until then I only know her as that.

  6. He’s back!!! It’s so good to see him working again, I missed him T_T of course I know he did photoshoots before this (and also his long hair looked AMAZING, most guys can’t pull it off but he looks more model-like than ever) but seeing him in an actual cf really feels like he’s truly back. Good to see Han So Hee too.

    (now all that’s left is for Woobin’s next acting project to come out, I really enjoyed his movies but of course he has to put his health first especially at this time)

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