C-drama Lost You Forever with Yang Zi and Zhang Wan Yi Wrap Filming and Releases First Official Set of Main Cast Stills

I feel like my return to C-drama land this past summer of 2022 may have been guiding me to get legit excited for the C-drama adaptation of my favorite xianxia period C-novel Lost You Forever by Tong Hua. I haven’t liked her novels since and LYF really was a culmination of the grand world building and in depth character growth she’s been improving towards since her novels like Song in the Clouds (Yun Zhong Ge) and LYF’s prequel Once Promised (Ceng Shu Nuo). Poor Once Promised was butchered into a beyond terrible C-drama adaptation but I don’t think LYF will get the same treatment, it may not be as amazing as I would have like when it airs but I see a lot more care with the casting and the costumes so far. The first official set of character stills are out of all eight leads and Yang Zi is shown in both her Xiao Liu (boy self) and her Xiao Yao (princess girl self) incarnations. Zhang Wan Yi is sufficiently brooding as Zhuan Xu (in the drama he’s called Qiang Xuan) and Deng Wei captures Tu Shan Jing’s warm scholarly aura. I’m still totally meh on Tan Jian Ci as Xiang Liu, it sucks that my favorite character is played by an actor I just don’t vibe with from visuals but if he really comes alive on screen then all my early dissatisfaction will be washed away.


C-drama Lost You Forever with Yang Zi and Zhang Wan Yi Wrap Filming and Releases First Official Set of Main Cast Stills — 12 Comments

  1. Somehow when I envision this novel while reading it I thought of more fantasy/fairy/unreal world, but seeing these still, it’s like your typical C-drama world I’ve seen too often. Nothing ground breaking in terms of costume or set setting so far, but this could change after post. Even the leads are not doing it for me. All male leads are relatively new, I would like a new actress as I’ve seen too much Yangzi (granted I still like her). However, if the story is as good, I am willing to give this drama a try.

  2. Tan Jian Ci prob has the best chance of being the breakout here. He already has a BL following and his styling in the drama is more eye catching than the other two. I personally like Zhang Wan Yi but apparently his character isn’t even the main love interest and has his own political line.

  3. My fave character is Xiang Liu, and i wish they casted someone else. But nevertheless, will give this drama a try.

    I still hate that he isnt the male lead lol. The two other characters arent my type. One is too ambitious and the other one is too soft and weak.

    • With such a popular and well loved novel it’s normal for the casting to not 100% jive with everyone’s sky high expectations. What has me optimistic is that tong hua seems to be very involved with the production with her frequent visits to set and dinner with the cast. And the various snippets we’ve seen of the filming does show that they are staying true to the book.

  4. I am getting a sense from these photos that the cinematography is not going to be to my standards. The photos are giving me an idol drama vibe. Being a drama, the skin lightening and smoothing is going to be too much. I am not hopeful until i see the first episode and they prove me wrong.

  5. @Koala who would you rather play Xiang Liu? Tan Jianci is an excellent actor and is able to emote with his eyes! Xiang Liu’s fangirls on weibo seemed to love him as well after seeing his battle pics 🙁 Also, Tong Hua is the screenwriter and an investor in the production company, Star Lotus. Xiang Liu is an incredibly important character to cast Bc Tong Hua doesn’t reveal any of his emotions, so the actor who plays him would have to be very talented to be able to show the slightest emotions at critical moments but if she choose Tan Jianci, it means she sees Xiang Liu in him!

  6. A lot of New Face’s so of course I worry for Ms Yang Zi. However, that said, she’s been known to be capable of polishing new Actors to their Best. I know it’s a lot to have on her back, but she somehow manages very well🏆❤️

  7. The posters are beautiful & very detailed to match each character. I’m hoping the CGI will do the drama justice. I just want to watch a good & worthwhile drama.

  8. I started reading this novel again. Because the drama is soon to air, I need to finish the novel to know and compare. Thanks again Koala in translating this novel.

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