Reborn Rich Hits New Ratings High of 22.456% in Episode 13 as the Story Loses the Magnetic Grandpa and Heads into Final Stretch

jTBC weekend drama Reborn Rich continues to redefine certain aspects of K-dramas, from its fast-paced plot development to dropping three episodes a week so next week is actually the finale already. Can’t believe it, me too! Every weekend the drama has hit new ratings high and this weekend is no exception, Saturday’s episode 13 22.456% but is still a ways away from the cable ratings king of over 28% for the final episode of The World of the Married. The story dove into the emotional core of Grandpa’s mental deterioration showing both the vulnerable elderly man underneath the king atop his empire and allowed us to see Do Joon as more than just a reborn person plotting his slow methodical revenge climb showing the genuine connection between the two. Grandma’s turn as the Big Bad was a good twist except the actress went Full Crazy at times which is distracting with her twitchy face. I do think there is a possibility this drama may remain a mega hit but not become the #1 cable drama of all time since the final 3 episodes coming won’t have the magnetic presence of Grandpa (RIP) and may have too much Min Young who is legit the boringest female lead in both character and acting to ever grace the screen of a mega-hit drama.


Reborn Rich Hits New Ratings High of 22.456% in Episode 13 as the Story Loses the Magnetic Grandpa and Heads into Final Stretch — 21 Comments

  1. Shudder to think we are going to get more scenes for the final 3 episodes of one of the most boring female leads in K-dramas.
    Give us more of the rest of the Jin family if we can’t have much of Grandpa.

    • I have to thank you and all the other butthurt people over the FL. You have provided so much comedy for me. Imagine having such an amazing show and some of you keep going on and on about the FL that has minimal time on the show and actually serves a purpose now. The obsession is unreal. But really funny that you are this pressed over a character.

      • @lol, I agree, haters always have negative things to say despite drama mega success. just ignore them.

      • It’s because literally everything else about the show is so amazing that every second spent on the FL feels like such a waste.

        It’s not an obsession, the character and acting are so noticeably worse that it just stick out like a sore thumb. Given this seems to be the overwhelmingly popular opinion across all forums I’ve seen, maybe you’re the one being butthurt over the criticism.

      • It’s not mindless hating, it’s just criticism over the subpar acting and badly written character, which is fair game. No one said anything negative about Shin Hyun Been as a person. IMO, writing aside, she lacks on-screen charisma/presence, which makes the boring character even more bland.

  2. I was really hoping they wouldn’t KO grandpa. He is the heart of this show, and I would argue that LSM’s portrayal is RR’s biggest ratings draw. The Chairman is a King Lear-esque figure who towers over everyone else.

    Dojun/SJK by himself isn’t as captivating to watch, and Seo Minyoung/SMY is a net negative every time she comes on screen.

  3. I dont understand why they promoted her as lead.
    her character is boring, no backstory whatsoever. she has 1 or 2 minute screentime per episode but she was billed as lead and she’s not even famous to begin with.

    but at the same time I also feel bad for her cos I dont think i could handle that weekly criticism.

  4. The problem is the FL is a dowdy plain Jane not attractive enough to garner interest from the audience. Her clothes her hair face may look realistic for a prosecutor but there no chemistry whatsoever etween the two leads and it’s painful to watch the interactions.

  5. Wow… you all are so harsh. I am about the same age as the lead character in the reincarnated timelines… and this series is a roller coaster ride. Its so good, I am sa that next week will be the finale. And have you read the Web novel BTW?

  6. There are so many good korean actresses so I do not understand why they cast an unknown n boring female lead with no chemistry with SJK. Such a let down for this mega hit drama where all the other cast members of prolific performance. Grandpa is the heart of the storyline and I enjoy the fast pace development of this drama.

  7. Attractive but bad actress >>>> No appeal, no charm, plain & bland looking but good actress.

    There were a few of us who protested here months ago when it was rumored that she will be SJK’s FL, some said that she is not attractive enough and that her looks and personality are bland and boring. There are others who defended her saying but she is a good actress. Well, here we are and we were right.
    There is a reason why it took her so long to get a FL role and after this, the FL offers are going to dwindle.

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