Nevertheless with Song Kang and Han So Hee Drops Nearly 1% in Ratings in Second Episode as Viewer Complaints Pile Up

Not every cable network drama is a sure winner and this year jTBC has now had two high profile missteps. First with Sisyphus: The Myth and now the newly arrived Saturday college messed up romance Nevertheless. The first episode started of with an okay 2.2% ratings and this week’s second episode dropped precipitously to 1.3%. For a cable drama that is an astronomical fall and has turned the buzz into complaints. Leads Song Kang and Han So Hee have been constantly in the news with casting in dramas and movies since last year and their pairing out to be the young It Couple of 2021. But the complaints are the awkward acting (more Song Kang and Han So Hee from the reviews but both are critiqued), the sleazy story line and improbable “romance”, and cheesy lines and unimpressive directing. So I guess there is blame to go around but it certainly won’t help the hype machine around Han So Hee that she’s the second coming of Song Hye Kyo (er, not quite so fast) and the exhaustion around Song Kang seemingly in anything and everything.


Nevertheless with Song Kang and Han So Hee Drops Nearly 1% in Ratings in Second Episode as Viewer Complaints Pile Up — 64 Comments

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  2. Not watching but seen on twitter that there’s still a lot of hype around this show internationally, so there’s that going for them.

    • Yeah I watched two episodes and I thought the show is pretty good. I do prefer song Kang in
      False alarm though. Maybe it’s the bad boy role that doesn’t resonate with the audience?
      And Han so hee didn’t bring anything new to her role? Let’s see how song Kang fares in his next role with park Min young

    • Well I like it. I don’t really get why people are going for them this much. Yes, the characters are flawed, but what fun is a show with perfect characters. No thanx. It probably means there will be some personal growth.Yay! Also, the acting is fine. I don’t really get it. Almost seems like someone’s hired Bell Pottenger.

  3. Their target audience are those people who are subscribers of OTT media platforms anyway. And the premise alone is not for general public so not surprising of their low rating

    • But it didnt do that well in Netflix either compared to the buzz. Last week it stayed at no 3 for just one day and dropped after that.

      • I have no idea of their rankings on netflix. But as you’ve stated then the buzz is disproportionate with the result.

      • The buzz is due to the casts. Once the drama aired, i think the low rating is completely understandable, the production team might also have expected this, given that the drama is basically not the type that general public would like anyway.

        From the first episode, viewers can already sense that the ending might be sad, the main characters are also so flawed. So, im not surprised to see many people who initially tuned in for the actors, decided to drop this drama due to that reason.

        I think having it continued trending on twitter for hours, and being on the top ten show on netflix is already a positive achievement. This drama also airs once a week only, so we cant expect it to trend and maintain the spot like others that air twice etc.

        I actually found episode 2 to be intriguing with how realistic the portrayal of the characters and the story. Im liking it so far, and looking forward to more.

      • i agree. i think the buzz is more on social media and it is not actually doing that well on netflix. i dont know if it’s on any korean OTT platform other then netflix, if so maybe it does a little better there? someone pointed out that younger people won’t be watching this show on tv in their living rooms with parents especially after the teaser for ep 2.

        all in all this is generally a wash for Song Kang among kdrama watchers in SK but it is definitely getting buzz from horny kids on twitter and instagram etc. we also got a viral moment from Han Seohee when her character was insulted and practically sexually assaulted in public by her ex bf. that one had over a million views on twt and 10s of thousands of commentary from korean netizens. i think han seohee will come out of this better than song kang

  4. This drama will go down to 0% rating!!!I’m waiting his fans defent their oppa just say rating in jtbc not important because trending worldwide on netflix.Song kang son of netflix he and han so hee bring a lot ppl for jtbc.Can you imagine his salary per episode 80-90 million won only get 2-1%!!!Amazing!!!Poor park min young will have three drama back to back hitting 1% rating.She deserve getting paired with A-lister not mediocre,bland,lack of charisma song kang.And jtbc drama full of flop this year 1st with Sisyphus and will be continue.Tvn still best no.1 tv cable so far.I don’t want my bias accept drama in jtbc.

  5. Well netflix is still in love with song whatever result of this drama cause of his visual many girls swooning for him his it boy status will not fade away

  6. Oh wow that’s really low. I don’t intend to continue anymore after seeing the first ep but I still see clips on twitter haha I feel like the material was better suited as a movie adaptation than a series

  7. They should have just made it a web drama, then it could have flopped silently.

    But they both have projects lined up anyway, so this is just temporary. HSH can still strike back with her drama with PSJ. SK might be a lost cause.

  8. The issue is this kind a story rest a lot on the actors : their acting and their chemistry. In this case, Song Kang doesn’t have this flirting or bad boy vibe…

    For the story, I think it’s interesting to have a more mature story about college students.

  9. I never thought the rating would drop to 1% considering it is highly anticipated and dubbed as the 2nd TWOTM. Like what I have said, I really found both of the actors stiff and awkward and the storyline is not helping either. They are visually pleasing and I believe it explains why it is getting so much hype internationally although the opposite is happening in Korea?

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  11. It’s only me that’s not impressed by Han So Hee’s beauty? She is pretty indeed, but same as many k-actresses. And yes, her eyes look a bit like Song Hye Kyo, but she’s nowhere near SHK’s goddess-level beauty.

    About Song Kang…he looks like a cute boy to me. The boyish air was strong in Navillera, which is the only drama I have seen from him. I haven’t watched this one, but he might be miscast here, yes. He doesn’t give off the vibe of a dangerous seducer at all.

    • I think HSH is lovely, but I get where you’re coming from. She has the kind of beauty that looks perfect at first glance, but then when you look at her for a long time, you’ll start to notice something off, at least in my opinion. I can’t describe it without sounding like a hater lol, but there’s something off/weird about her lower face, and once I’ve noticed it, I can’t unsee it. I still think she’s very pretty, but not as beautiful as when I first saw her, and I now think her beauty is a bit overrated. Again, very pretty, but there are many mid-late 20s actresses that are just as pretty. And I certainly don’t get the SHK comparison either. They kinda have similar eyes, but the face shape, nose, lips, everything else is different. Just my opinion. I’m still glad that she blew up though, I’ve always thought that she’s female lead material since her second lead days. I think she’ll excel in anti-heroine kind of roles.

      As for Song Kang, I totally agree. I like him more in Love Alarm where he has a more playful side.

      • Comparing her visuals to Song Hyekyo’s is kind of a set up actually. I think the overall fashion/look of Yoo Nabi to make her look girl-next-door is not doing her beauty any favor.

      • I agree she’s very pretty but not beautiful. I think the balance between her face and neck is not working. Her neck should be slimmer or her face larger.

      • please…. Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee has similar beauty. don’t take biased cloud your judgement. off course there will some not perfect feature. they are human.

        Song Hye Kyo, her chin is also more chubby especially it looks obvious during dots days, her haircuts there doesn’t help either
        despite her thin body…

      • @missjb Is that a reply to me? Because I’m not biased at all lol. I’m not a big fan of Song Hye Kyo, in fact I like Han So Hee more, like I said, I’ve always thought she’s female lead material and I was impressed with her acting the first time I watched her in 100 Days My Prince, so why should I be biased? I hope you’re not implying that I’m a hater, because I’m far from that lmao. I just don’t see the supposed resemblance at all. Even if SHK has a “chubby chin” like you said (which I disagree), she still has beautiful cheekbones and an overall chiseled face that HSH doesn’t have. I can like an actress and still think that she’s not top-tier in everything. Similarly, I can be a non-fan of an actress and still acknowledge that she’s goddess-tier beautiful (SHK).
        This is just my unbiased opinion/observation, I’m not declaring it as a fact. You’re free to think that they look alike, and I can have my own opinion, thank you very much.

      • Yess… I don’t know, I’m still feel they are more beauty feature during dots days than Song Hye kyo in those drama. that’s. especially with his pony looks her appereance at times abit weird.. I just don’t her as goddes like some fans state. maybe she fix it with diet and workout since then. she has that big jawline too. her long hairstyle used to hide that weakness of her.

      • @KDramaFan Agreed. Han So Hee is very very pretty but Song Hye Kyo is Song Hye Kyo, her beauty is hard to top. They do have same vibes I think, but that’s about it

      • @kdramafan I completely agree with you. I think she looks better in stills from certain angles than in motion. I think it might be her jaw that’s throwing things off?

        Some people look okay in stills and then transform into motion, and she’s the opposite.

        Anyhoo I feel like the industry is so desperate for a new 20-something It actress that even if her works tank, she will keep getting cast and get CF deals.

      • You guys are so observant haha. I’m so used to either saying either someone’s pretty or not without examining their features etc.

  12. 2.2% for the premiere is not okay. It’s embarrassing. Especially for a drama and its lead actors who were hyped to the sky and beyond. The drop to 1%? Now that is definitely an astronomical failure. I wonder how low it can go. Usually, complaints are from K-netz but this time I see some I-netz criticizing the drama too.

  13. I watched the 2 episodes and it’s not bad at all . I think that this kind of drama is not for the general audience . It’s a more a kind of youth mature romance with an intimist note but at the same time the characters act childish . It’s my firt time watching theses actors and their acting is not bad , but their looks must be the It factor . The actress has a vibe a la Song Hye Kyo and the actor is a mixed of different young actors . But nothing to create such a bad buzz .

  14. Han So Hee’s character is boring. She isn’t a good student, has little talent in sculpture, has zero personality…no ambition to speak of. Why Song Kang’s character is even interested in her is a mystery. They have no chemistry and the storyline is dragging. THAT’S why Nethertheless in the 1% range.

  15. I think it’s not too late replace leading lady park seo joon next drama,although like lidya say hsh will bring so many PPL.But she can’t bring hit rating for next drama.She lack in acting and charisma.

    • If it’s true then this is the first time I’m gonna pass park seo joon drama like that one time I pass kim soo hyun drama because of the FL

  16. I watched the first 2 EP on Netflix since I was curious. I’m not familiar with where this was based, but I think the story right now is al over the place. I don’t understand Nabi’s (or every girl’s) fascination with the ML. It’s not as if she hasn’t had any boyfriends before, hello, she just came from a mature, unhealthy relationship. Also, the director needs to give more direction to SK to achieve what the ML character should exude. He is bland in the first 2 EPs, tall and cute, but nothing else. Now, if the actor was Kwak Dong Yeon, pretty sure he can make it work either with his nuanced acting, or over-the-top, whatever the director needs.

    • @eleven I was just thinking that KDY would’ve KILLED this role. But then he’s such a chameleon he can kill any role.

  17. the script looks good, depict the sexual attraction between two people. so realistic. It’s rare in korean drama especially in campus setting! seriously refreshing. And I don’t get the critics surrounding Han So Hee. she us doing a good job depixt Navi attraction Towards the male lead. she want him, but also trying to avoid any attraction feeling towards him, this two feeling collide and at war. and she potrayed it brilliantly. Song Kang is the one who needs critism. since he is abit awkwards. the directing is abit on and off the way he shot that subtle intimacy. I wish someone like Ahn Pan Seok or Kim Jin Won durect this kind drama rofl. but so far so good.

  18. Song Kang is not working out for me. But tall, handsome, charismatic, sensual, irresistible to women, its almost impossible to cast for any actors below 30. Cha Eun Woo fits the visual bill but acting is equally terrible. Sigh. The only actor I feel might just be able to pull off this role well is Seo Kang Joon. But he’s so picky and impossible to cast of late as he’s become a bit reclusive due to his impending enlistment. Very hard to keep forging on for this show. Too slow and ML is a total prick and I can’t believe she was willing to taste the woman he just kissed minutes prior but choosing to respond to his advances. *smh

    • well, this drama character is not supposed to be likeable and doing the right thing. they will follow their lust. so prepare the emotional ride.

    • There is nothing in this drama, except anger, lust and good looking but terrible main cast. The 1% something ratings say it

  19. I don’t understand song kang his not even a rookie or idol turned actor but his acting is so subpar his making cha eunwoo cry i thought his one of worse but his acting making me cringe like a schoolboy trying to act adult and seducing this ladies

  20. She got popular only because of her role as a second lead/villain and people are hyping her as if she is a superstar when she never headlined a hit drama. Smh! Now that she is given her first “hyped” lead role and she can’t deliver? I bet after this, Cfs are going to dwindle.

    Her beauty is not even close to SHK level. She only look good on stills otherwise you will notice that there is something wrong with the lower half of her face. I don’t know maybe her neck is too thick compared to her face or her chin is too short/small.

      • And why are we taking this personally? Did I ever say I am prettier than her? She was compared to SHK and my opinion is that she is not on par with SHK’s beauty. I am not even the first nor the last one to comment about her chin, neck & jaw. We are dissecting on what made us not see her as a Goddess like other people are proclaiming her to be.

  21. People bashing han soo hee’s looks for what?? For me she is prettier than shk…
    Shk at first glance may look pretty but the more i focus on her face and the moment she opens her mouth ,it turns me off because it’s weird.
    Different strokes for different folks ..

    • Face wise, SHG is definitely prettier even in the famous taehyeji shes got the most beautiful features imo. HSH though, has potential to age gracefully into a legendary beauty. She is tall enough with very model like proportions, throw in her small face and delicate features, its almost gold standard in the korean standard of a perfect beauty. Thats why her new title is advertising blue chip of korea. Her price to her meteoric rise – the crazy amount of hate she is getting here.

      • Comments here aren’t going to stop her and SK bag haha wonder though if this drama’s ratings continue to slide, would it hurt her prospects like with the PSJ drama or her CF fee?

  22. Heh, I’m glad I didn’t think to watch this one. Someone in K-ent really want these two to “happen” and it kind of makes me angry because these two so don’t deserve it. Subpar acting and I honestly don’t get the HSH so beautiful BS…I swear someone is paying people to comment on how beautiful she is all the effing time…yeah she’s pretty but she isn’t anything spectacular and there are so many other talented actresses out there. Soooo lame. I too may have to skip PSJ’s next drama if HSH is the lead.

    • What’s wrong with many finding her beautiful? I personally don’t but then again I don’t understand why jun ji hyun is considered a beautiful either. But I agree the acting for both leads (especially song kang) is average.

  23. HSH the second SHK? LOL only in terms of look I guess.
    She is more suited for sexy roles.

    Both HSH and SK as leads a little tough going for them.

      • @Nad – Oops, my bad. But is that an apples-to-apples comparison though? We are in a different era. Which 20-something actress has multiple hits under her belt? Even the early-mid 30-somethings don’t.

      • @ophelia one of the reasons why han so hee isn’t the second song hye kyo. But you disagreed with sarah.

  24. Some Knetizens left comments saying both song kang and han so hee aren’t ready for lead roles yet but personally i think if given the right project, they can do well. They’re also blaming han so hee’s agency for accepting another drama with bed scenes. Not a good look for her image they said.

  25. The character of Song Kang is so “red flag” to me. The writers should divert it in making him straight into the trashcan.

  26. The unxpected drama to be good and excellent this year is Mad for Each Other. It topped no.1 on Netflix Korea even beating Mine.

  27. For me, it’s the plot. Admit it, we all want to know if their romance will be fruitful. We want a light drama, something to make us feel giddy. Because we want to hope for love. There is always that hopeless romantic in us who chooses to watch these Kdramas. Spoiling myself by reading the webtoon, my heart is broken. ? I don’t want to see that portrayed on TV. If by any miracle they will not follow the webtoon and deviate the ending and make it light, this will be #1 on NetflixPH. We are suckers for happy endings. The main leads have a lot of chemistry. They don’t hold back on their sexy scenes and it makes it interesting. Soundtrack is also good.

  28. Well, I like the drama and I think the actors are fine in their roles. It’s a dark storyline with flawed characters (and it deals with sex) so it’s not going to be for everybody. For me, it’s refreshing to see K Drama take on this different type of story. Hopefully the production company and JTBC were prepared for some pushback because of the subject matter and stand firm to air all episodes. The fact that they already have money in the bank from selling the international rights to Netflix should help a lot.
    Anyway, JTBC still have the last half of the year to get some big hit dramas since they got some major star power projects coming (Lee Young Ae, Song Joong Ki)

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