C-ent Abuzz with Allegation that Wang Yibo is the Kept Man of a Recently Indicted Rich Chinese Company Executive and His Agency Releases Formal Statement Denying All Rumors and Vowing to Take Legal Action

Can C-ent calm the f*&k down with all these scandals and reveals and whatnot. I’m sure there is a heck ton going on behind the scenes but for all these juicy reveals one after another it’s like a race to the bottom. A day after Li Yi Feng‘s arrest and news about solicitation another C-actor is caught up in rumors of prostitution. This time it’s Wang Yibo and he’s not accused of soliciting a prostitute but being one himself. The allegation is that he’s available to rich men and climbed up to the ranks that way and for the last few years has been the exclusive kept man for one rich company executive Mr. Li in particular. Mr. Li was recently revealed to be under investigation for the past 9 months and recently indict by the Beijing authorities for financial, moral, and political improprieties and from that investigation it was revealed he was using his investment in Alibaba to pick out good looking young actors and give them opportunities in Alibaba owned brand CFs and invested movie/drama projects in exchange for sexual favors. A C-ent insider claims that Wang Yibo is one of Mr. Li’s kept actors and that’s why he’s done so many projects that are Alibaba adjacent. Wang Yibo’s fans have gone on a tear trying to accuse other top actors of being kept and also denying its Wang Yibo. His agency also released a statement denying all these rumors and vowing to take strong legal action against anyone spreading these rumors.


C-ent Abuzz with Allegation that Wang Yibo is the Kept Man of a Recently Indicted Rich Chinese Company Executive and His Agency Releases Formal Statement Denying All Rumors and Vowing to Take Legal Action — 47 Comments

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  2. That rumor feels made up. That one I won’t bite. But I won’t bet anything on it not being true either.

    The only Chinese star I will vouch for is Wu Lei. I get a good vibe from him. Something tells me he pays extra on his taxes.lol

    • Love your comment on Wu Lei…this kid never took shortcuts and just diligently climb his way up… I do love how he is not another skinny and super white face actor…

      As for Wang Yibo…who ever he dates is his problem.. and if they want to accuse him…they better have evidence. This guy will not be pull of the industry so easily.

  3. Far out. Can the C- netizens just go to work and do some normal shopping instead of being addicted online?

    I don’t need to know all these.

  4. C-ent is one messy place to be, tbh. But his fans went bat crazy indeed, as they apparently joined the mess and attempted to circumvent the melon away from him. The original melon was that of a 3 character name, an actor with support from Alibaba and has movies all about to be released. All these describe him, but it is a melon so heresay only. Here comes his fans. The original melon texts were altered and replaced with Xiao Zhan and another one with Gong Jun, who both have 2 character name so it can’t be. On top of this, they released altered photos of Xiao Zhan and his make up artist and claimed that it is Xiao Zhan who has a boyfriend and the make up artist is his boyfriend. Well, Xiao Zhan’s fans pulled the orignal photos and showed that guy is indeed his permanent make up artist. I also saw on weibo that Wang Yibo fans made fun of Xiao Zhan for having a belly in a photo they pulled of Xiao Zhan exercising. The belly in question was his 6 pack. Funny sh*t, coz who doesn’t know where the belly is. All these to throw the melon into nothingness. WYB was on #1 hot search on weibo yesterday but it is gone now. This melon already went away.

  5. Koala did you see the news about Zhang Han behavior ?? About him touching his co-star Wang xiao cheng breast??

    The video shocked me. No way it was an accident, they even let the drama air the scene. To make things worse He is also the writer and producer of the drama….

  6. Lol the CCP has been after Alibaba for years, they disappeared the CEO Jack Ma then forced him to retire. Who knows if Alibaba are corrupt or the CCP is feeling threatened.

    I see this as a warning from the CCP if you have ties with Alibaba you going to get taken down.

    • Lmao what is this attempt to whitewash Alibaba? Any country will react as China does when a huge corporate with suspicious overseas interactions tries to manipulate the country’s economy.

      And Alibaba still has huge influence in C-ent, the actors who has its investments get good projects easily like Wang Yibo, Yi Yang Qianxi, Zhu Yilong and Gong Jun.

  7. Too desperate for click, Koala?

    Not a fan but as someone who follows C-ent closely, this kind of ‘rumors’ are many to many actors. Most are just rumors without prove whatsoever. So better to share it responsibly or else you should just change your blog to become just melon blog posting all sorts of 🍉 that are no different than those yxh accounts on weibo 🙂

    • Being following this blog for over 10 years and she always had those type of news about Chinese and Korean entertainment business. Nothing new. And sometimes rumors pan out. she is keeping us in the know of what is going on in chinese entertaintment. She didn’t say it was true. she said this is what is happening.

      • Nah. As someone who claimed to be her follower reader for 10 years, you should be aware that she wasn’t into C-ent news that much (don’t mixed it with her Taiwanese entries here) especially for the last 4 years. Always Korean news and that too, not about reporting unfounded melons of k-ent. But seems like recently she doesn’t get that much clicks for her K-entries and now switching to c-ent for the last couple of months lol.

      • People have lost taste to Korean news & dramas. Chinese news are much juicier nowadays. This is Entertainment!! Get on with the show.

    • Exactly, I missed those days when she posted her reviews and people commented, debated; now her posts are all about Cnets rumors without facts, like those Cnets bloggers with their melons, I bet she should change her blog title. Surprisingly she is a lawyer and works or law office but doesn’t she know spreading those rumors like this are not right and can be sued🤷‍♀️

  8. I wouldn’t put this past him. Yuehua denied this but they also denied Meng Meiqi being a Xiao San and Ren Hao’s dating too.

    And it is Wang Yibo’s fans usual tactics to push allegations/rumours about their own idol to his previous co-star. Then they try to make it seem like it’s just the usual fights between fandoms or make it confusing for onlookers to understand what happened. For example, A stole something from B, B caught A red-handed and produced the evidence. A then generates a copy of the same evidence but photoshopped his name/face to B’s and loudly accused B of stealing from A instead.

    • YH didn’t put a simple statement, the matter got handed to the police which mean investigation. The proofs of a massive smear campaign from your fandom are being collected. No one thinks it’s a mere fandom fight either. A fan of Xiao Zhan, employee of a certain app got fired for using their work account for the purpose of spreading slanderous articles. Your fandom’s defamation attempts towards Yibo caused WeChat to issue an official statement about preventing irrational star chasing. Everything can be checked on Weibo. Now let’s wait for xfx jail party.

      • Lmao, delusional lies coming out from Wang Yibo’s fans again. The so-called “handed to the police” is just words coming from Yuehua without proof of the police acceptance. I don’t know what lies they came up with again to brainwash and placate you fans. I only know that numerous Wang Yibo’s fans have released public apologies over the past couple of years for defaming other celebrities.

  9. how can they possibly think they could get away with shit like that? it sounds counterproductive too, since it would bring bad press back to their own idol. for example, in this case, no one seems to be confused about what really happened.

  10. messy is right. i’m sure shit like this happens everywhere, most especially in hollywood, but people keep hush about it. c-ent seems to take no prisoners.

  11. The truth is, the original article about Li being someone’s sugar daddy was released in March already. Back then Wang Hailin, a screenwriter who often fights with Xiao Zhan’s fans quoted it telling ‘giegie’. When rumor resurfaced netizens remembered about that and connected Li to Xiao Zhan, so his fans organized the whole smear campaign against Yibo trying to push the rumor onto him. They attacked Yibo not only on Weibo but also WeChat to the extent that WeChat made a statement for fans to idolize rationally. YH not only posted the statement, but also reported the matter to the police. Evidences against Xiao Zhan’s fans are currently collected for the defamation case, which means jail time if they’re found guilty. It’s clear that Yibo isn’t afraid of getting questioned and investigated. He has nothing to hide. Xiao Zhan’s side on the other hand didn’t file the case which makes you think about a reason.

    • Xiao Zhan was already thoroughly investigated during 227. He’s clean and has nothing to hide. Why would he need to make a statement if this has nothing to do with him. His name is not three characters and he has no movies out.

      • The original melon was about someone who currently has no job – no dramas, no movies, no stages. Try thinking logically, if someone’s sugar daddy gets arrested in March, will that person keep getting projects or suddenly become jobless? Luckily netizens have more braincells than Xiao Zhan’s fans.

    • @Mi is a perfect example of what I mentioned above, a Wang Yibo’s fan who always push allegations/rumours about Wang Yibo to Xiao Zhan.

      Wang Hailin is notorious for being an inept screenwriter with no notable works and his main source of income is from posting malicious weibo posts about liuliangs who are not under Alibaba camp. He used to target Lu Han, now is Xiao Zhan. He even openly said he loves Wang Yibo previously (and this old guy doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend 😏). Notably, this guy is now also embroiled in a tax evasion issue.

      • Wang Hailin attacked a lot of traffic stars, Yibo included. It’s just that Yibo’s fandom tried to ignore him instead of going on full war against him like Xiao Zhan’s fandom. That’s why he eventually stopped talking about Yibo and keeps spilling tea about Xiao Zhan.

      • @Mi Liar. The guy publicly announced his love for your Wang Yibo~ while your fellow Wang Yibo’s fans idolised him so much that you all camped under his weibo daily to gobble down the nonsensical junk he spews out and contribute to his income.

      • Wang HL is about to find himself in court. Toilets should make a gofundme for him, after all, he has been stanning Yibo for years while slandering others.

    • @ Lilith

      I totally agree with you. How do some of these people just have time to go on and on about these things? Don’t they have things to do?

  12. A Wang Hailin referenced as a source was the last thing anyone in the wang yibo camp should avoid ever. He took a job to smear Xiao Zhan, repeatedly, way before any of these took place.

    The original melon is that of a 3 character name, has movies to be shown and has the support of alibaba. None of these describe Xiao Zhan, all of these describe wang yibo. But the original melon post was altered 2x, with wang yibo’s name replaced with Xiao Zhan’s name and the other was Gong Jun. Xiao Zhan’s fans posted on weibo the original post and the altered post – with the altered posts made by wang yibo fans. And now, as they always do, they reverse the story and are playing victims. Some people outside China has weibo, too, so you can’t really bring the lie here hoping it’s not verified. Just today, another hashtag floated on weibo (but was immediately removed coz) related to this so called wang yibo relationship, li yifeng and wang yibo’s movies. It’s so dirty it can’t be mentioned here. The weibo are now so used to wang yibo fans using Xiao Zhan as a shield to divert any of his melons that after this dirty hashtag, many passerbys said they are just waiting what kind of story wyb fans will put together this time for Xiao Zhan to divert it. Wyb fans were so busy earlier deleting every single post they made to remove any trace of the dirty hashtag. Thankfully (but unfortunately for the other actor), they diverted using Wang Junkai as their shield this time. Now they are fighting with WJK fandom.

    They do this all the time, but Xiao Zhan is truly their target, each and everytime.

    • Exactly because a lot of international fans use Weibo, you shouldn’t lie openly like that. As I mentioned in the other answer, the original melon mentioned someone who suddenly became jobless with no new drama, stage etc. Yibo kept working and entering filming crews without delay. Obviously he’s not affected by anything that happened in March. Everyone on Weibo knows that your big fans started smear campaign against Yibo all of sudden and Yibo’s fans weren’t even aware of what Xiao Zhan’s fans were planning in the beginning. That’s why Xiao Zhan’s fans managed to spread slanderous posts all over Weibo, Wechat and other platforms. The tag about Yibo made by Xiao Zhan’s fans was up for a long time while Xiao Zhan’s tag was bombed quickly, I wonder who is a Weibo vip customer here because definitely not Yibo. After YH issued the statement your big fans immediately deleted the slanderous posts with biggest number of likes to avoid the consequences of your disgusting actions. Not only that, Xiao Zhan’s fans openly admitted that they will keep slandering Yibo and attacking his movies. Netizens aren’t blind and everyone knows your true intentions already. I hope Xiao Zhan’s fans are ready for the jail time. But is it really worth it? Your gege won’t go to jail in your place, only the minions will be sacrificed to suffer the consequences.

      • Repeat after me.

        @Mi is a perfect example of what I mentioned above, a Wang Yibo’s fan who always push allegations/rumours about Wang Yibo to Xiao Zhan.

      • lol ask your fellow wyb fans to improve their photoshopping skills next time they make another attempts to photoshop XZ’s names in wyb’s melons 😂 – your alignment is off this time. Any idiot can see the real post vs fake photoshopped post. Which is also why all marketing accts (excluding wyb’s paid 800 yxh accts) correctly reported the melon as wyb.

  13. @Mi
    Ask yourself this: Xiao Zhan is the number one celebrity in China in terms of popularity and he has kept this position since 2019. Even the crazy 2020 when antis tried their best to cancel him, and your fandom along with that cp fandom were front and center participants – he kept that position. He has right now the most number of endorsements, all highest title, and his endorsements all sell to number one. His dramas were all explosive, with impressive ratings. And don’t use douban rating here, because his fans know you and the cp fandom, which is the primary wang yibo fandom, downgrade his dramas maliciously. On top of that, he receives raves of his acting from passerbys alike. He always has the highest contribution on his dramas over any of his Co stars, untamed included. It is obvious that he can carry his own drama and endorsements on his own, very successfully. No one has beat him on these yet, since 2019. So obviously his fans are so strong and passerbys enjoy his works enough that he can carry himself no problem. So why would he need a less popular artist, with a very toxic fandom, whose camp participated in the 2020 attempt to cancel him, to gain even more popularity? It doesn’t make sense.

    Xiao Zhan’s related weibo topic is always around either his endorsements, his works, or his posts/vlogs. WHEREAS WHEN YOU SEARCH A RELATED TOPIC FOR WANG YIBO, XIAO ZHAN IS ALWAYS HIS RELATED TOPIC. Why? Leeching, grabbing traffic, diverting attention. Wang yibo is known as a leech in the c-ent for this. Any fan of his should be embarrassed big time for Xiao zhan being his related topic. It means you his fans focus on Xiao zhan equally you focus on him – and always for a malicious reason.

    So yah, believe all you want, but when you put together reasons, you’ll realize yah, the leech lives on for this.

    • Ignore toilets, it’s pointless to talk to them.

      You just need to go to today’s HS about voice acting and it becomes clear who even the passers by recognize as the top. It certainly isn’t Wang Yibo. I find it funny toilets aren’t afraid of karma, considering how everything from 2020 onwards has played out. They really should be but can’t help stupid I guess.

      • I’m afraid that the one getting karma is your dear gege. It’s karma for organizing cpf purification in 2019. Spread fake dating rumors (a girl in question was dating another celeb), xfx manipulating cpfs into thinking that Yibo betrayed gege, cpfs becoming toxic antis and attacking Yibo together with xfx, and as a cherry on top gege taking over Yibo’s endorsement amidst cyberbullying with the brand CEO confirming that gege approached him when Yibo was still a spokesperson. Now your gege has only vlogs, endorsements from Tencent, bought hotsearches and fan voting polls. The last time he trended on main hs was about praying for earthquake victims… No bottom line indeed. As long as you keep slandering and attacking others, your gege will keep getting karma. You all already offended too many people, especially from the movie circle.

    • Your fandom keeps chanting ‘gege bigger than c-ent’ for years but you people are the only ones who believe that because your big fans feed you with the same brainwashing package for years. Unfortunately, you gege is a typical capital puppet. Daddy Tencent keeps giving him endorsements – it’s easy enough to google it and check that each endorsement had a business ties with Tencent before signing. Selling power? Obviously cpfs are always ready to help you with supporting gege, even if it means buying sunscreen in Autumn while they keep stealing receipts from mtjjs to fool people. It’s Yibo’s brand that got sued by a cpf for excluding her from lottery. Anyway, your fandom is using a Xunyee chart as a proof of Xiao Zhan single-handedly carrying Chinese economy. The same Xunyee chart that counts not only sales but also clicks, and only through JD app. As for explosive dramas, none of your gege’s dramas became a hit outside of the fandom circle besides Joy of Life where he was a minor character but you guys claimed all the credit for him disrespecting other actors. The Douban you shit on so much, as if you guys weren’t caught recently at downvoting not only Yibo’s dramas, but also dramas of other popular stars like Reba, Yang Zi, Wu Lei. Rating all gege’s dramas 5 while rating all the others 1. If your gege is such a big star, why so insecure? Why attempt to sabotage works of other artists? Douban loves your gege so much that they didn’t release Ace troops score even after 9 months after airing. The score of OOL isn’t released either. It’s not Yang Zi’s issue because all of her dramas release scores quickly. Seems like the scores aren’t satisfying enough for gege and his team. Before you say that your poor gege is being downvoted better look into the mirror because as I said you people are camping on Douban and downvote all the dramas, even well loved ones like Reset. Now, can your gege really carry a drama? OOL isn’t Tencent’s drama of the year or even most commercially successful drama of the year. These titles went to Crime crackdown, Love like the galaxy and A dreams of splendor. Ace troops wasn’t even mention in iQiyi financial report while Yibo’s drama was. If it comes to leeching, your gege’s acc was in related accounts of multiple stars: Yibo, Yang Zi, even Zhu Yilong he never worked with and tons of others. It’s a result of your gege’s biding with them. Whenever Yibo has a new project or event, cpfs are always there to hype their true fave Xiao Zhan. Yibo’s fans have neither time nor need to talk about your gege – we have new quality content all the time. Materials for three upcoming movies, a short film with Zhou Xun, CCTV stage, social welfare songs, a drama. Now your fandom? Either watching gege’s vlogs or spreading malicious hate on Yibo. You guys have the same method since 2019 when you and cpfs tried to cancel Yibo for fake dating rumors with a girl who was confirmed to date someone else at that time. When Yibo was cyberbullied in 2019 your gege took over his Olay endorsement but cpfs claimed that everything stayed in the family, gege is innocent. No wonder that cpfs are considered shrimps in turtle disguise. You were always pressed about Yibo and you still are. Otherwise why would you target his upcoming works to the point of WeChat issuing a statement about your irrational behavior? Whatever you say next, and I already noticed that for some reason I can’t answer other comments from your fandom (is that site admin a shrimp?) your gege is jobless for over three months already and his ancient puppet doesn’t seem to be coming soon. I hope it comes soon so you finally get busy with something and stop slandering others. Your fandom has a long story of slandering gege’s co-stars after all. Yibo, Yang Zi, Johnny Huang, Zhang Ruo Yun, even poor Li Qin who keeps saving your gege when he can’t find a female lead. And before you say that everyone wants to work with your gege, unfortunately it’s not true because he got rejected by Zhou Xun. Everyone interested can find a pic from their dinner on Weibo, it’s sad that nothing came out if it in the end. Your fandom already smeared Bai Baihe just because she was rumored as his co-star. You just can’t seem to stop attacking everyone like rabid dogs. Hopefully admin won’t block me completely for spilling too much, lol.

      • You should genuinely seek professional help. This type of obsession and delusional rambling is anything but healthy.

      • Repeat after me.

        @Mi is a perfect example of what I mentioned above, a Wang Yibo’s fan who always push allegations/rumours about Wang Yibo to Xiao Zhan.

    • Seems like the site admin doesn’t like me spilling tea about gege because an e-mail I previously used got restricted from posting. Trying to shut people up so much? Not so quickly. Your fandom keeps chanting ‘gege bigger than c-ent’ for years but you’re the only ones who believe that. For example endorsements are handed to gege on a silver platter by daddy Tencent. It takes a simple google research to learn that all gege’s endorsements had business ties to Tencent already before signing the contract. Obviously cpfs take care to help you boost gege’s sales even if it means buying sunscreen in Autumn. On the other hand they’re stealing buying receipts from mtjjs to fool people. It’s not a coincidence that Yibo’s brand got sued by a cpf for excluding her from the lottery. Now let’s talk about gege’s dramas. According to Tencent report OOL didn’t become neither drama of the year (Crime crackdown, Love like the galaxy) nor Most commercially valuable drama (A dream of splendor). Ace troops didn’t even get included in iQiyi financial report while Yibo’s drama Luoyang did. Funny that you mention Douban when recently some Xiao Zhan’s fans got caught at scoring all gege’s dramas 5 stars and at the same time scoring all the other dramas 1 stars, for example works of Yibo, Reba, Yang Zi, Wu Lei, Yang Yang. You tell me to not look at embarassing scores of gege’s dramas on Douban. But which traffic star doesn’t have antis there? For example your fandom is taking the role of antis for half of c-ent there. Many stars receive bad ratings. But it’s really interesting how Douban favors your gege. The rating of Ace troops isn’t released even after 9 months. The rating of OOL isn’t released either – not because of Yang Zi as her dramas’ scores are always released quickly. Seems like gege is getting quite a special treatment recently with Douban saving him from public embarrassment. Now, can your gege really carry a drama? His only mainstream drama is still Joy of Life where he was a minor character but your fandom took all the credit disrespecting the rest of cast. Gege’s dramas don’t even have the best performance among Tencent dramas, just like OOL couldn’t surpass YAMG although Xiao Zhan’s fans ridiculed it for being a webdrama. If your gege is such a top star, why so insecure? Why are you trying to sabotage other people’s works? Yibo isn’t the only victim among the ex co-stars, you attacked Yang Zi, Johnny Huang, Zhang Ruo Yun and even Li Qin who always saves gege when he can’t find a female lead. Before you say that everyone wants to work with gege, unfortunately it’s not true because Zhou Xun rejected his cooperation offer. The pictures from their dinner were circulating on Weibo but nothing came out of it and gege filmed a drama with Li Qin again. Then you attacked Bai Baihe because she was rumored for gege’s next drama. No matter what you say, gege is jobless for over three months now and it seems like his ancient puppet isn’t going to air soon, too. I hope you all already stopped being bitter and attacking Love like the galaxy just because it got a summer slot instead. Being bored makes your rabid dog behavior even worse than usual. Yibo’s fans have so much content recently – the materials for three upcoming movies, a short film with Zhou Xun, Weibo movie night, CCTV stage, positive energy songs, an airing drama and variety. On the other hand you have only ads and vlogs, it comes as no surprise that you have so much time to attack and slander others.

      • My previous comment suddenly got posted but I still can’t answer others – very shady, but well, important things can be said two times. Maybe if you all read it two times, you can finally accept the truth about gege’s situation. Three months without a job, his fans claiming that he’s choosing the script and team, but in the end other stars cooperating with Tencent get superior resources. Let’s face it, your gege isn’t the first pick even for Tencent. That’s why you can’t stand the fact that Yibo’s movies will air soon and want to sabotage their release with slanderous rumors. You all claimed that the movies don’t even exist and got mad after getting slapped with facts. Anyway, manifest that ancient puppet to air soon. Gege isn’t a mainstream actor or A lister after all, having no projects airing and no projects filmed don’t look optimistic for his acting ‘career’, lol.

      • You know why you cannot answer others? Because the site’s system has detected that your words are simply just spam. LOL

  14. Personally, I believe the alligation is true, from what I’ve seen and heard from WYB through the years. He said during interviews:
    * he loves to dance and wear pretty clothes 4ever;
    * he doesn’t object to older partners, on the contrary
    * he’s a great admire of Eddie Peng (a kept man himself according to the rumors)

    So, combined to the fact how he looks, behaves, acts among m/fs, it set my gaydar on alert.

    Also the rumors about him sharing a soulmate necklace with Zhao Liying feels exactly like this special relationship that young queers can have with older actresses; think Cher, Elizabeth Taylor.

    Would it be a surprise if WYB chose his way up like his shining example Eddie Peng? Nope.
    Whatever his choice it is entirely his own business. If he’s fine with it, who are we to critize? It’s not that he uses prostitutes himself.

  15. Mr. Yibo. Climbing to the top of a profession is no easy matter. We all have skeletons in the closet. Not one person on this earth is perfect. All have done things to obtain an opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime. As a fan of yours, I feel as you are a young person things can be out of your control. All you can do is become a wiser person. Learn as you walk your path. The entertainment field is not an easy one. Lots of heartbreaks and pressures come with this profession. You as a sensitive still have an awe-inspiring track. Your achievement in singing, dancing, skateboarding, and motorbikes are truly amazing. Live your life not worrying about anything else. A true fan will only see your achievements, and hard work as an actor, singer, and dancer. Live life, sing, and dance, and all will fall into place. Smiles

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