Yumi’s Cells 2 Sets Up Two Ex-boyfriends Vying for Her Heart Starting in Episode 11 with Four More Episodes to go

Chingus! I’m so shook! Like, I love both guys for Yumi and I know my heart will break for one (or both) but at the same time happy with whatever choice Yumi makes (either guy or herself). This is the magic of Yumi’s Cells 2, with the second season continuing the wonderful storytelling of the first season with a new male lead and romance that never makes the viewer feel like it’s second best rather that it’s different. That’s what life is, each experience/love/journey should be taken at its own rather than comparing and I love what Yumi had with Woong AND I love what Yumi had with Babi. Even more impressive is that I agreed with her decision to break up/stay broken up with both and now episode 10 brings it all back on the table but with new facts. Sometimes timing is the key factor and could Yumi and Woong work best in round 2 now that he’s not a poor struggling game developer, or is it Yumi and Babi as he hopefully has used the breakup to figure out his latent emotional triggers. And I can’t write about Yumi’s Cells without pouring praise on Kim Go Eun, she is so amazing in her performance still and it feels like we watched her grow onscreen as a real young woman with dreams, hopes, insecurities, weaknesses, and evolving strength. She is just PERFECTION and washes away some of her prior lackluster drama/character picks that didn’t work for me.


Yumi’s Cells 2 Sets Up Two Ex-boyfriends Vying for Her Heart Starting in Episode 11 with Four More Episodes to go — 19 Comments

  1. KGE is really great in this role.

    But I didn’t like Woong’s comeback, for me, he’s the past. It doesn’t make sense he’s coming after so long and so different.

    I didn’t like the break-up with Ba-Bi, it was so sudden.

    At this point, I’m not sure I want her to be in a couple anymore.

  2. Not a fan of season 2’s writing. Babi’s character has great qualities, but I felt emotionally disconnected from him. I wonder if it is:
    1. the acting
    2. the fact that we only see glimpses of Babi’s cell
    3. chemistry between the leads

    Also, season 2 reveals a lot of Yumi’s negative qualities that irked me, I found her defensive reaction to Control Z’s questions unprofessional. Also, I found it difficult to empathise her breakup with Ba-bi, I felt the conflict was something that they could have worked out.

    • I’m glad we got to see more of her negative qualities, she’s a human being, not a perfect angel so why not. And her initial scenes with Control Z were too real, we all have that person that just irks us and we feel like we need to save face in front of them. She didn’t handle it the best eventually but now they are good friends and work together quite well. She’s better than me in that aspect lol

  3. I cant for the life of me watch Yumi’s Cell because the new bf’s name in my language is BABI= Pig. I know I should just watch the drama for the story itself but the name is just so bothersome and distracting.

    • You sound like some Americans who get triggered because of a certain Korean word. Which one is worse gets triggered by some words because of ignorance of the world or faith?

      • I am Asian btw and what’s your problem if I couldn’t watch the drama because the ML name carries a certain meaning in my language. I can understand that Babi probably carries a beautiful meaning in korean or in other language and in no way did my earlier comment that I disrespected it. It’s just on my part, I can’t get into the right emotion knowing that “Babi” is pig in my language and that’s basically aside from being humourous, also generally a cuss word in my country. Hows that ignorant? Oh, because you belong to those absorb in you “woke” culture.

    • Stop looking at babi
      Stop listening at babi
      Stop thinking of babi
      Stop calling yourself Alexa
      Above all Stop dictating people’s taste
      It is a Christian name/kafir name

      • Lol. So what you are doing now is not patronizing by asking me to stop at whatever related to Yumi’s Cell and Babi? Are you not dictating my taste here?

        This is the problem with woke feminist. Can’t accept opinion and honest answer or any conversation that not aligned with theirs.

        Anyway, I cant stop calling myself Alexa because that’s my birth name despite not being a Christian. That’s my name registered in birth cert and appeared in passport.

      • @Alexa I get your pov and feeling. I speak the language too. Many Westerners don’t understand our psyche when the INTENT is not malicious or biased. I remember being cussed at in primary school since day one with that word just bc of my skin colour and race. So it’s natural for others to not comprehend our life journey. Same as every time an Aussie/Kiwi said “barbie” short for bbq. Or when a Cantonese person called Ah Fook is mentioned, the Westerners will have a field day laughing over it or making fun of Polynesian surnames of Cantonese Chinese ancestry like Ah Kau (dog).

    • Lol at the answers to your comments. I didnt watch this drama either. Just want to know what kind of story it is. And ‘Babi’ got my attention too. Lol. I got your point and your jokes bcuz probably we speak the same language but the others, lol… baperan.

      • Glad someone can understand what I commented about. The comment was never made with malicious intention. There are few k-dramas that have names which carry certain meaning in my (and perhaps yours too) language like Ha-Ram, Saya, Susu but they are not particularly bothersome as Babi for me to get into the feel, esp for romance dramas.

    • Just read it with space like Ba Bi and read it with english so it will sound like ba by instead. I am Indonesian too and for me pig is something that haram. But I know that Ba Bi in here not equals with pig. Come on, don’t underestimate our brain capacity to do a simple task like that

  4. I agreed with Emmy on the breakup with Bobby. It was so sudden I cant relate to that since Bobby is so handsome, kind understanding and all what a dream boyfriend could be. But maybe Yumi is thinking ahead to what could have happen if the feelings grow / if Bobby stayed in Jeju, his earthquake could turn into love.
    Anyway I didnt like Woong as his pride cell is the prime cell not like Yumi. Her love cell is the prime cell hence she has bigger heart and only purpose was to find happiness.

    Hope they will bring season 3 cant wait what the 5th and final guy in Yumi’s life will bring

  5. I’d prefer her to meet another guy . Woong is the past and his pride cost him the break up . Babi is a cool guy but his “betrayal” will make Yumi doubt from time to time …???

    • I dont remember which episode I stop watching this season 2. Not sure if its the lack in chemistry, writing or/and acting, but I dont feel that interested & invested compared with season 1.

      • I’m still watching but I don’t think KGE and JY had any chemistry and that and making Babi such a blank made that whole relationship fall flat. I wasn’t invested like I was with Woong and Yumi in S1.

  6. I love Woong but not for Yumi, I’m glad he learned to put aside his pride but I want them both to move on. Babi…if Da Eun had not left and his developing crush and attraction to her continued to grow, hmm I wonder. On top of that, there will be many more Da Eun’s for a guy like Babi…I think people forget that Yumi’s ex before Woong messed her up badly when he left her for another woman with little remorse (he basically cheated on her based on how he dumped her). If the way Babi handled Da Eun issue by lying is something that she knew would always bother her and affect her trust in him, then there is no point in continuing the relationship in her mind and I can respect that.

    I’m curious to see if Yumi will come to the conclusion whether she truly trusts Babi or not to be faithful once they get past the longing phase and the reason why they broke up comes up. I don’t see her getting back with Woong either, she seems to see him only as an acquaintance or potential friend.

    Honestly, I don’t want her with either of them and want her to move on, learn from these two relationships, meet someone new (yes, him even though it might feel rushed) and be happy in life. Anyway, I have to say that overall this season was weaker than season 1 and the pacing has not been the best. I don’t care for Babi but if he’s back, he needs an episode that’s a deep dive into his cells and true psyche like we’ve had with Woong. It’s a must if they have him end up with Yumi and don’t want most viewers to feel like she settled.

  7. Also have to add the scene with Yumi and the love cell after her breakup with Babi was amazing and very emotional..Many kudos to KGE, director, the voice actors and the VFX team!!

  8. You just nailed everything I love about this drama! I never liked KGE before, but she is just everything and then some as Yumi!!!! LOVE HER SO MUCH! So excited to see what season 3 brings!

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