Kim So Hyun and Minhyun Lead the Script Reading for K-drama My Lovely Liar

The upcoming tvN drama My Lovely Liar (Korean title Useless Lies) has already started releasing the first drama stills but earlier it released script reading stills that make me wonder what the drama is about because nearly ever star looks intense, perplexed, or slightly amused. It’s definitely not a rom-com lol. Leads Kim So Hyun and Minhyun give off what I call couple face which is when two leads kinda resemble each other and these two totes do with their glorious defined angles and small face. I’m also excited that the drama has a strong PD who knows how to direct budding romance having done My Roommate is a Gumiho, 100 Days My Prince, and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.


Kim So Hyun and Minhyun Lead the Script Reading for K-drama My Lovely Liar — 7 Comments

  1. Ugh, seriously So Hyun and Minhyun are just too beautiful. Can’t wait to see them on my screen together!
    And yes, this drama never gave me rom-com vibes from the get-go, it actually gives me Park Hye Ryun drama vibes (think: While You Were Sleeping or I Can Hear Your Voice) lol

  2. Just for their visuals I’m excited for this drama! Thankfully it’s a romcom with a bit of mystery thriller elements and not a serious drama! I need their beautiful faces and lots of sweet kisses to fill my summer days!

  3. Th script read video was hilarious and the leads are super cute together. July 24th come soon. Will this be on Netflix? Or some other international OTT? Please no geo-locking.

  4. Super excited for this but do we know anything about her drama with CJH? It sounds like another great sweet romance drama. Wish it would come soon.

    • I’m so excited for her current drama choices because they are genres that I love and male leads who are super compatible. Thinking her drama with CJH might get picked up by an OTT like Disney or Prime Video. For Korea it most likely will air on TViNG. Maybe we can see it by the end of the year if lucky.

    • Just know that it is a friends turn lover 8 ep drama and supposed to broadcast next yr. Even I am very excited for that one.

    • The question all the fans are asking. Will we or won’t we see Is It Fate this year? Yes it really does sound like a sugary sweet and compact drama with 8 episodes which seems like a decent length for a romcom. However am glad that her comeback drama is the one with Minhyun because its a full 16 episodes and has the most age appropriate cast for her. Ready to see both dramas before the year is out.

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