Rookie Actress Park Hye Eun Fired From Upcoming Hong Sisters Fantasy Drama Return Reportedly Due to Poor Acting, Jung So Min Courted to Replace Her Immediately

Well this is certainly a rarity in K-drama but clearly stuff really went off the rails during filming. Rookie actress Park Hye Eun (but she uses Park Hae Eun on her own SNS account) has been fired from the currently filming Hong Sisters fantasy drama Return (or Resurrection) as the female lead. Filming only started recently and has now been fully stopped until a replacement female lead is found, which will likely be Jung So Min as she was offered the role and the team is just waiting for her confirmation. The other leads are Lee Jae Wook, Minhyun from NUEST (Hwang Min Hyun), and Arin of Oh My Girl. If she’s been fired and the other two idol-actor supporting leads are still in then I can only wonder how bad she was. Perhaps it’s that she’s not essaying the role as the Hong Sisters and the PD want/need, but then all the first reports actually said she was leaving the drama specifically due to “poor acting”. After the firing, Park Hae Eun posted GIFs of her scenes in the drama taken from the monitors and also her statement on the whole affair, basically saying she was feeling torn but still wishes the best for the production of Return and believes this will be good for her in the long run.

Park Hae Eun posted the following after the news broke of her firing:


Rookie Actress Park Hye Eun Fired From Upcoming Hong Sisters Fantasy Drama Return Reportedly Due to Poor Acting, Jung So Min Courted to Replace Her Immediately — 82 Comments

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  2. It wasn’t nice that they released because of bad acting. But I think if she didn’t fit the role, it was for the best. I just don’t understand why they don’t audition before to choose and make some test camera with the rest of the casting…

    Now, Jung So Min is older and it’s really weird to imagine her taking the role of a 20 years old woman. She looks young but not so young.

    It was nice they chose not famous actors, so it will be nice they continue by giving the chance to a 20 years old actress but with more experience.

    Park Hye Eun doesn’t have a lot of experience except The Nurse School Files.

    • I agree. Why can’t they be professional and polite by just announcing that she was UNSUITABLE instead of poor acting. Take example of Eric Stoltz replaced by Michael J.Fox (though Fox was always the original choice) shortly after filming Back to The Future. They are ruining her career prospect, reputation even when she is go green and inexperienced. I still hope she will have some chances to prove herself in the future.

    • I think age doesn’t matter here as the role is somewhat like a psychic or a magician where no age is required. Besides Jung So Min at her early age of 21 she was already a lead actress in Playful Kiss and Bad Guy wherein she won 2 awards in Bad Guy. She is already a seasoned lead actress and a very versatile actress. The rookie actress is already 24 yrs old which is supposedly capable to be a lead actress. Maybe the role in this drama is too heavy that she was so pressured to meet expectations of the production team, the reason why she dropped the project. But vloggers speculated that it was due to poor acting which was not the statement released by the network. Reporters and journalists ruined the character of the rookie actress by making the news so controversial. Jung So Min or whoever will take over has nothing to do with the decision of the rookie actress. Let us be broad minded and don’t point any finger to anyone. And I hope writers or reporters or journalists will use the right word in their articles so as not to ruin one’s character.

  3. Goddamn, they totally threw her under the bus with that announcement. That is a super rude and unprofessional announcement.

    • That announcement was just rude and reeks of power-trip and imbalance. We’ve seen tons of idol actors and actresses and now Rookie Actors who have poor acting skills from their debut Lead roles, and made each succeeding dramas they have as Leads serves as a training ground for them to improve (unfortunately, some are still are mediocre). But we don’t get this news titles. Is it because she’s an Actress (not Actor), Rookie Actress (not Idol Actress) and coming from a starting agency? I heard that she auditioned for the role, so if she’s not up to par, its the casting directors fault. Then they should handle it quietly, as has been done countless times (use personal or health reasons instead).

      • Agree. When Kim Jung Hyun was let go from Time, they bent over backwards to protect his reputation but when an actress got let go, the reporters went all harsh on her. Double standards for actresses without idol background.

    • I’m surprised Koala is taking this at face value – if anyone thinks she was really fired for “bad acting” when any number of truly godawful idols and actors kept getting lead roles all these years, I have some snake oil to sell you.

      (Rumour is her standing up to someone powerful is what cost her the job and got her this smearing – even the netizen comments seem aware that someone has the knives out for her).

      • I thought the same. There must be more to this for them to publicly shame her like this.

    • yes you right….i don’t know park hye eun but i feel bad for her.I think the production cast her after some audition.How come when first filming production said her acting on at par they expected.
      I’m not anti for idol actor or actress but i hope both the other lead which are minhyun nuest and arin oh my girl really perform well. If they are not perform well but only park hye eun was fired, it so fishy.

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  5. I think Nam Ji Hyun can fit in nicely in this Hing sisters drama. She did the super dark Witch’s Diner. In terms of visuals with LJW, she may look a tad older but JSM’s casting offer was completely left field for me. I dunno whether JSM’s visual could work well with LJW’s looks. Hmmm, more of a noona-dongsaeng vibe + 9 year gap.

  6. How does JSM fit in immediately if she’s filming Wolf hunting now? Doesn’t make sense unless movie is canned? Head scratching.

  7. Can Kim So Hyun jump in to replace PHE? There’s no shortage of 20 something actresses, nothing against jsm btw.

  8. Wow. The production did a dirty on Park Hye Eun. I concur with others, screen test first & multiple meetings with writers & PD to get a sense of whether she can work well with them. Can’t believe the director, writers & casting producers mess things up.

  9. For those who feel Jung Somin’s (possible) casting comes from left field, here is more context on why she was most likely chosen:

    Jung Somin has worked with this PD (Park Joon Hwa) before in BTIMFL and cameo’d twice in his previous works (“My Roommate is a Gumiho”, “What’s Wrong w/ Secretary Kim”) which is probably why PD Park reached out to JSM in this “emergency” situation of recasting so quickly since she’s like his go-to person. I think they have a good relationship together & have always wanted to work together again but the timing wasn’t right until now. I think JSM is an excellent, veteran (scandal-free) actress who could probably absorb into this new role quickly, and most of all, she’s a reliable actress who always delivers, which is exactly what this new drama is looking for at the last minute (This is truly a nightmare for the production staff & they’re probably looking for a FL asap to recoup production cost delays).

    While I would love to see JSM & PD Park reunite again, I’m not super ecstatic about her casting & prefer for her to choose another drama & co-stars (age isn’t a factor; it’s more like she’d be leading a group of rather ‘green’ actors aside from Oh Na Ra, etc.), but I’d still definitely watch it to see how everything turns out!

    • Thanks for the background info on JSM but other commenters said she’s filming a movie. So how does she fit in if they don’t want to further delay shooting the drama?

      • She is indeed confirmed to be filming the movie “Wolf Hunt” right now in Busan so I’m also a bit confused on how her schedule will work. Here are my 2 guesses:

        1) JSM’s role in “Wolf Hunt” is small w/ limited screen time so she’ll be finished filming rather quickly. (A realistic assumption considering it’s a pretty large, star-studded cast and I’m sure she’ll be unfortunately be given less screentime than SIG & Jang Dong-yoon in the movie).

        2) This drama may delay the start of shooting a week or two (Or longer?) to re-start pre-production and hopefully re-write bits of its script to accommodate for the change of casting.

        It’s hard to predict Korean movie and drama filming schedule these days since COVID through everything into whack and have made some filming schedules last twice as longer than usual. So who knows! Time will tell as JSM hasn’t been officially confirmed yet either.

      • @Tak, interesting assumptions. They sound logical & make sense to me. Do you know the synopsis/premise of the Hong sisters drama? Is it a romance-based fantasy? It’s a hard sell for me if she’s paired with LJW although I’m willing to give them a chance. Please, after the Doom debacle (shudder), I hate to see JSM fail in a fantasy drama though I really love her in TSHLYE with SIG. I’m also rejoicing she’s in an action movie with him no matter how small her role is.

      • @Aquarius Aside from the limited two-lines of description for “Return” that I’ve been reading on every site, there’s not much else to be garnered expect that it’s supposedly a “historical fantasy romance.” Despite being labeled ‘historical,’ it’s possible the timeline switches between modern day and saeguk period, kind of like what they did in Hotel Luna (which, of course, was also written by the Hong sisters.)

        I’m also not keen on the possible JSM & LJW pairing not because of age factors, but more b/c I’d like to see her paired off with someone within the same acting range & experience as her. (No diss on LJW as he’s shown great potential thus far, but his oeuvre is about a fourth of JSM’s, and comparitively speaking, he’s not at his peak just yet.) The silver lining is JSM still looks incredibly young and LJW looks mature for his age so visually speaking it’s not too bad.

        I absolutely adored JSM & SIG together in TSHLYE because they both gave top-notch acting performances individually, and of course, when you put them together in the same scene, you get chemistry and acting that’s batting off the charts! (I have yet to see this level of chemistry & acting replicated in any other drama since then, definitely not in Doom sadly.)

      • @Tak, thanks for the drama info however little but my reply not coming up. Maybe later. lol.

      • No disrespect to ljw but if the pd wants jsm, they could have offered the ml role to sig instead of ljw in the first place. This is a case of “darn this pairing doesn’t work, what do we do now?” Sig was in master’s sun so hong sisters know what he’s capable of. Then he could have turned down that god awful days. I suppose it’s really hard for sig to turn down pby if she wants to work with him. Any actor would be flattered if pby likes him, right? lol.

      • @watcher JSM & SIG together in this new drama would be dream casting indeed! Ha! But seeing as it’s a miracle that they’re even reuniting for “Wolf Hunt,” never in a million chances would they reunite again for the third time…at least not so soon. I can dream though! (I would LOVE to see them in a comedy next, they are such talented comedic actors!)

        I do think Hong sisters & PD really did initially want to work with a group of young actors for the roles to fit whatever image they had in mind (super risky, imo, especially when you throw in idols…), but yeah, good luck fixing this mess you created yourselves, Production Team!

    • @Tak, if lsh can team up with sig 3x why not jsm? Time for gender equality in kdrama otp pairing. Jang nara & Jang hyuk did 2 comedies together so who knows jsm & sig could reunite for a comedy with a happy ending? Hong sisters and pd are not Shin Won Ho of Reply series with the midas touch. He has the talent * knack of casting a bunch unknown idol actors/actress that fit perfectly with the roles & setting he envisioned complete with Busan dialect. This drama however missed the casting mark partially I think.

      • Well, both of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara’s collaborations were much more successful than TSHLYE by objective metrics.

  10. Hye and Hae are different hangul entirely so the name should be Park Hye Eun. It drives me crazy when I seen Hyun Bin and Jeon Yeo Been since both incorporate the same character.

    As for Jung So Min, this production has disaster written all over it. I really enjoyed her in her drama with Shin Ha Kyun – will hope for the best.

    • In Jeon Yeo Been’s case, she spells it that way herself on her insta (though could be just her having an English pun with her name like Son Ye Jin calling her ig yejinhand)

  11. That was not nice to have these rumors circulate about a rookie on purpose. Poor girl, she cited struggles that allude to her mental health while whole world has branded her a bad actor without knowing a thing about what actually transpired behind the scenes. I hope she revovers and God be willing can find her way back to top in due time.

    • That’s the reality of K-acting world. It’s entirely vicious, brutal & ultra competitive. Only the strongest & toughest mentally survive. One needs Seo Yea Ji’s thick skin resilience to last long in the industry. She looks like the tough cookie I don’t give a damn type of person to bounce back quickly. There’ll be former child actresses & tons of idol actresses snapping at your heels if you show the slightest weakness.

  12. Speaking of older actresses with younger actors, I think Shin Se Kyung can match up with LJW. He looks older than Im Si Wan so this OTP could work. I love SSK since Fashion King with YAI, Lee Je Hoon & Kwon Yuri. Wow, all four of them have come full circle today. Good memories, good times. Lol.

    • Fashion King. That horrendous, hideous & traumatising ending. OMG, I still can’t get it out of my head till today.

  13. Whatever it is please please jebal don’t give us a crappy story Hong sisters. I still have trouble understanding how they could have written Warm & Cozy & Big (even Suzy’s OST can’t save this bomb). Their dramas have either been a massive hit or miss. I love My Girl, Hong Gil Dong before that guy ruined it for me, The Greatest Love, Master’s Sun & Hotel Del Luna. Even You’re Beautiful and MGIAG are not far behind.

  14. @Tak, I absolutely agree with you on JSM-SIG chemistry though I may get slaughtered by all the trolls later on. I find their OTP more believable, organic and truly heart-breaking than SIG-PBY chemistry in Doom. I couldn’t squeeze out a single tear in Doom, sorry. However, I was just bawling like a baby in Eyes before the OTP’ tears start rolling. Lol. I also wonder how LJW’s acting skills could match up to JSM given if the script is heavy on the melo side. Gosh. This is one heck of a mystery drama with limited info. Maybe that’s deliberate given the Doom backlash from viewers. Smart of them not to give further info until a suitable time to avoid massive expectations.

  15. I’ve read in some sites but Soompi is the nicest one. They didnt write about her poor acting or she got kicked out etc.
    But agree with Koala, i wonder how the 2 idols’s acting.

    Im not a fan of Hong sister’s works (except for HTL) but now im curious. Will watch it for the acting. JSM is good but somehow i got bored seeing her repetitive ‘character’. We’ll see.

  16. Sigh this is what happens when you cast a rising actor, rookie & idol actors in
    a high profile drama. Their acting standard is more like At A Distance, Spring Is Green, Imitation & YOM level. A first time departure for Hong sisters to cast lesser known names to headline their drama. It’s quite a big gamble that failed considering their past dramas had leads like Gong Yoo, Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Seung Won, Park Shin Hye, IU, So Ji Sub, Lee Dong Wook, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Seung Gi & Shin Mina to these young four above. Overseas big money sponsors pushing hard for new blood?

    • Yeah, I can’t wrap my head around the unusual casting. More like Kim Eun Sook has gone loco & decided to cast Song Kang/Ro Woon/Taecyeon/Choi Siwon etc to headline her drama instead of her usual A-listers.

    • Ditto.
      If anything, they could’ve at least chosen rising actors that ya know, have actually studied acting or played enough supporting roles in previous works to accrue experience (a good example of this is the “Age of Youth” cast who individually weren’t big stars by any means, but for the most part they each had a pretty hefty acting resumes and voila, that drama was absolutely delightful).

      I have no idea what the writers and producers (let’s not forget this group either as they’re the ones providing the $$ for the drama & have a huge say in casting too) were thinking during the casting sessions.
      You’re right, if it wasn’t for the wonderful veteran actors Oh Na Ra & Joo Sang Wook (& JSM), this drama is starting to look exactly like “Imitation” & “At a Distance Spring is Green.” (& I definitely don’t mean that in a good way)

      • Agree. Racket Boys cast are talented imo. I wonder if this one ever makes it to Netflix or sold straight to Tving, Iqiyi, Viki or Viu for the younger ott crowd. Hong sisters trying to be hip/trendy to recruit young blood but misfire badly? Lol.

      • “Racket Boys” is an excellent example! Can they transplant that whole badminton squad into this “Return” drama instead? That young cast has proven acting chops at least. Lol.

        The only guess I can make is that the Hong sisters want to take a stab at a new genre: young adult. (Perhaps akin to The Divergent Series or Hunger Games movies)

        I think only until production photos & stills come out can we really start speculating on the quality of this show. There’s sooo little information to go off on now…

      • Nevertheless, Imitation and At a Distance Spring is Green are examples of drama that why young and upcoming actors should be building and starting from scratch, instead of jumping straight into becoming a main actor/actress straightaway. There are actors/actress who took ages and build their portfolios like KDY, and the results are better than randomly cast a young star, that has virtually/little experience at all.

    • Funny you threw YOM in there because the 4 leads are better in acting than some of the big name leads you threw in afterwards. Meh your standards.

    • Park Shin Hye and Lee Dong Wook were still considered as rising stars back then when they starred in Hong sisters drama though. If i’m not wrong they only start casting A-listers starts from My Girlfriend is Gumiho while anything they made before using unknowns and rising actors (in fact You’re beautiful had 3 unexperienced idol actors as major supporting characters)

      • Park Shin Hye was a well-known child actress before YAB. Jang Geun Suk had 11 year acting experience before YAB. Lee Dong Wook had 7 year acting resume before starring in My Girl. I won’t exactly say they’re “rising stars’ per se more like experienced but on the way to stardom kind of thing. Lol.

    • I don’t understand why you put Youth of May in this category (that sounded like dramas with crappy actings). The 4 leads of YOM did outstanding job.

      I actually applaud the idea of casting rising actors instead of established ones as long as they have the talent to boot. Just last week, OCKoala posted an article about this K-ent questioning of why the 90’s liners actors not yet achieving stardoms and the issue has always been there…. Opportunity. If production houses not giving chances to these lesser known/rising actors with talents to shine, then we will get the same old comparison of why they cannot achieve the level of those already established actors.

      There’s no guarantee that this drama will be a success since the Hong Sisters are also very capable to suck big time but I truly welcome the idea of casting rising actors (repeat here, with TALENT). We definitely need fresh faces and talents.

  17. I think at this point, it’s the personal choice of the PD and Writers. It’s probably not that she can’t act, she just doesn’t fit the role based on what they envisioned for it. Don’t they do test screens like in the US before casting?

    • @eleven, obviously not given the scenario unfolding. The normal practice is for casting PD, PD & writer having heaps of meetings with potential leads for dinner/discussion sessions to see if the actor/actress fit their script vision. More so if they said actor /actress already know each other then wham bam ma’am it’s a done deal.

      • Ah, I get the picture. Coz these youngsters are not HB,SYJ,LMH level so the PD & writers don’t bother to court or buy them dinners. Just let the production team do the talent scouting & blah blah boring work. Result = disaster. Lol.

    • @eleven If initial media reports are to be believed, Park Hye-eun was chosen out of hundred of other actress who auditioned for the role and won the part. I’m sure for a big role & production such as this, she had to go through a few stages of auditions and test screenings (plus like @popcorn mentioned, many meetings with the production team) before she officially got the part.

      This is pure speculation, but it could be the case where after they first started filming, someone behind the scenes (PD/writer/producer) felt her acting wasn’t up to par or didn’t match the role they envisioned and gave Hye-eun feedback to improve, but this constant critique was a huge burden and stress to the actress which hindered her ability to improve any further which thus led to her resigning/being let go.
      (Or it could be they were complete wankers & fired her for a minor infraction. No one will ever know!…unless you were a staff working on the drama & I’m sure their lips are sealed!)

      • Yes, only to be outed by Dispatch at an opportune time in the future if any nasty feud comes up btwn an actor & their agency. Like how Time production issue blew up when Kim Jung Hyun-Seo-Ji Hye-Seo Yea Ji dating scandal happened.

  18. Guys, whatever the reason is, it’s a complete dick move to announce you’re firing a rookie actor for lack of acting skill, especially when she auditioned and passed. Someone wants to throw her under the bus and end her career.

    • @Ophelia – exactly. Girl passed auditions, that’s more than many idol actors even bother with! The obvious smearing reflects badly on whoever is doing it, not Park Hye Eun at all.

  19. Poor girl, having to suffer the production’s blunder. It may be small comfort, but this is not entirely unprecedented. After Kim Joo-hyun was horribly treated by the “My Sassy Girl” producers, she bounced back with two long-form family dramas (“Sister is Alive,” “The Rich Son”) before acting in a miniseries with seasoned actors (“Fly from Rags to Riches”). Maybe Park Hae-eun can go that route too. The downside, however, is that it will now be more difficult to do that because MBC and SBS have (stupidly) abolished their weekend soap opera slots.

    • She was discovered in School Nurse Files so if Netflix still wants her doing supporting roles in their productions she can still bounce back, or maybe putting her in some of her labelmates’ dramas like most agencies do as a package deal but the outing of “poor acting skills” headline will follow her for quite some time

  20. did she offended someone or did she entered the crew before through insider or back door which made her was despised by the other crew? so many possibilities

  21. I was waiting for the article ‘Song Joongki sends food truck to Jeon Yeo Been on 7.7’. But seems it’s not coming.

    • Maybe less clicks in an OP about ex-divorcee’s potential new gf? As koala loves him so much, it may pop up later. Lol.

      • Butthurt people can’t stand the fact that ex divorcee is back on top , bagging new CFs, reviewing new offers and both inetz and knetz already loving his new costar.

      • Heck No! Assume much! Song Joong Ki DESERVES all his recent success. He seems talented (haven’t seen his work but he doesn’t look like one trick pony) & I wish him well.

  22. I don’t buy that the reason is just her acting. We’ve seen many productions push through despite their leads absolutely sucking at the job, the most famous example being Goong. There must be something more than that. Why will you go through all the auditions to cast someone in the main role then fire her one week into the job? If she’s not leaving voluntarily then there should be other underlying factors.

    On a side note, I saw JSM’s cameo in Gumiho Roommate so I’m a little meh on this. She doesn’t really suit the sageuk look.

    • @kitai – Exactly. There have been so many kdramas dragged down by terrible acting, so this can’t be the reason. She must’ve really pissed someone off, because outing her for “bad acting” is a really hostile way to go about firing someone. Usually you try to dim the negative feelings around firing, not highlight it.

    • Saw her saeguk movie with junho, she barely has screen presence despite her character as classy rich man’s daughter, she try so hard to be classy and soft and beautiful but she is kinda meh no offense to her fans, does she has fans? Her classy saeguk tone is just her speaking in really low volume. She’s really weak in saeguk and she sets herself up by picking this drama.

  23. Nothing against JSM but having her may not save the show or solve the problem. There’s a negative stigma already attached to the drama for “firing lead actress.” Seems someone powerful really wants to see this drama goes down. Really curious to know the real reasons behind her leaving. It’s inconceivable that a rookie actress can cause so much trouble. Something huge must have been going on behind the scenes not a simple case of poor acting. We need Dispatch to spill the real beans here.

  24. For cheeky who brought up kjh medical issue, they didnt save his rep but in facthe was ans still receiving treatment even now

  25. JSM is a stretch for the early 20s character bible. Jung Ji So would have been a much better choice if they wanted a competent fresh face young actress. JSM is a mismatch with the lee Jaewook and the other 2 idol actors. Such a hasty not well thought out decision imo.

    • My thoughts exactly, but I’m thinking one of the young Kims (Kim Saeron, Kim Hyanggi) or other child actresses since they are already known at least. Did they lose an investor and/or cannot fill up ad slots for this drama that’s why they cut her? They’ve already lost money due to a day or two of filming that won’t be utilized and recast and almost everyone’s not buying the poor acting excuse because apparently she auditioned for the role

  26. I feel bad for her. There was definitely something big that went on behind-the-scenes and not the “poor acting” excuse. But Jung Somin playing an early 20s character alongside other actors/idols in their early-mid 20s…sorry but that’s a miscast. I guess they wanted someone well-known? But Jung Somin doesn’t bring in ratings, so they could have chosen from a bunch of former child stars if they wanted someone with acting experience.

  27. I feel sorry for her . It was rude and blunt . it may impact the mental heath of the girl . There are so much actors, idols with poor acting who completed dramas that i’m confused . Sometimes some talented actors just don’t fit some roles . Someone mentioned Eric Stoltz who is a good actor but MJ Fox was better for the role . Marion Cotillard was so bad in Batman but a great Edith Piaf, Ben Affleck in Daredevil but he is an amazing director, Halle Berry in Catwoman, …

  28. Why didn’t her agency protect her from this PR Nightmare? She couldn’t possibly be the first actress to be found wrong for a role after production starts. This is a reminder of how cutthroat the entertainment industry can be. There’s a story here and it may not be the one that’s being told.

  29. Hope she has people who will support her to stay strong and work her way back to act in drama whether supporting role or in future as lead.

    I have not watch her previous drama but in support for her, i am not watching this drama even if they got my fav actress to act cos what they did to her left bad after taste.

  30. I feel this is going to be just like Sassy Girl where Joo Won’s female lead auditioned and got the role only to be replaced by someone else.

    Why bother to have an audition when the production will just cast someone else in a heartbeat.

  31. Jun So Min is officially starring in an exciting new drama!. On July 10, Jun So Min’s agency King Kong by Starship confirmed that the actress will be starring in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama special “Hee Soo” (literal title). A representative of the agency revealed, “She is currently in the midst of filming the drama.” KakaoTV’s upcoming original drama “Excellent Shaman Ga Doo Shim” (literal title) has released its first trailer!. “Excellent Shaman Go Doo Shim” is a fantasy romance drama starring Kim Sae Ron as the 18-year-old Ga Doo Shim, who was born with the unwanted fate of becoming a shaman, and Nam Da Reum as the golden boy Na Woo Soo, who gains the unwanted ability to see evil spirits after he meets Ga Doo Shim.

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