jTBC Reveals Viewers Most Anticipated Drama of 2021 is Sisyphus: The Myth Followed by Snowdrop

It’s time for year end lists AND looking forward to the next year, I’m so busy sorting it’s like to have some clue what other viewers are interested in. jTBC released it’s most anticipated K-dramas of 2021 based on current audience feedback – these four dramas have gotten the most audience comments and clicks on the jTBC website. Number 1 is time traveling thriller Sisyphus: The Myth with Park Shin Hye and Jo Seung Woo, not surprising at all. Number 2 goes to period romance Snowdrop with Jung Hae In, Jisoo of Blackpink, Jang Seung Jo, and Kim Hye Yoon, set in the 1980s around a university town. Third spot is Sunbae Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick followed in fourth place by police buddy investigation drama Monster with Shin Ha Kyun and Yeo Jin Gu.


jTBC Reveals Viewers Most Anticipated Drama of 2021 is Sisyphus: The Myth Followed by Snowdrop — 11 Comments

  1. I was disapointed by JTBC dramas in 2020. At least, they had The World of the Married as a big success, but it’s not my kind of drama.

    I have big hopes for 2021 but Sisyphus is a SF story and it rarely works, KAIROS set the bar high.

    Snowdrop looks good, I like the period but it’s the first role for Jisoo and Kim Hye Won will be the second lead… I’m scared.

    Sunbae teasers look good, if they made a nice story, it could work. It will depend a lot on the chemistry of the couple.

  2. I thought the first would be Snowdrop since it has this great world famous Idol, Jtbc gave me the uncanny counter at the end of the year (even though the story is stalling), so I have faith, Sunbae seems to be a promising drama.

      • OMG, it’s true 😮
        It was my carelessness, but since I noticed my mistake that tells me that Jtbc did not give me any drama to remember in 2020 …

    • Jisoo as lead is laughable.

      She never was a supporting actress and immediately casted as lead just because she is a member of a popular idol group with a morbid crazy fandom. Unless she is an acting prodigy which is unlikely, I doubt that she can hold a drama. Coupled some more with JHI whom is not so charismatic and boring.

      Viewers have high respect for JSW and he’s been picky with his acting works, so they trust the works must be worthy of his effort and talent. I just have a little reservation twds PSH. I don’t find her convincing as bodyguard if to base on the teaser alone. Heck, I could be wrong.

  3. There is a massive age difference but I’d still prefer it if they gave a second couple, separate from the first lead with Jang Seung Jo and Kim Hye Yoon. I somehow don’t want her near Jisoo’s characters arc. Also Sisyphus, the trailer looked good but I’ve yet to watch a good sci-fi that didn’t implode in korean drama landscape so fingers crossed.

  4. Quite lack lustre Kofferings in the past 2 months, since It’s OK to Not be OK.

    And certainly nothing of the “addictive, must catch live” kind motivation calibre.

    So much so I even went off KDramas, and went into a spate of CDramas which looked more attractive and were addictive – topping the list:
    Dating in the Kitchen
    Centimeter of Love

    And less addictive – Love is Sweet, and Fate/Just to See You

    Those 2 top the addictive list which was an eye opener for me – I used to get so irritated with CDramas, followed next by some cloying Tdramas.

    Hoping the latest Ji Chang-wook drama out will hold more promise.

    • it watched Ji Chang wook latest Drama on netflix and i was OmG. WHAT DID he do to his face and his acting was over the Top as well as KiM ji won. Well i have never been a fan if hers for i think she is an mediocre and an overrated actress. Too much sex in the drama.

      • LMAO Toxic crazy joane is back, I thought Koala already blocked her ?
        Oh well at least she’s exposed now as a troll who likes making fanwars ?
        Everybody just ignore her, seems like she’s not a fan of anyone anyway lmao

  5. Can not wait to see Park Shin Hye depart from her old roles. She had been slowly easing out of those and as a fan wanted to see that. Her movies had done well and hoping this continues to her drama. Hope her k audience embraces these changes from old character as they did her movie roles.

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