House on Wheels Moves to Boats as Guest Star Ha Ji Won Coos Over Yeo Jin Gu and Hilariously Trolls Sung Dong Il

I knew there was a reason I love Ha Ji Won, aside from her awesome acting and bevy of great drama and movie roles I’ve enjoyed under her belt. She’s the latest guest star to the trio of actors traveling around South Korea on a House on Wheels. The episode moves the group off the dry land and onto the ocean to catch some fish, and dang I could use some salty sea air change of scenery right about now. Ha Ji Won shared with Yeo Jin Gu that her mom loves him onscreen and Yeo Jin Gu was so fanboy awed by Ha Ji Won’s presence because hello Ultimate Noona before him! Ha Ji Won and Sung Dong Il have worked together before and he’s not happy to be not praised so she quickly added how much she likes Dong Il oppa and also Kim Hee Won oppa as well. She brought a gift for the cast, handmade soap with each actor’s picture on it and she picked really flattering pictures for Yeo Jin Gu and Kim Hee Won but for Sung Dong Il she used the shot of him from the K-drama Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love when he’s released from prison and staggering around all beat up ahahaha. Sung Dong Il trolled so hilariously, love it!


House on Wheels Moves to Boats as Guest Star Ha Ji Won Coos Over Yeo Jin Gu and Hilariously Trolls Sung Dong Il — 9 Comments

  1. I was so happy to see Ha Ji won !!!! Her laugh ? when I saw news of her being the next guest I was hoping you’d write a post about it. She will always be my favourite ?

  2. I love Ha Ji Won to bits since her Damo days. Always my perennial favourite even though she has her share of duds. Especially love her in variety shows when she is at her most relaxed and authentic self. I love the episode with Jung Eun Ji too, it’s a tie with HJW episode. Sung Dong Il was proud as punch with Eun Ji around. I miss Reply 97 cast, bawl. The PD should bring back the Reply 97 son-in-law Seo In Guk as he’s quite good in fishing too as evidenced in Law of the Jungle Mongolia and Indochina episodes years ago.

    • Ha Ji-won is a ray of Sunshine. Her laughs are contagious. She emits positivity in this time of pandemic. I love her…

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