Namgong Min, Seolhyun, and Lee Chung Ah Confirmed as Leads for tvN Procedural Drama Awaken

This is one casting combo where I think the two female leads should be swapped. tvN has confirmed the main cast of upcoming Mon-Tues procedural mystery drama Awaken (Korean title Night and Day) with Namgong Min, Seolhyun, and Lee Chung Ah. Seolhyun remains such an unimpressive actress and I never feel she’s substantively improving, whereas Lee Chung Ah has grown on me and she totally has improved from when I really was allergic to her. Also joining this drama cast as supporting leads are Lee Sin Young, Kwak Hee Joo, and Kim Won Hae. The story surrounds a batch of mysterious cases from 26 years ago which are connected to present day cases with the leads trying to solve them. The screenwriter also wrote High End Crush and Gogh, The Starry Night.


Namgong Min, Seolhyun, and Lee Chung Ah Confirmed as Leads for tvN Procedural Drama Awaken — 9 Comments

  1. I really don’t understand why Han Ye Seul turned down the FL in this show. Very confused esp. since her career isn’t that great. She would’ve better than Seolhyun who rn has a bad rep due to AOA?

    • Han Ye-seul apparently makes big bucks from CFs. There was a news report a few months ago that calculated her earnings and they were literally tens of millions.

      • Good for her after the KBS debacle a decade ago setback her career. Still, I miss seeing her onscreen. I think she’s one of the most beautiful K-actresses, and it’s a shame she hasn’t acted as much since. A team-up with Nam Goong Min would’ve been aces, oh well…

  2. I can’t understand how she takes so many roles
    She was never a top idol like the trio Suzy/IU/Yoona for example
    Made a career with mediaplay, compared her with Suzy and Hyeri cfs
    And now everything is gone

    Maybe tvn wants a huge failure to finally understand that

  3. You had me at Namgong Min, then lost me at Seolhyun. Then I saw who the writer was and ran screaming into the night. High End Crush? Nooooo.

    Why would he accept this project?? He was great in Fair Gong Shim, so charm and lead chemistry can make even a blah script sparkle. I love being proven wrong- but this has low quality bomb written all over it.

  4. The drama will air the 30th November. The casting news are old.

    I like Seolhyun, she was good in My Country. After Orange Marmelade, she took support roles in movie to gain experience.

    I like the 3 actors, now I will see about the story.

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