tvN New Mon-Tues Youth Sageuk The Secret Romantic Guest House with Shin Ye Eun Premieres to 3-4% Ratings in First Week

So I was super busy and jetlagged this past week and totally overlooked the premiere of new tvN Mon-Tues sageuk drama The Secret Romantic Guest House. No worries, more to binge this weekend and catch up on. Starring Shin Ye Eun, Ryeo Un, Kang Hoon, and Jang Gun Joo, it’s a court conspiracy plus youth sageuk which is now its own tried and true formula, and here it comes complete with one plucky female lead and her trio male harem. The drama looks interesting enough and Shin Ye Eun is coming off a well regarded super evil performance as the high school age version of the antagonist in The Glory so that makes for great opposites acting whiplash and also capitalizing on the current buzz. Those who have watched Romantic Guest House so far, how is it?


tvN New Mon-Tues Youth Sageuk The Secret Romantic Guest House with Shin Ye Eun Premieres to 3-4% Ratings in First Week — 11 Comments

  1. Nothing great or spectacular in the first 2 episodes. It is surprisingly a tad bit boring and the acting is not that great which is a shame because I was expecting a lot more from Shin Ye Eun after the Glory but not a great start.

    I will check out the next two episodes though and decide whether to drop after that.

  2. Actually everytime i watch SYE performance, there always something lacking. Not acting or beauty, but may be charisma on screen??

    Kdrama hardly have meaty role for FL, so her performance often feel boring for me. I didnt watch The Glory, so i didnt know her act there, but i think there also problem with the plot of the drama she choose.

    • “Our blooming youth” isn’t all that either . Even with Park Hyung Sik and Pyo Ye Jin . The female lead is miscasted , the editing, the story and the characters are lacking in many ways .

  3. The first 2 episodes weren’t extraordinary… It was pretty much basic. One girl and 3 boys and a lot of secrets.

  4. IF anything that will keep me finish this drama is because of the casts, but the chemistry is nothing to ride home about and the story is not interesting so far.

  5. I like it so far! It is predictable but still fun to watch, with shin eun and the three boys! I like her chemistry with the male lead.

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