Three Queens Face Off in First Stills of Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, and Eugene for SBS K-drama Penthouse

Getting so many K-drama Queens together, the screenwriter and PD for upcoming SBS drama Penthouse better have aces up their sleeves to maximize this collection of gloriousness. The first drama stills are out of the three female leads for the upcoming battle of the rich and aspiring to be rich Penthouse, starring Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, and Eugene as the three ladies on different echelons of society. The description is “The Queen on the top floor of a 100 level building who cannot be crossed” vs. “The Prima Donna who swallows everything in her ambitions” vs “The Woman running towards high society”. The drama is from the screenwriter of An Empress’ Dignity so everyone is waiting with bated breath for the makjang insanity that can make watching a drama like this entertaining. Sadly Shin Sung Rok turned down the male lead because his ability to makjang is as good as any top female veteran queen lol.


Three Queens Face Off in First Stills of Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, and Eugene for SBS K-drama Penthouse — 11 Comments

  1. Why did SSR turn down the male lead offer?
    It would have been a blast if he is in it.
    But still will watch it for the three ladies.

  2. Funny that you named “An Empress’ Dignity” as an example of the writer’s work, but did not mention “Temptation of Wife” or “Jang Bo-ri is Here!”

    Every time I hear “I Can’t Forgive” from the “Temptation of Wife OST” playing in the background, I know the situation is going to get filthy and messy. Definitely looking forward to this trainwreck of a drama.

  3. I yawned when I read “high society” (the obsession is real in S. Korea) but I just need a thoroughly entertaining drama and this has some potential.

  4. Looking forward to this one. Been so long and I’m excited Eugene is back. Miss her much. She is what got me into KDrama like Song Hye Kyo, Chae Rim, Sung Yuri, and Kim Hee Sun. Rooting for all the casting.

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