Kim So Yeon Wins the 2021 SBS Drama Awards Daesang for Penthouse with Plenty of Other Stars Getting Lauded for Well Received Dramas

SBS handed out a heck ton of awards at the year end celebration today and the 2021 SBS Drama Awards was definitely more jam packed with dramas and stars than the prior night over at MBC. The Daesang went to Kim So Yeon for Penthouse, well deserved as her performance was beloved by critics and viewers even if the character was teeth gnashingly easy to hate. Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi won a special Director’s Award for their underrated but cult loved Our Beloved Summer. Then comes four Top Excellence Awards – Honey Lee in the romance/comedy side for One: The Woman and Kim Yoo Jung for fantasy in Lovers of the Red Sky, and their counterparts are Lee Sang Yoon for One: the Woman and Lee Je Hoon in fantasy for Taxi Driver. Makjang screenwriting queen Kim Soon Ok got a Lifetime Achievement Award and a weird new category of Best Character went to Kwak Si Yang in Red Sky and Oh Na Ra in Racket Boys. Four actors won Excellence Awards in Ahn Hyo Seob for Red Sky, Esom in Taxi Driver, Jin Seo Yeon in One: The Woman, and Kim Joo Heon in Now, We are Breaking Up. The Lovers OTP also got Best Couple which I would add that the Demon needs to be their third wheel. So here are the main winners and everyone seemed really happy to be there so yay for a great year to SBS.


Kim So Yeon Wins the 2021 SBS Drama Awards Daesang for Penthouse with Plenty of Other Stars Getting Lauded for Well Received Dramas — 33 Comments

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  2. These end of year award shows make me realize I barely watched any kdramas this year. Only drama I finished is Yumi’s cells actually…please anyone recommend dramas worth watching from 2021.

  3. Kim So Yeon ?? A veteran actress . I didn’t watch Penthouse, but it’s for all the times she did a good job ( Iris, Prosecutor princess, I need romance 3,…) Taxi Driver and Racket Boys ??? But SBS give to much awards , they should be more selective for the awards having a real meaning as Golden globes, Emmy’s awards,..;

    • The channel-specific awards are more like thank you awards. “Thank you for bringing in the ratings/getting recognition for the dramas this channel has produced”. Still, it’s really nice to be thanked considering how many dramas and actors don’t get that sort of thank you!

      The Baeksangs are more equivalent to the Golden Globes. The drama winners can come from any channel.

      • Baeksang is equivalent to Academy Award. And there is also Blue Dragon Award. Each of them has categories for both movies and dramas.

      • I would say Baeksang is equivalent to Golden Globes because it honours TV and films like the Golden Globes does. The Academy awards only recognise films.

      • Yeah. Baeksang is like Emmy

        Blue Dragon is the that equivalent to Oscar. And also Daejong/Grand Bell awards

  4. SBS has more hit dramas under their belt, so they do have more selections. Good thing though that they mostly gave the award to 1 or at most 2 actors. KBS, on the other hand, have fewer categories but each award to an average of 2-3 awardee. So, I guess SBS and KBS have even winners. MBC, for sure have lesser winners.

    No doubt, Kim SoYeon for the Daesang. Penthouse3 may be all sorts of crazy, but KSY’s performance was just unquestionable. For the other winners, maybe I’d swap Um KiJoon with Lee SangYoon though, and LSY can have Excellence since OTW is a hit. And a bit weird to me that Racket Boys Tang Joon Sang and Lee Jae In were given the Teen Award, when they would have also qualified for the New Actor/Actress like their co-stars.

    But knetz are abuzz with Jo Byeong Kyu’s appearance, as it seems this is his 1st public appearance after his bullying issues (which it seems is still unresolved). Way to get the attention away from the winners.

  5. Congrats to the SBS winners! So sweet to see KSY and HL giving shout-outs to their hubbies. Only show left uncovered by koala is KBS awards. Then the big reveal of Dispatch 2022 dating couple. Lol. Hope there is one this year. The BTS pr machine is sure busy already.

  6. The ratings for big three awards shows are out. The big winner is KBS Award Shows I wish the cable channels have their own version too. Make end of the year viewing period all the more interesting.

    • Some commenters said the KBS one has a lot of stars that fans like. Hence more viewers tuning in. I agree as I wanna see KSH with LDY.

    • KBS has all the big weekend and daily dramas which always get double digit audience ratings so they have a bigger audience.

  7. Congrats to Kim So Yeon!

    SBS has done the Best Character award a couple of times before…however, Kwak Si-yang getting it for his character in Lovers of the Red Sky is jarring. I enjoyed Lovers of the Red Sky despite the wtf-ery in the last half of the drama and I like Kwak Si-yang, but his character was not very memorable and was very one dimensional. You’d expect a charismatic baddie or an adorable supporting character.

    I wish we’re not in the middle of Our Beloved Summer’s airing since I love the couple in that one.

  8. Wow at that dress on Kim So Yeon
    So rare at a Korean awards ceremony to see a colourful and interesting cut that fits.

    • The SBS awards were galore with some interesting colored dresses. Honey Lee wore a ravishing red ball gown that was stunning. Oh Na Ra wore an interesting dress as well. I was elated to see some color and not the boring black and white dresses we always see.

  9. Finally colours and some bright sprinkle for the black dress.
    Funny how Kdrama has like extravagant dress in their drama but actual ceremony is so monotone.

  10. Ajumma Kim So Yeon is so over-rated. Looks so old and ugly in that yellow outfit with her sagging boobs.

    Just waiting to see if she scores a baby with hubby – no output after 4.5 years. My guess is that she has no eggs in her ovary left. 😀

    • Woaaah, That’s harsh. For someone who’s also struggling conceiving, i’m personally hurt by your words. Think before you type please.

    • What a disgusting thing to say! Her uterus is none of your damn business. Whether they have made choice not to have a kid, whether they are having fertility issues or health issue or whatever is a private matter between her and her husband. You are the lowest of the lowest scum to make fun of someone’s reproductive system. Shame on you!

  11. Auntie So Yeon, as usual, likes to wear dresses with plunging neck lines that shows… err… nothing. She’s not well-endowed and wearing such dresses serve to emphasize her lack of boobs.

    Let’s wait and see if she does well in her personal life – like will she be able to set up a family. She’s no spring-chicken and time is running out for this old hag.

    She is not an intelligent woman – just watch her on I Will Not Harm You variety show where she kept saying, “Oh my gosh!”, cannot cook a decent, proper meal and sang horribly but thinks she’s so smart. The guys sniggered behind her back and joked, copying her “Oh my gosh!” exclamations.

    In short, she’s a disgraceful POS, a low life, a loser! 😀

    • This account is obviously the jealous Alice Phu account again using a different name for more vile, misogynistic vomit towards a successful woman who doesn’t even know or care such a pathetic person exists. YOU are the only disgraceful, low life loser here.

  12. Really happy for Kim So Yeon. I didn’t watch a single episode of Penthouse, but after looking her up, I found out that this is the same actress that truly impressed me with her role in IRIS over a decade ago and then found out that I watched her as the lead in Prosecutor Princess the following year and had no idea it was the same actress.

  13. @Halloo,
    I am sure that @AlicePhua’s comments are not directed at you but at KSY. Just take her comments at face value and not be sensitive as AP does not know you or that you are trying to conceive.

    I do agree that KSY likes to dress in plunging necklines and tight clinging gowns showing her butt cheeks and crack butt not only in that yellow canary gown but in most drama she’s on, especially Penthouse. It reeks of obscenity and vulgarness just to look at her figure that leaves nothing to imagination. Not everybody likes to see that.

    If you are trying to conceive, try to stay calm and not travel- it’s not good for the health to rush when trying for a baby. If you are western-oriented, visit a hospital offering fertility services and if you are Chinese-oriented, visit a TCM for Chinese herbs and advice.

    A HK TVB actress (she’s a diva in attitude and behaviour) avoided travelling and stayed at home most of the time for 2 years and managed to give birth to a baby girl. Once this is achieved, it’s easier to try for another baby which she did and within 2 years, she recently gave birth to a baby boy. She did the right thing in keeping her 2nd pregnancy low key -not telling everyone till delivery of baby.

    Above all, avoid stress and rushing. Good luck! 🙂

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