Kim Sun Ho and Seo Ye Ji Lead the 2021 Baeksang Male and Female Popularity Awards Fan Voting

The Baeksang Awards remains the the most high profile of all television and film awards shows in South Korea but it still comes with plenty of criticism and commentary for winners each year. The award does have one fan voted category the Popularity Award and every year it goes to whichever idol/actor/actress with a huge Hallyu fan base as it’s usually the international fans that mobilize big online voting drives. That’s fine, popularity is whomever has a lot of fans and/or the most hustling crew to vote day and night. Right now the 2021 Baeksang Popularity voting is open to the public so check out the vote totals as of this Monday night. Leading the male side is Kim Sun Ho by a large margin, followed by Song Joong Ki and Kim Soo Hyun. On the female side it might be a problem of optics as Seo Ye Ji is leading the votes followed by Shin Hye Sun and then Kim So Hyun. K-media isn’t sure if she’s attending to begin with and having her win the Baeksang Popularity vote while her scandal remains unaddressed by her side and she’s just laying low for it to pass would be quite awkward. The voting will continue up through before the ceremony takes place on May 13th.


Kim Sun Ho and Seo Ye Ji Lead the 2021 Baeksang Male and Female Popularity Awards Fan Voting — 37 Comments

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  2. What a shame Netflix didn’t pick up Mr. Queen, Shin Hyesun would’ve hit it big internationally. She is so talented, hardworking and down to earth. All her co-stars have said wonderful things about working with her.

    • Yeah, she seems lovely and kind in rl. Much more subdued and introverted than her characters might suggest?! She gifted her team luxury gifts/food after Mr. Queen wrapped. She’s another actress who has worked hard from the bottom, to where she is now. Good on her. It’ll only be time before she gets a Netflix drama or international push soon.

  3. SYJ’s fans are dumb, if she wins she’ll get criticism whether she shows up or not. Best to let her her lay low like what she’s doing now.

    • I bet she wants to be in the shadows until everyone forgets, but their fans will obligate her to come out…if she wins she at least have to thank them with a video message

    • Her international fans are acting like she is an A-lister actress. Gaslighting issue aside she still lied about her academic background and her claim that she inhaled real briquette gas in her movie “Another Way” which caused an uproar against the director and reason why the movie tanked. If the other issues like bullying and extortion were all lie, her agency should have issued a warning of legal action by now.

  4. The Koreans comments support Kim Seonho and Kim Sohyun…they’re cheering her fans to keep voting…they don’t support Yeji or Hyesun, the two leading the voting right now. Seonho is leading right now by a lot, but Joongki has been popular by longer than Seonho and fresh from Vincenzo so maybe the result will be different, I’m happy with both, they deserve it!

  5. It seems that a lot of countries are unable to vote, saw some Chinese fans commenting that only those residing in Southeast Asian countries can vote, apart from Korea.

  6. Never thought cancel culture is everywhere not just in korea its funny how people forgive actor who do drugs, child prostitution, adultery and they are still on the spotlight. k-media use yeaji as their cashcow because everyone is obsessed about her and questioning her popularity despite controversy calling fans dumb supporting her until now so does that mean people will never change and should be thrown away like rags she still human but everyone treating her like some kind of dirty animal that should be avoided I’m a fan of her i know people just want to hear whatever they want to hear. The situation is like what happen to taylor swift and at the end of the day truth will come and karma is a bitch to everyone

  7. Its stupid how popularity award getting this much attention people are bored i’m more excited who going to win major awards in baeksang

  8. Wow didnt know popularity award is such a big thing whoever won that will receive what? Fans just making big deal out of it. I’m more excited for the major award in baeksang who do you think will win best drama ?

    • Definitely Beyond Evil. I think it’s a given at this point. Best PD is the one to debate on. So many good options last year.

      Also, LOL totally agreed on popularity. Who cares? The person with the most active fans at the moment wins. I’m looking forward to the legit awards.

    • Blue Dragon is for movies. Baeksang is the most prestigious awards show for TV for years. What nonsense are you saying.

      • If you have been watching this so called award show in the last 10 yrs you’d get it.
        Everyone knows that Baeksang is the equivalent of the Emmys and BD is the Oscars.

    • Add Grand Bell next to Blue Dragon.

      Baeksang has always been popularity driven esp when it comes to the awards for drama categories.

      Still remember how all the veterans Best Actor and actress nominees for 2012 all skipped attending the event (other than the winners). KSH won for his TMTETS against Han Suk Kyu from Deep Rooted Tree, Shin Ha Kyun from Brain, Cha Seung Won from Greatest Love

      • good thing Kim Soo hyun got nominations and wins in all 3: Blue Dragon for his role in the Thieves and Grand Bell for Secretly, Greatly. For Baeksang, aside from TMETS he’s there for Stars too as well as secretly greatly, thus winning for both drama and film.Now he is nominated again for IOTNBO at the period where his popularity is no longer as hyped up as during d stars era. There really is no need to drag award giving bodies just because we do not approve d results. Inadvertently we undermine an artist who started early and worked so hard; thus, but natural to be, at some point, nominated and sometimes even awarded. Not unless of course that was intentional then we could agree to disagree.

  9. The question is, will she show up if she wins the popularity award. This reminds me so much of Kim Min Hee skipping all awards shows in 2016/2017 including the Blue Dragon where she won in. And Kim Min Hee was already a veteran and a much more respected actress at that point than Seo Yeji. Winning is one thing but facing the media is a whole different matter.

  10. Funny how the guy who actually did things to hurt people at his workplace is getting much less heat than a woman that sent texts. What’s that Seal song called again?

    • Did that guy got tons of dirty laundry airing about him from various sources about all those attitude problems? Fake education etc?

      Oh yeah. Cherry picking and ignoring those.. aren’t we? Sweet. As always for her fans LOL

    • He has been cancel twice, admitted to his mistake and get lots of criticism.

      It just his only criticism is when he worked at *Time*, other drama didn’t say any negative things. That’s why you didn’t hear it anymore, one time, he apologized twice, cancelled twice and keep talking about it is like beating a dead horse. He also I therapy now.

      Her accusations is like onion, it’s keep coming and that’s why people keep on talking

  11. I really like Shin Hye Sun. I loved her In Mr. Queen…and I’ve enjoyed a lot of her dramas. She seems lovely…so fighting! ❤️

  12. baeksang ig just released two videos. but what i don’t understand is there’s no seo yeji in drama category and no shin hae sun in both videos (drama and movie). they didn’t attend the award or what?

    • More likely they won’t not be getting the best actress award. Shin Hye Sun is obviously snubbed for being excluded in both teasers. Interesting that drama teaser used voice over entirely from IOTNBO.

      • won’t not? is it will not or will be getting? sorry I’m confused.. yes.. in tv category.. they mostly show the clips that related to iontbo. and i noticed vincenzo sjk also getting more highlights

      • *won’t be

        A teaser is meant to be a preview. You don’t leave out the winner if they will be awarded best actress.

  13. hope shin hye sun wins at least 1 award. she deserves recognition for her breakthrough acting in mr queen. i feel sorry when i read negative comments on her looks. imo she is everything in a package – talents, looks, height. anyway haters gonna hate. i am rooting for her!

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