Junho and Yoona Cast in Rom-com K-drama King the Land by the Same Production Company as The Red Sleeve Cuff

Squeeeeee, a same gen idol-actor combo that sounds so perfect paired up now! K-ent is reporting that Junho and Yoona are cast in a rom-com K-drama together, probably one of those SM-JYP stan pairings from a decade ago but who cares that’s its taken this long to happen as long as it’s happening. He’s in 2PM and she’s of course a SNSD center and we’ve got both doing so well in dramas and movies and generally meeting onscreen at this current career pinnacle. The drama is called King the Land and the name refers to the coveted VIP room at the King Hotel where Junho is the capable chaebol heir turned company President and where Yoona works as a cheerful hotel employee. Sure this sounds like sooooooo basic in terms of a K-drama rom-com plot but if these two accepted I’m guessing there is either layers or it sounds like a fun harmless romp for them as a change of pace. It’s from the production company behind The Red Sleeve Cuff with the script from the screenwriter of All of Us are Dead.


Junho and Yoona Cast in Rom-com K-drama King the Land by the Same Production Company as The Red Sleeve Cuff — 63 Comments

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  2. While this does sound interesting, I am a bit confused about the “SM stan pairing” part since Junho is from 2PM, who were under JYP. SNSD and 2PM did have a lot of CFs and matchups in the past tho (who can forget Taecyeon and Jessica’s dating) so this will be a good drama coupling for sure.

      • Me too. Nothing about her excites me. Blah acting, blah visuals. And she’s got one of those goody goody faces that just grates on the nerves.

      • Ditto with the very bland Visual. I read a comment before that she looks like Olive Oyl from Popeye’s and everytime I see Yoona I’m immediately reminded of her.

      • for me, K2 is one of Yoona best performances. so if you find her bland there, her acting might be just not your style it means you do expect the worst.

      • Have you watched the movie EXIT? Yoona is good in it. Not really her fan. But if you want to trash her acting, you better watch more of her recent works instead of referring to her older performances. People improve with time you know!

      • Sure, Kelly. You’re “not really her fan.” Yet you’re so butt-hurt by someone’s opinion about her (which they’re entitled to, btw) that you just had to defend her. ?

        And missjb, no one really takes you seriously on this site so… take a hike, girl.

      • Kelly,

        I feel like it’s a bit ridiculous to tell someone they need to continue watching a performer they DON’T ENJOY in their future work… just so they can comment on that specific past performance. Where’s the logic in that?

        Taste varies- some people dislike Shin Se Kyung but I like her fine. I’d never tell them they are wrong about something that’s essentially just a personal opinion.

        Yoona’s acting (to me) is skim milk- flavorless and without any weight. Give me Kim Seul Gi as a main lead any day.

    • The blandest ones of them. Even the stepmother is better than her. And basically many people are criticizing Yoona’s role in K2

  3. So darn excited for this!!!
    I’ve been hoping they’d do a drama since their senorita performance but didn’t expect one so soon!!!!
    Junho as a chaebol I can’t wait ♥

  4. I’m not sure about the writer… didn’t really like All of us are dead and rom com’s are difficult to write well…
    But if nothing else, at least we’ll have hours upon hours of two gorgeous people to ogle at lol
    I’m looking forward to seeing Junho in a comedy as male lead. He was brilliant in Chief Kim and always brings out the best in his co-star

  5. Like that, the story doesn’t look interesting. Of course, the ML is the chaebol and the FL is the employee…

    The acting, the directing, the chemistry will be the factors to make it a good romcom or not.

  6. From a career standpoint I think this is a great choice by Junho. He’s in the right age to do a hallyu-bait romcom. He has all the time afterwards to take on gritty or deep roles like TRS and JBL after he’s (hopefully) cemented his popularity even further in SK and secured an international kdrama fanbase. While his intl idol fans intersect somewhat with general kdrama fans, they are still a small group. I am rooting for this drama and hoping it gets picked up by Netflix.

    • “Hallyu bait” is a good way to term this. Exactly what I thought when I saw the genre and casting but I didn’t know the right term.

      An actors script choices says a lot about their career aspirations.

      • Yup! He needs to strike while the iron is hot and build on his career momentum to launch himself to the international scale. Popularity is an unreliable thing but a dedicated fanbase, especially a hallyu one, helps massively in maintaining longevity.
        And who knows, maybe the script is actually good? We’ve seen how not all screenwriters with successful previous dramas have managed to duplicate their success in recent productions. The writer might surprise us.

    • Junho is always ambitious to begin with.
      If I look at him, I am strangely reminded of Naruto, that’s why I want to root for him.

      He hinted his desire to go to Cannes at Radio star. That’s why I thought he would choose movies , but that kind of project may not come to him yet.

      • He probably have the ambition to go to Oscar or Cannes since Cold Eyes or after his experience in Toronto Film Festival.

        He said he has written a song for it, which is the song Nobody Else which was initially released by 2pm in 2015.

  7. The plot sounds dumb, but romcoms don’t succeed on strength of plot. Both leads are popular so that should be a good start.

  8. Now that I’ve watched Lee Junho’s previous works, I am sure there is more to this story. Considering all the best scripts were passed to him after TRS I believe he chose his next project veeerryyy wisely and he does have an eye for great albeit not always “popular” projects. Obviously by this step he is widening his audience especially the International one. I’m excited honestly and will watch it for his acting alone because I fell in love with it in The Red Sleeve.

    • Or maybe the chance to kiss, sorry I mean, act with Yoona no matter how basic the drama plot, was too good to pass up. From what I’ve heard, all the 2PM blokes allegedly have a huge crush on her. Beats me why, though. She’s blander than cardboard.

      • Business Proposal was very basic as well and the main lead acting was horrible but it was still popular. Sometimes a light and cliche plot is what people want. I loved The Red Sleeve and its now my all time favourite but would I rather watch something like it anytime soon? No it was heavy, I want something light as well but with good acting and that’s what this drama is. And its not nice to assume things of people. Maybe he did have a crush on Yoona but that was like what 14 years ago?! The man is 32 years old, he’s probably already dating someone else for all we know. This is small minded thinking.

  9. rom coms r the popular genre nowadays. maybe both lee jun ho and lee se young r emotionally exhausted with red sleeve, thats why they r taking roms coms as their next projects. funny thing is that they r both paired with each others exes (junho-yoona) and (seunggi-seyoung)

  10. I’m still bummed about Wok of Love/Greasy Melo which had my favorite cast and pairing. Hope this one turns out better. Nice that Junho is switching it up and doing something lighter. He can be versatile. Not a fan of Yoona but I understand the hallyu bait appeal.

  11. Junho riding his hype high i see. This drama seems like a perfect follow up to Red Sleeve as a way to cement his status as a romantic leading man. I mean handsome, troubled chaebol in desperate need of a beautiful, joyfull woman to ‘save him’ from his misery? Yep people will it this up.

    Also Yoona is easily most in demend actress in Korea right now, she has how many projects coming up? Movie with Hyun Bin, another one with Ahn Bo Hyun, Drama with Lee Jong Suk , now this project with Junho. Plus she just got nominated for best actress for Miracle at Baeksang Awards. Shes really winning right now.

  12. Chaebol drama will never get old. Both actors have well developed acting craft, I think this is going to be good. Junho is one of those actors who can deliver a profound interpretation of a character. So I am curious.

    I am currently watching Junho drama Confession. His portrayal of the character is very impressive. The character feels so real.

    I hope this drama turns out well. It’s probably be aired early 2023.

  13. I’m pretty sure Junho will do well. Yoona’s role doesn’t seem to be too demanding. I’m just super curious to see how this pair will pan out. Not too worried about the plot bc the silliest one can turn into rainbows and unicorns if no 1 the chemistry is adorably cute, no 2 a strong supporting cast and no 3 Junho himself contribute a heart stirring romantic ballad as part of the OST.

  14. the plot sounds so cringe and I’m not a fan of Yoona’s acting. However, I’m excited to see LJH in a romcom so I guess this will do

  15. Chemistry is very important in a rom com . So i’ll see . But i never clicked with Yoona’s acting . I feel the same with Krystal . In Crazy love she is so bland and she has zero chemistry with Kim Jae Wook . Still don’t understand why KJW choose this drama ? He had great chemistry with Park Min Young, Moon Geun Young , even with Yoon Eun Hye in is guest apparence in Fun Restaurant ! At least , Junho and yoona are about the same age …it may work .

    • Yoona has good chemistry with Lee Beum Soo in Prime Minister and I. I think he will be fine with Jun Ho who also can create chem with his female lead. I think it matters about the script and director who allow them to create good chemistry

      • Yeah, of course the commenter with the wildest takes on here will say she had chemistry with her co-star in Prime Minister drama.

      • yoona, song hye kyo, and jisoo…..your taste in good acting and chemistry is….questionable to put it nicely.

      • I don’t get why you can’t have your opinion can’t be different or in minority? does having minority opinion make us less credible?

        I just think she can has chemistry. not saying she can act like thespian.more over, romantic shallow comedy doesn’t required nuance performances btw…

      • @missjb No one said you can’t have an opinion that doesn’t align with the majority, but you can’t deny that some things are just objective. For example, if SHK and Jisoo’s acting resonated with you, then great, but that is something subjective. You can subjectively like their acting without deluding yourself that they’re good actresses, because let’s face it they’re objectively not good actresses. I remember you also said Kim Nam Gil has no range, and I just… I mean, come on, no matter how you feel about his acting, it’s an OBJECTIVE FACT that man is a great actor, is versatile, and definitely has range. One only needs to watch The Great Queen Seondeok to see the range I’m talking about. He can make me laugh so much that my stomach is hurting in one scene, and then make me cry bucket of tears in the next scene. THAT is range.
        So my main point is, it’s okay that you like so and so’s acting, but don’t try to convince other people that some objectively bad actor/actress is good, because that’s just a bad take and will only get you laughed at

      • Kim Nam Gil in Shark and bad guy is really lackluster performances. not dure if he is improved since I’ve never seen he act after that. I need to watvh through the darkness first.

        And how can you call Jisoo is bad meanwhile she can emote like pro in her first leading role? not every acctress can emote that well in their first leading roles. Her body language is also so good potraying the vulnerability of her character. Noted That I was expecting myself would mocked her, but end up getting it wrong. I don’t need to validated my opinion based on majority opinion. I can judge with my own eyes.

        I also can eat my words like how well Ahn Hyo Seop in ABP and Kim Woo Bin in UF potraying their character despite I had doubt their ability before.

    • You can see preview of their chemistry in their 2021 gayo performance. It’s part of the reason why people are excited about this pairing. They even got hate from jealous sandeok shippers because of that dance ?

      • Though I am a Sandeok fan, I never felt jealous of Yoona-Junho Senorita performance.

        I even said instagram was his & it was his choice to upload photos when fandom made a fuss .

        Later I finally understood how fandom must feel when I talked about this with my friend ( she was never RS fan )

        She gave me a scenario.
        ‘Your friend go outside with you and other friend on the same day , but she upload only the photo with other friend on her instagram. Would you be angry?’

        Junho uploaded photo of MBC Gayo with Yoona first before the photos of MBC Drama Award though ‘Drama Award’ was held one day before.

        That’s why RS Fandom felt betrayed.

        This was just a silly quabble.
        All was resolved after he uploaded photos at MBC award.

      • Your friend’s “explanation” makes no sense, just sounds like a pathetic excuse tbh
        The shippers that attacked him are delusional and can’t differentiate between fiction and reality
        They project all their fantasies onto the female lead and feel personally betrayed when Junho doesn’t act like the fictional character in real life
        It’s dumb as all hell

    • As if missjib is the queen of acting and performance. The KNG whom she said is bad, won a Daesang for his role in Fiery Priest, SBS and is in the running for the Best Male Actor for Baeksang. And the fact that he is a gem in Live Up to Your Name. Meanwhile where her favourites? Condemned left and right for their “wonderful” acting in Snowdrop,NWABU and K2.

  16. Miss Koala, I don’t if u overlooked it or sumn, but it’s been confirmed that
    Jung Ilwoo & Yuri are reuniting for a romcom too. ^__^

  17. Never got Yoona’s appeal be it for her visuals or her acting skills. She is so bland. Plus she barely has any hit drama. I hope junho’s momentum doesn’t gets halted by it. Have lots of expectations from him after trs.

  18. Oh dear, I hope yoona doesn’t derail his shine at this point.. Even though she was good in exit but her acting in K2 was so bland that everyone stated shipping the male lead with the older female villain.

    • I thought I was weird for shipping JCW and SYA’s characters in K2, but I’m glad I’m not the only one, lol. Despite the age gap, their chemistry was insane! I’ve only seen Yoona in Confidential Assignment and K2 and yes, she is quite bland from what I’ve seen. She’s cute, but I feel like she’s got no personality? Anyway…hopefully her chemistry with JunHo in their “Senorita” dance spills over to this new romcom of theirs!

      • We were many that shipped them.
        SOng Yoon Ah owned every scene she was in.Exactly the opposite than Yoona. I do not have doubts about Junho s acting ability but I m not sure if pairing with Yoona will help him. I saw the ‘ senorita” dance but did not feel any chemistry . For me Junho had the best chemistry with Won Jin Ain “rain or shine”. Wish him good luck on his new project

      • Lord help me – yall need to go watch some actual Latinos dancing to judge what’s hot because that Senorita dance these two attempted is NOT it.

        Yoona is even more cringe than Camilla Cabello and I didn’t think that was possible. The girl is a bland Betty.

  19. I have watched mbs senorita dance. Yoona has a great body, suppleness and incredible flexibility. Sadly she lacks emotional intensity, sensuality and a personality to carry out a Latin inspired dance. Dancing is part of acting out a persona. Telling a story thru dancing. To me, she’s just going through the routine coldly. Minimal eye engagement with dance partner Junho. A dancing judge would give her a 5/10. In comparison I find more fireworks, sizzle, sexiness and chemistry oozing out of Nadia Lim doing a salsa. She’s NZ Masterchef winner dancing to Joan Jett I Love Rock and Roll with her dance partner Aaron Gilmore in Dancing with the stars nz. It’s a damning indictment when an amateur dancer can emote better than Yoona who years of more dancing experience. One can watch the clip at https://vimeo.com/338515487.

    • OMG, this….. I have no words. Yoona bested by a chef eh? ROTFL. I read that Nadia was breastfeeding her baby backstage before doing her routine in the show each week.

    • Lol no shes not. Objectively , she is mediocre in melodramas but shines in rom coms. Thats why her most succesful roles that are praised by critics are roles with comedic aspect, like Exit or Miracle. Thats why i feel she will do really good in this drama,especially paired with Junho.

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