Modern Romance C-drama Only for Love Wraps Airing with Across the Board Bad Reviews But Leads Dylan Wang and Bai Lu Emerge Unscathed

This is an interesting drama to dissect because there are clearly so much elements at play. Modern workplace romance C-drama Only for Love with Bai Lu and Dylan Wang finished airing this week and a happy ending did nothing to help this drama elevate it’s uniformly bad reviews. I think even Dylan fans just stayed quiet because trying to compliment this nothingburger is a futile effort, it’s better to just let it pass on by and wait for a better project ahead. What’s interesting is that insiders are saying this drama made money for the production and no industry honchos are blaming the two leads for the bad reviews, hence this will have no impact on their continued cast-ability and popularity. I thought the script and direction was beyond terribly but the two leads also didn’t showcase strong chemistry or do anything to help make this more palatable.

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Recently Premiered C-dramas has Only for Love Leading the Viewership Followed by Story of Kunning Palace and Wonderland of Love

Last week was a great week for C-drama fans with the release of three new big budget popular leads dramas with different tastes for viewers. In the week since the buzz meter has spoken and it’s modern drama Only for … Continue reading

Modern Romance C-drama Only for Love with Dylan Wang and Bai Lu Reportedly to Air End of October 2023 and New Bed Scene Stirs Up Buzz

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C-ent Upcoming Dramas Drop Romantic New Posters Celebrating 2023 Chinese Valentine’s Day on Lunar 7/7 Date

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