Sports Romance C-drama Nothing But You with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Sets a Steady and Mostly Unexciting Course

So last week was the premiere of modern sports romance drama Nothing But You (Chinese title Love Only) and honestly it was totally uneventful. Neither good or bad, it just was, and if it wasn’t for male lead Wu Lei I would have no reason to keep watching. Half of the drama continues the distractingly sanitized professional and personal look of present day Chinese city life, I also felt the same watching Lighter and Princess but at least that drama had OTP chemistry and more interesting situational backstories to propel the plot, but the scenes in the more rundown neighborhood that Wu Lei and his dad live in are way more lively. Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong have a comfortable older sister-younger brother chemistry but the kind where you can accept he is totally crushing on her and has a chance to win her affections and when that happens it would be a believable coupling despite the age difference. If anyone watching has additional first impressions please share but I think this is a effortless watch for Wu Lei fans and not much more beyond that.


Sports Romance C-drama Nothing But You with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Sets a Steady and Mostly Unexciting Course — 32 Comments

  1. I thought I was a wiu lei fan after love like a galaxy, but Maybe I was wrong because I could not stick out. I see people saying it’s good it’s good, I watched 6 episode of nothing but you and I was bored to tears. I had to drop it. Chemistry is Just not there for me. Zhou yutong is not a bad actress, but she is incredibly boring. IMHO

    I am sure something happens later in the story, but I will catch them in highlights.

    Maybe wu lei’s next project will be better. That actress is not boring( saw her in reset), so maybe it will be better watch for me

    • I have to agree! I’ve watched most of his series and this one is going so slow… sadly very disapponting. He also looks tired and has the worst eye bags and low energy. It makes watching even more unpleasant. You can just tell the writing and pacing is not up to standard. Too bad, hope his next one is better!

  2. I’m pretty stressed out at the moment so I like dramas that have less crazy plots and less crazy secondary characters and what not. Watching this (and Royal Rumours) makes me more relaxed before sleeping as it is so uneventful, my emotions are not engaged, and for some reason I like the female lead actress. Probably because her character is more steady and mature and that is really nice to watch …

    I somehow don’t feel the romance yet. I am actually more interested if the female lead will ever stand up to her boss or leave the company and I can’t wait for the moment when the boss’ wife divorces him. I actually like the portrayal of all women in this drama, I think that is truly its strongest point.

    The one thing I can’t stomach to watch and have to press ff is when they start talking about tennis technical stuff. I used to play tennis very well, and it is just typical Chinese “genius” b*****it narrative that you can turn into a professional player at 22 in a couple of months. Badminton and tennis are not the same. The legwork, the arm and hand movements, they are all different. And there actually is something like training too much, your muscles need time to build up. Why are Chinese writers always so obsessed with turning their characters into geniuses? I would have liked the ML a whole lot more if he had been a tennis player from the very start trying to work through his trauma. Instead he’s a male Mary Sue who can just do anything related to sports.

    Right, I shouldn’t start thinking too much about this drama or I won’t be able to sleep anymore after watching…

    • I don’t think you have watched many episodes yet. He does not have it easy. At all. And I do know of cases where athletes have shifted professions. There was a very famous South African cricket player Jonty Rhodes who is early thirties switched into playing hockey and he did well there too. So it’s quite realistic yet. I just hope they don’t end with him winning grand slams then I will ditch this drama. So far it’s not so out there yet.

    • I’ve watched a couple of the episodes and was wondering why there were tennis balls in the pictures when he plays badminton. So he does switch sports and play tennis? That is ludicrous indeed. I too play tennis and know how difficult it is to progress well in this sport professionally. I’m going to drop this drama for the silly storyline alone. Why did Wu Lei agree to this drama?

  3. I like the drama but there is something that is lacking I just can pinpoint out.

    FL is shown to be smart and decisive, but most of the time, it’s the ML with his street-smarts and tenacity who saves the day. It’s like he magically wipes out the problem of the FL. He is a super devoted puppy.

    But here is also me wishing to get my own Song Sanchuan hahahaha.

    • I think the two leads are doing a good job of saving each other. The FL is smart but only in the managing and business aspect side of things while, as you said, the ML is street-smart. However, the FL and her kindness/belief in him is pretty much the shining light for our ML whose life was otherwise grim and dark since he has a painful past where he was abandoned by his mother. Really enjoying how nurturing the relationship between the two leads are. The relationship, so far, is based on how they lift and pick each other up during one another’s difficulties rather than on jealousy and misunderstandings. Also really like how mature Sanchuan, the ML, thinks and behaves despite his young age. He doesn’t force his way of thinking or feelings on the FL.

  4. Actually I liked it…I like the way the leads communicate with each other, and I also like that it sticks to the more mundane side of an older woman/ younger man relationship instead of just relying on explosive chemistry or pure fluff. Overall, I enjoy a slowburn when its done well and for now it has just made me feel good things. Hope it stays that way till the end.

    • I like it too, and I’m surprised as I don’t care for sports dramas and this has two – it was odd to get so much badminton then switch.

      It’s an easy watch because the characters are so likeable and decent. Wu Lei is great at smitten eyes, Zhou Yu Tong has a terribly calming and pleasant presence, and our male lead’s dad and female lead’s bestie are such sweet people. Sometimes it’s nice to believe that if you do your best it will work out.

  5. They are edging towards slice-of-life but the audience aren’t having it. There is not much of a conflict at all and it is just unexciting. This show is also performing terribly statistically. Tencent were certain this was going to be a hit but nope.

    • I have no idea idea how Tencent could have possibly thought this would be a hit, I will forever be confused by their decision making . Only ardent Wu Lei fans thought that one. I actually wrote this here and was attacked by his fans a few weeks ago, saying how this will be amazing. Oops.

      For me Wu Lei just doesn’t have what it takes to be a big male lead but this doesn’t mean he can’t have a very successful and long career if his projects are well chosen. It is up to him and them to decide do they continue trying to make him a huge star, something I will bet he will never be or do they make him into a successful, quality actor, something he can be.

      • IMO Wu Lei suits young generals roles in period dramas very well, with less focus on love lines. If China ever decides to allow C-ent to film Li Shimin (Emperor Taizong of Tang) or Huo Qubing (Western Han dynasty’s general), I think Wu Lei will be a good fit for those roles.

      • I find it completely reasonable. This is the same crew that produced Nothing but Thirty which was a runaway hit. I expected it to do well too.

        As for Leo Wu, I’m not a fan but I think all 95-ers will get there. I mentioned before that this batch of actors have exceptional resources and people bashed me for it. Never bet against money. I believe he has great projects lined up so you never know. I’ll admit I don’t see the star quality, but I really only like Liu Haoran in this age group so I’m biased.

        Also @Lilith, I can see Huo Qubing but certainly not Li Shimin.

      • @kitai Probably not the Emperor period, but he would do well as a young Li Shimin egging his father to become Emperor and fighting the wars.

      • @kitai Maybe not the Emperor period. I think he would suit the younger Li Shimin, egging his father to become Emperor and winning the wars.

      • Not sure what you mean by saying he doesn’t have what it takes to be a big male lead. If you’re implying that it’s his talent and his acting that’s the issue here then I would have to disagree. I don’t think putting another actor in this role would have really changed the results of this show. I think sports genre dramas are simply not as popular. At least, for me, this isn’t a genre I would normally choose to watch, certainly not something like tennis. However, I watched it because I’m a Wu Lei fan, and one of the main reasons why I’m enjoying it and planning to finish it is because of the natural acting skills of the two leads. It’s more of an easy and relaxing watch,a slice of life, with emotional/feel-good moments. However, it doesn’t have intense drama and I think most people need some of that in order to be interested. Wu Lei is big enough that he does have the ability to choose from many roles but he’s someone who really loves sports so I imagine that’s why he chose this project as well as his upcoming one.

      • I think wu lei should stop doing romance for now. i think that’s what you feel when you said he doesn’t have what it takes to be a male lead. He just can’t build any chemistry when romance is the focus. I started seeing him in whirlwind girl and fight break sphere, and honestly I think he did better there. Not sure if the problem is age gap since he plays fine against tan songyun, but I think I would want to see him play in wuxia drama like fight break sphere, it’s very suitable. He’s young, there’s no need to rush doing mature romance. I don’t know if tue problem is he lacks love experience or something…

    • It’s actually performing very well considering it’s genre and it’s airing on CCTV.Steadily above or around 1.00 , and with some tough competition. The three body problem was airing simultaneously too I think.

  6. It got quite boring between episodes 5 and 11 for me. What keeps me here is the female actress, her acting is subtle and attractive, although, her character is nothing new.

  7. Maybe I’m into sports dramas in general so this has been interesting so far. I like seeing the leads work together to build their respective careers. Its a feel-good drama where most of the characters are likable and have good rapport with one another.

  8. I like both leads and the characters they are playing are really likable. OK, maybe Song Sanchuan is a little bit too good to be realistic. Still, I agree with you that if it were for another actor I would probably not watch it.

  9. Hmm…from the ratings of this…I am quite afraid what his new drama with Zhao Jinmai will be like…the stories are based on a sport/game…with quite similar premises. I love how Wu Lei has such a strong personality but how he chooses his future projects will determine his reign in this tough industry.

  10. I think this drama quite decent and way better, if compare to others previous drama which same genre (younger man and older woman). For example: Yang Mi and Xu Kai in She and Her Perfect Husband, then angelababy and Lai Kuan Lin in Love The Way You Are or Gina Jin and Wang Zi Yi in Why Women love.

    I really like Zhou Yu Tong as actress. Her acting is always looked so natural. As for Wu Lei, he is talented actor.

  11. Oh dear… if this is a nothing burger, I’m going to give it a miss. Loved WuLei in Love like the Galaxy… if this one is subpar, then no thanks.

  12. It’s the only airing drama Im following now after Mr. Bad. I like it since I also like noona romance dramas and the actors. I have always liked Zhou Yu Tong in her dramas such as The Journey, Long For You, Cambrian Period and Begin Again. She’s one of the C-drama actresses whose dramas I always try to check along with Janice Wu (My Amazing Boyfriend, Skate into Love, Light Chaser Rescue), Fair Xing (Put Your Head on My Shoulder, Miss Crow, Master Devil), Wan Peng (When we were young,Crush, Meeting You) and Dai Lu Wa (Love Crossed, Cross Fire-super recommended, My Calorie Boy). Leo Wu is both mature and boyish in the drama. I agree that his character is too good to be true. So far it’s an easy watch. Im only skipping on the half sister’s family’s scenes.

  13. I actually do like the drama more than I expect I would. But I do think that’s largely also due to the fact how most (almost all) of the sister and younger brother romance dramas turned out cringy, so I went into this with really low expectations. There’s chemistry between the leads, casting is on point, the plot was serviceable, and good acting too. Would be better if they were to cut it down to 30 episodes, 38 is really long…Have a feeling the plot will be draggy after the leads officially get together.

  14. I was first introduced to Zhou Yu Tong with the drama Dating a Scientist. I watched it, or tried to coz of the ML. Sorry to say but she is incredibly boring. Visually, too, this drama is problematic for me. I don’t mind noona romance, but next to WL she looks way much older, which makes the drama a bit off for me.

  15. I’ve enjoyed Wu Lei in Nirvana and in The Long Ballad (gorgeous outfits and glorious hair!) but not so much in Love Like the Galaxy (I put it on pause and haven’t resumed watching).

    I thought I was already immune to his charms but hey, turns out I am enjoying this greatly and have been watching it exclusively (or maybe I’m just too busy to add other dramas to my plate). Maybe it helps too that I know nothing about tennis so I can accept the sports aspect more easily.

    I haven’t been fastforwarding any scenes (which I usually do for modern c-dramas). I think this will appeal to those looking for something warm and steady, not too much on heavy conflict and excitement.

  16. As someone who doesn’t enjoy heavy dramas, I am enjoying this series a lot. For me, their interactions/dynamics as an older woman-younger man seem believable. I am more impressed by how natural both Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong could act, like, never had one scene of them made me cringe. Not to mention I started learning tenjis because of this cdrama. LOL.

  17. For this kind of jiedi sports related setup, I much more enjoyed Falling into You with Wang Anyu and Jin Chen. The chemistry and story were fun, lively, and dramatic. But this drama isn’t bad, and has a soothing slice of life feel. I agree that the romance lacks tension and excitement, but it’s still sweet and I’m happy to keep watching.

  18. I’ve watched a couple of the episodes and was wondering why there were tennis balls in the pictures when he plays badminton. So he does switch sports and play tennis? That is ludicrous indeed. I too play tennis and know how difficult it is to progress well in this sport professionally. I’m going to drop this drama for the silly storyline alone. Why did Wu Lei agree to this drama?

  19. I think people are very used to idol dramas with climatic and dramatic scenes and sometimes OTP acting, and Nothing but you is an urban drama. Although it had a lot of butterfly moments !
    For myself , I loved the natural acting, chemistry and the steady development of the relationship. I was a fan of Wu Lei but I began to admire Zhou Yu tong after watching this drama.
    I thought that the acting was excellent by both leads , actually this type of natural steady banter is a true testament to acting more than dramatic scenes with background music and multiple camera angles..
    However I did think the office issues and second lead stories were draggy and uninteresting, they could have done more with that.
    I don’t know what people mean by NBY not doing well, it aired on CCTV and did well in ratings with tough competition considering it’s genre ( cctv is more geared towards an older audience more than younger).

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