Netflix Drops Pictorial with Four Leads of Hit tvN Fantasy Sageuk Alchemy of Souls with Lee Jae Wook, Jung So Min, Minhyun, and Shin Seung Ho

Dang, not only is this drama doing well domestically it’s also rocking on Netflix which has streaming rights. For the week of June 26th Alchemy of Souls reached 10th worldwide which is quite a feat considering it’s a sageuk which has less immediate lure than a modern show. I’m pleased to see Netflix actually promoting it with tweets and now also a gorgeous spread with four leads Lee Jae Wook, Minhyun, Jung So Min, and Shin Seung Ho. Everyone is acting their roles so well but the leads Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min are especially standouts for the range they are delivering so far just four episodes in. Pathos and pretend are how they survive and yet their real emotions still seep out because they are just still kids and broken ones at that. I love their symbiotic relationship and can’t wait to see it grow stronger and more layered in coming episodes.


Netflix Drops Pictorial with Four Leads of Hit tvN Fantasy Sageuk Alchemy of Souls with Lee Jae Wook, Jung So Min, Minhyun, and Shin Seung Ho — 14 Comments

  1. It’s kinda fun to watch because of the Mu deok and Uk dynamic. At first, I didn’t really know if the whole feel of the drama will work but surprisingly it came out great. I think changing the female lead is a good call because it looks like this was really expensive to make and if the female lead can’t deliver then it all goes to waste but they should have been nicer to the other actress.
    Anyways, everybody looks great. Minhyun has that too nice and perfect guy vibe going on. Congrats to the cast and crew!!!❤

    • JungSoMin is really doing great in her performance with dual character. She is the director’s choice it means she is really a good actress aside from being so pretty and attractive.

  2. Not sure about the team dynamics with the original female lead that JSM replaced last year, but glad that this casting worked out. LJW has great timing as an actor, in both his comedic and dramatic scenes.

  3. Wow UK is TALL! Saw him first as support actor in
    COME TO ME WHEN THE WEATHER IS NICE. He was’t really good looking there to me but he had comedic flair. Definitely ALCHEMY is to await for each week

  4. Wrong..saeguk has been nailing the rating charts since The Red Sleeve this year. Even the just completed Bloody Heart has a 8.9/9 rating.

      • The King’s Affection did very well on Netflix. It got in the top 10 of Netflix when it was airing. It was on the most viewed Kdramas on Netflix for 2021.

      • King’s Affection is doing well for Netflix, as for saeguk’s performance, it perform better than most, if not some better than modern dramas.

      • True. TKA made it to the worldwide top 10 watch rank and definitely topped the viewers list in many Asian countries. It was my most anticipated kdrama then.

  5. Personally, I’m not convinced by LJW and JSM’s chemistry yet. Their characters are funny together. But Yul and Naksu’s conversations are still my favourite ones for now.

  6. ML actor is nailing his role. I’m so impressed with his acting, even in fight scenes he delivered. Surprised to find out he was born in 1998. Boy is young, it means he still has quite a few years before military enlistment. Wish him the best!

  7. Congratulations to the cast ‘ this is amazing k drama ‘ I love the lead role of LJk and JSM both of their eyes are impressive even by just looking each other you can feel the chemistry and the humour of their character is great’ over all its a great fantasy,friendship and love conquering and quest for greatness’ highly recommend on this drama. I will keep watching until the end.

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