tvN Premieres Countryside Romance Hometown Cha Cha Cha This Weekend with Shin Mina, Kim Sun Ho, and Lee Sang Yi

In the past few years my only crack drama addictions have all been in the tvN Sat-Sun time slot, with Crash Landing on You segueing into It’s Okay to Not be Okay then Start-up and most recently Vincenzo. It’s probably a combination of COVID watching habits and also that it airs on the weekend which allows me that addiction to live watch. I’m hoping Hometown Cha Cha Cha premiering this Saturday brings that connection back, a drama that needn’t be good or great only that it really charms me for some reason. I like that this is a drama where no one will be complaining about the acting as leads Kim Sun Ho, Shin Mina, and Lee Sang Yi have rarely gotten any flack in the acting skills department. This is a drama really about the story, does it have stickiness, will the viewers connect with the characters and their predicaments and predilections. I think so, the long preview was quite lovely and it seems that Kim Sun Ho’s character is going to be Han Ji Pyeong from Start-up being the bestest best boy to all the denizens of the countryside town as the heart of the drama. I dig it!

Long preview for Hometown Cha Cha Cha:


tvN Premieres Countryside Romance Hometown Cha Cha Cha This Weekend with Shin Mina, Kim Sun Ho, and Lee Sang Yi — 18 Comments

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    • Unfairly imo. She did rise to fame on the strength of her looks but girl can emote and is better at certain types of acting than some of her much more acclaimed and virtually untouchable male costars.

      • @Lai Pei Yee – exactly. I’ve found her quite good in both melo and romcom dramas though she hasn’t done the former genre since her early twenties…but she absolutely kills it in her movies, where she’s not limited to just being a love interest, and she often goes for more intimate stories that aren’t the blockbuster type.

        (her and Gong Hyo Jin in Sisters on the Road are one of my favourite paired performances of all time – we all know her as adorable ms dimples but it’s quite something to see her in a role that’s the polar opposite)

      • I’ve seen her in political/saeguk/romantic-dramatic/romantic-comedy roles. She can play diverse roles.

  2. I loved the original film with Uhm Jung Hwa and dearly departed Kim Joo Hyuk so this is a must watch for me. The present three leads are absolute gold in romcoms so I probably live watch this series. Hometown Cha cha cha fighting!!

  3. I loved it! Charming, warm, and makes me want to move back to my village by the sea lol. It’s a solid first episodes and like another fan wrote above, so many good actors and actresses and the cute kids!!!

  4. I like it so much that i watch it twice – the scenery, intro to characters (all actors n actresses good acting including the adorable kids n teen). Directors n crew did great job. It’s like a layered cake n tonight will enjoy another layer unfold. Cheers Homecha

  5. Very Charming slice of life drama! Just finished ep. 2 and am sad I will have to wait a week for the next episode to air.

  6. I loved the first 2 episodes and all thr characters of that beautiful town. And all the dimples! Even the ahjussi in the cafe has them! And wait till Lee Sang Yi appears.
    SMA is a solid actress imo. I have yet to find a drama where she didnt sell her character. For me shes brilliant.
    So pleased for KSH for getting the recognition he deserves. Ive loved him since The Good Manager. And he’s adorable in 1N2D. The only comment I think I have is that the drama takes too much unnecessary close up shots of him.
    Cant wait for the next episodes.Hope the story continues to be good!

    • I caught episode 1 – really liking it so far, it looks like a gentle slice of life drama and a big part of its appeal comes from SMA pulling off the role of the good-hearted/well meaning but also kinda elitist FL, I look forward to her opening up her dental practice in Gongjin and accepting small town life/being accepted into it.

      I agree about the too many closeup/slow mo though, it’s a bit cheesy lol

  7. It’s a pass for me. I only liked her in My girlfriend is a Gumiho. Not a fan of both leads so not in my must watch list.

    YAMS with a favorite lead actress failed to appeal to me so ChaCha is definitely a no for me.

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