Lee Jung Jae and Kim Go Eun Win Best Acting at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards with D.P. Taking Best Drama

A new K-awards show debuted this week, with the Blue Dragon Awards branching out from their movie exclusive perch to launch the 1st annual Blue Dragon Series Awards feting the best of television. This year the big winners were primarily streaming dramas with Lee Jung Jae winning Best Actor for Squid Game and D.P. taking home Best Drama. Kim Go Eun won Best Actress for Yumi’s Cells which aired on tvN and simul-streamed on TVing with the second season being only a streaming drama. Other winners included Lee Hak Joo as Best Supporting Actor for Wavve drama Political Fever and Kim Shin Rok as Best Supporting Actress in Hellbound. Jung Ho Yeon picked up another Best New Actress Award for Squid Game with hilariously Koo Kyo Hwan taking Best New Actor for D.P. And the popularity awards went to Jung Hae In, Han Hyo Joo, Daniel Choi, Lee Yong Jin, Park Jae Chan, and Park Seo Ham.


Lee Jung Jae and Kim Go Eun Win Best Acting at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards with D.P. Taking Best Drama — 27 Comments

  1. There’s someone who’s noticeably gained weight.. should not have chosen that dress, it emphasises her flaws. Structured gown and bold colours (even black) will be better. It will distract the attention.

    On the other hand Kim Go-eun looks soooo good. So sleek and fresh. And the one with green dress also looks so good. Others are as usual black and white.

  2. What is this awards show? Is it supposed to be prestigious or just whoever shows up gets a trophy?

    Some of these dramas like Yumi and Happiness are also simulcast on cable channels too?

  3. btw do awards still pay attention to OST’s? There was a time when ost’s used to complement the drama and create buzz, and also win awards. Lately I don’t see that.

    • Baeksang do but it has to be extraordinary because it’s competing against technical parts of the drama like cinematography, musical score & others.

      The upcoming Seoul Drama Awards which includes international drama entries has specific award for OST where fans can participate in the selection by voting.

      How come this Bluedragon series awards has less recognition for outstanding works like Best Director and Best Screenwriter and there two many popularity awards?

  4. Miss Koala, i am sorry but you are wrong. Please make a correction that this new award show is exclusively for OTT not for tv shows.

  5. lee jung jae’s suit look taxky but kudos to him for wearing something that is not black/white. However, he should get something that flaunt his figure cuz the suit really looks like something that he got at the very last minute before the show.

    I like the dress that the female lead from the zombie drama was wearing. The unnie from SG kinda rocked the green dress too

  6. I am crushing on Im Shi Wan’s wavy hair look. Soo dreamy

    Kim GoEun and Ahn Bo hyun looks soo cute together. Eventhough Han Hyo Joo didn’t win Best Actress for Happiness she is still awesome in that drama.

  7. I was so happy for D.P. This drama was really great. Jung Hae-In and Ahb Bo-Hyun took pictures together, during the promotion of My Name, ABH really showed love for D.P.

    I was hoping for picture with KGE and JHI, they were so cute in Tune in For Love.

    KGE is great as Yumi, I’m happy she won!

    I still think that Kim Nam-gil should have won for Through the Darkness. He was so good in this drama.

    • KNG was so good but someone else was better. I love his works too and for sure he’ll win for his next best works.

      • Except I don’t agree, neither Lee Jung-Jae, neithe Lee Jun-Ho were better than him. His performance in Through The Darkness was so subtile and strong. It’s just that his drama did less buzz, it’s all.

      • I don’t think he can win against Lee Junho performance in The Red Sleeve but I thought he had a chance against Lee Junjae.

        Yes, I do understand if you don’t agree with the results but to me KNG always delivers and his piece will always get nominated. It’s just a matter of good timing for him to win the big award.

    • I think nobody is better other Nominees because they performed in different genres.
      It is about personal favorites.

      Both popularity award and Acting category are chosen by voting system.

      If he is fans favorite, he will win popularity award.
      If he is critics favorite, he will win the acting award.

      It is as simple as that.

      Not only the nominees also some who ‌were not nominated have excellent performances and good performances are recognized by viewers.

      • You’re very naive if you think that the critics are completely objective. Squid game was overated, it didn’t deserve the half of their awards. It’s good for the team and the actors, but objectively, it wasn’t so good.

      • Hope you know that these awards are for only OTT original dramas; e.g.
        Through The Darkness – SBS Play (simultaneously aired with SBS)
        Squid Game – Netflix
        Yumi’s Cell – Tving
        Tracer- Wavve (aired one hour later in MBC)

        The Red Sleeve – MBC (not an OTT orig)
        2125 – TvN (not an OTT orig)

        On a side note; I wonder why none from Ordinary Days made to the final nominees.

  8. That’s a mystery to me:
    So much bold fashion in dramas,
    so much boring fashion on red carpets.

    It’s seems like a correlation.
    Do korean drama stylists sign a NDA to not use the same quality on red carpets or are they altogether exclusive working for dramas only.

  9. Kim Nam Gil 😭😭😭 performance was great . The others too but this time he was above . He didn’t play a profiler he was a profiler . Kim Go Eun did a good job as Yumi .

    • Not voting for him should be considered as a crime! There was no better performance than his performance in TTD. It’s sad the drama didn’t make so mcuh buzz.

      • His performance was flawless all along the drama and his co lead was good too . The others performances that impressed me too this year were from all the My liberation diary ‘s cast . Off of topic but Netflix killed my favourite Jane Austen’s novel . How could they change the nature of Anne Elliot ? Sorry but Anne isn’t a Julia Quinn heroine . No offence to Julia Quinn’s readers .

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