Yang Mi Embodies Goddess Vibes in New Stills for Fox Spirit Matchmaker But Online Bickering Between Yang Mi and Gong Jun’s Fandom Starts to Distract

Last week was C-actress Yang Mi‘s birthday and both her upcoming dramas She and Her Perfect Husband and xianxia drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker released new stills to celebrate. Fox Spirit Matchmaker is adapted from a hit game which alone has tons of excitement but pairing up two liuliang stars Yang Mi with Gong Jun makes for even more online chatter. Yang Mi as the titular Fox Spirit Matchmaker and also the bigger star has been getting more of the promos thus far but that’s only made Gong Jun’s strong fandom even more vocal. Last week a new poster was unveiled at an industry event and Gong Jun fans complained that Yang Mi (the red portion) gets 2/3 of the space while Gong Jun (blue portion) not only is second but only gets 1/3 of the slot. That’s led the two fandoms to go after each other, hers mocking his for being lucky to even get cast opposite Yang Mi and his mocking hers for him being currently the buzzier of the two stars. Sigh, can’t we all get along!


Yang Mi Embodies Goddess Vibes in New Stills for Fox Spirit Matchmaker But Online Bickering Between Yang Mi and Gong Jun’s Fandom Starts to Distract — 15 Comments

  1. Yangmi’s fan need to be humble, nobody stays on top forever. There will be someone else bigger and better (in acting/popularity). That being said, Chinese’s fans sure love to argue a lot about placement. It’s quite embarrassing and childish at this point. How do these people even watch their bias in dramas if they keep complaining about the leading actor/actress they are paired w/?

    • Humble???! LMAO!!! The newbie has to be the humble one! He hasn’t even achieved a quarter of what Mimi has achieved. He just needs to be grateful and stop his delusional fans from embarrassing themselves and him also!

  2. I often shake my head at the sillinest of fandoms in China. They fight over the most ridiculous things. But I am siding with Yang mi fans on this one. Let’s be honest no one put money in this drama because of Gong Jun. Yang Mi brings all the money to the yard. Gong Jun popularity on Weibo doesn’t translate to drama rating. Did any his dramas after word of honor that came out last year had any buzz? He had 4, I repeat 4 dramas broadcast after he gained his popularity and ALL of them flopped. they All went nowhere.

    Gong Jun is indeed lucky that he got paired with two of the most popular chinese actresses after word of honor. By himself, he brings nothing to the table. That is a fact. This drama does look pretty, but chemistry for me is debatable because of Gong Jun track record with women leads. I will wait and see.

  3. Serious? Aren’t Chinese fans tired of these fan wars? Its pretty nonsensical. Its no wonder the government is so strict on this industry, look how brainwashed the fans get. Its uncontrollable now. lol

  4. Not a fan of either of them but these promo cuts are WOW! I’m hyped for this and hopefully it’ll be good! Its been an amazing year to be a c-drama fan especially last month when LLTG and LBFAD were on air! Never has there been so many good c-dramas airing in the same year! Keep it coming!

    • I have to say that for this year, Cdramaland has been churning out great drama one after another. Started from Reset, the light drama Master of My Own, Meng Hua Lu, Being a Hero, Love Like The Galaxy, Cang Lan Jue, Side Story of Fox Volant and so on. I barely visited Kdramaland.

      Btw, The Fox Spirit Matchmaker has such stunning visual from both the setting and the casts. Hopefully it will be good.

  5. Between Dilraba and Yang Mi, I am really looking forward to see what chemistry Gong Jun and them will be produced with both pairings in the 2 dramas…

  6. The poster makes YM face look bigger than GJ… or this is done in purpose to have her taking up more space? Who wants to have a big face. LOL.

  7. The first poster above made me went “WOW!!”. Apparently there’s lots of pretty ladies in this drama, which is good because there’s never enough pretty actresses.

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