Ji Hyun Woo Takes Home the 2021 KBS Drama Award Daesang for Young Lady and Gentleman as Ceremony Shines with Many Stars in Attendance Winning Awards

The 2021 KBS Drama Awards was the surprising highlight for me of the three network ceremonies, there was so many of my faves in attendance and everyone looked great! Even the black dresses were uniquely cut so it wasn’t so boring, but most of the ladies took bigger fashion chances than the Korean actress contingent usually do. It was a surprise win of Ji Hyun Woo for the Daesang as he was the male lead of hit weekend drama Young Lady and Gentleman. KBS had more dramas than MBC but not as many hits as SBS but the presence of most of the stars who did a KBS drama showed up so it really made the ceremony sparkle. The top award winners are: Top Excellence went to Kim So Hyun for River Where the Moon Rises and Park Eun Bin in The King’s Affection on the actress side, while Lee Do Hyun in Youth of May and Cha Tae Hyun for Police University won for the actors. Next level Excellence Award was given to Jung Yong Hwa in Sell Your Haunted House and Kim Min Jae for Dali and the Cocky Prince and over to the actresses it was Go Min Si for Youth of May and Kwon Nara in Royal Secret Agent. There were 7 couples that won Best Couple and the screenwriter of Young Lady and Gentleman took home Best Writer.


Ji Hyun Woo Takes Home the 2021 KBS Drama Award Daesang for Young Lady and Gentleman as Ceremony Shines with Many Stars in Attendance Winning Awards — 41 Comments

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    • Absolutely.
      KSH is one of the few young actresses who don’t always stick to black and white gowns and safe bridal designs. I mean, she wears black & white or bridal-style dresses here and there, but most of the time, her fashion choices in red carpets are standouts. Case in point, the crop top & long skirt combo at Baeksang 2016, the purple dress for MBC Ent. Awards 2018, the stunning navy blue gown at Blue Dragon awards 2018, the red gown at KBS Award 2018, the yellow Miu Miu dress for the recent Baeksang awards, etc.).
      And here, the pink ball gown balances being princess-like and being fashion-forward at the same time, love it! So tastefully done, as always.
      I know I can always count on her to deliver exciting fashion choices during award season ?

      • Don’t forget the gorgeous gold dress at KBS Drama Awards 2016 and the black tube dress at MBC when presenting the best drama award with YSH. She’s quite popular for her red carpet style and fashion which is always varied and never boring.

      • *I meant red gown at KBS Awards 2019, not 2018

        @dunei Oh yes, the gold dress, combined with her makeup and hair that night, that’s one of my favorite red carpet looks of KSH, why did I forget to mention that lol ?

      • Now that you’ve mentioned it, I realized that KSH has already tried wearing gowns in all colors except green. It seems like she really loves giving us the variety not only through her fashion sense but also through her acting style. I’m excited to see another side of her in her next work.

    • She was stunning and big congratulations to RWTMR team for walking away with 4 awards. After everything they went through and almost getting cancelled they still managed to win big. Overall GATL, YOM, TKA and RWTMR were the big winners of the night. JHW was just as surprised as everyone when he won daesang and tbh nobody could have predicted that even knowing someone from the drama would win. Especially with all the acting criticism he got at the start.

    • What? Are my eyes deceiving me?
      She is as boring as the other one here and this black gown is a no no.
      She is pretty and the dresses is a let down

      • She wore 3 dresses. I only liked the light purple one. Other two I didn’t like much. I kinda wish they were not so big. I think her blue gown in blue dragon awards is the best. Also congratulations to her for winning 3 awards. Hope she will keep shining this year as well.

  2. I wonder why the k-celebs dont go all out in their fashion like the chinese celebs. I feel like the Korean celebs always go for the minimal look. Still, everyone does look really nice and elegant though, and the young faces are all fresh and adorable. Hope to see these young stars again in new dramas this year.

    • perhaps. knetz is different with cnetz. somehow i felt that k-actresses will be criticized and mocked if they wear extravaganza dresses like chinese celebrities dis

    • I prefer that they dont go all out. Besides, it’s not a fashion show but rather, an acting/cinematic awards night. Best for actors not to outshine that much, the rest of the people working behind the scenes (director, writer, etc)

  3. It was so looong with so many people winning 😀

    But I was happy for The King’s Affection, they won 6 awards!

    I would prefer Park Eun-Bin or Jang Nara for the daesang, their role being way more interesting and difficult.

    It was nice to see people together. With the covid, I missed it.

    • @ Sayaris ,agree with you for the Daesang, aside that KBS actresses were the best dressed from Park Eun Bin so pretty in his black dress to Park Gyu Young . Ji Hyn Woo is now a veteran actor but PEB, JN ‘s roles were more difficult and they performed well .

    • Agreed with Daesang choices. And I wonder how come JNR got no mentioned on nominees even? For PEB, i like her but she probably needs new stylist, like ASAP. Her dress, oh no.

  4. Kim Sohyun’s speech brought me to tears. She definitely deserved that Top Excellence after having to refilm everything and still able to give us a performance in par with expectations. Just imagine how exhausted she was it must have been very draining in all aspects especially Rwtmr has so many heavy parts but she gracefully skillfully handled that.
    Actually I felt tensed while reading the youtube comment section shouting for either her and PEB to win Daesang but it was given to another actor. Already expected that because I have been familiar on Kbs’s pattern with their grand prize. Anyhow, it shows that the girls have so many fans that love them. Nevertheless I enjoyed the show especially the interactions between the actors which made it more lively. The three MC did well too ????

    • Agreed on everything. KSH’s speech was so touching and genuine, I could feel how hard it had been for her. Both KSH and PEB hard-carried their dramas, played roles that are both physically and emotionally difficult, and they’re both so deserving. Would love to see either of them win the Daesang, but alas…

    • I was rooting for either of them to win Daesang, but after seeing the PEB vs KSH war in the YouTube comment section, I hoped that Daesang would go to another deserving actor. Neither of their fans would have been satisfied if one got it and the other didn’t. It would’ve possibly resulted in another fan war and the one who didn’t win would’ve gotten lots of undeserved hate.

      At least they both got popularity awards and top excellence. Shows how powerful their acting and fan bases are. I loved seeing both queens in the same frame, and squealed at their few interactions.

    • Oh seriously, why would they even deserve it with this year nomination. The ladies are great, I am sure but their work this year isn’t a daesang worthy. Youth of May and Police University should’ve win if there isn’t gent and young lady (although his acting isn’t great here either)

      It kinda sad that other network daesang wins with powerful acting and this one is a popularity contest.

      • That’s your opinion and I respect it. But I stand by mine. I have my own reasons why I said the two girls are deserving of it.

        And it is not the drama taking the daesang I am talking about. But the actors themselves, their skills, the way they carried themselves. Powerful acting? I think they have shown that. Which actor from YOM and Police University is deserving? Care to share please.

  5. Surprisingly, this was an impressive red carpet for a Korean event. KBS followed by SBS are had the best awards fashion this year IMHO.

    Still nothing compared to the fabulous Chinese red carpet events but at least we saw some colour and interesting fits.

    @Koala: Can we please have a Cdrama event post? Those ladies never disappoint.

  6. ji Hyun woo winning is ridiculous. It’s only because his weekend drama has high ratings because his acting ain’t it. It makes the Daesang win look cheap. There were so many superior performances by other actors on the channel that deserved the award. Many of the Top Excellence and Excellence Award winners delivered far better acting.

    • I haven’t seen that drama but I really like Ji Hyun Woo when he is in the right drama for him…I have never gotten over Queen Inhyuns Man. He was so excellent.

    • Yeah, I didn’t like Ji Hyun Woo’s role in YLAG, but he’s got the acting cred to boot. I am surprised he hasn’t won many awards for his acting because I do like watching him on screen. He’s gotten consistent work, but sadly, not the stand-out drama to catapult him into popularity again, compared to his other co-stars. Even Yoo In Na had MLFAS and Goblin.

  7. I have a good old laugh reading the comments. Those year end award shows are PR events promoting their channels. The results are highly rigged and pre-determined. The veteran getting the daesang means nothing. Just koreans respecting their seniors and dishing out token awards in company dinners. It’s like the sales team of the year did all the hard work but the team leader/CEO who did almost nothing but chairing boring meetings got the credit/limelight. Yet fans treat them like they’re the Oscars. Lol.

    • mostly stans who go berserk if their faves don’t win. out come expressions like “incredible micro-expressions” “out of this world charisma” and “jaw dropping emotional range” how dare they didn’t win. if only they know how the real world works.

    • Even the oscars aren’t that fair , if not Di caprio would have get more than just one , and Johnny Depp ? We know that theses tv awards aren’t important , but it’s like for the kids . They like to receive a ribbon from the teacher . It’s just that , nothing more nothing less . It’s solely entertainment . It doesn’t cost us a thing .

  8. Ecstatic for Ji Hyun Woo’s win. He’s been such a consistent actor in the industry for almost 18 years now. Loved him in Becoming a Billionaire and Queen In Hyun’s Man. In his 20s, he was very good at playing the smart/clever characters with his charm. When I think of the early second generation hallyu stars, I think of him and Yoon Eun Hye.

    Really felt like after his military service, his career slowed down. Even though YLAG is not my drama, I’m glad it’s so popular in Korea. Don’t sleep on Hyun Woo Korea, he will get his next big drama hit.

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