New C-ent Rumor Says the Entire BL-adaptation Drama Industry is Fully Banned and No Filmed BL C-drama Will Ever Air

Well, I think the young C-actors who did BL-adapted dramas need to thank their lucky stars for their big breaks before the entire industry came crashing down nearly two years ago with what was then a soft ban. No BL dramas filmed already would be given an airing permit and all have languished on the shelves. This week a new rumored update is that all BL dramas will be permanently banned never ever ever to air, this is what a Tencent executive said when asked about BL dramas during a media day. Basically the entire BL-drama industry is over and the goal is to move BL stories back to the niche and small audience it had prior to those BL novels getting drama adaptations and moving into the mainstream. The three biggest name BL-adaptations that have the most fans waiting are Winner is King with Tan Jian Ci and Chen Zhe Yuan, Immortality with Luo Yun Xi and Chen Fei Yu, and Guardians of the Land with Chen Xing Xu and Chen Mu Chi.


New C-ent Rumor Says the Entire BL-adaptation Drama Industry is Fully Banned and No Filmed BL C-drama Will Ever Air — 24 Comments

  1. So dumb. Someone needs to hack into Tencent, Youku, Iqiyi and leak their content because fuck the CCP. China’s economy is in a bad shape and instead of allowing these billion dollar investment dramas to air, they are killing their own creative industries’ hard work when it was one of the most popular genres of Cdrama (I’m not a BL fan and didn’t watch Untamed, WOH, or Guardian) globally. It’s terrible policymaking to institute a ban AFTER the shows have been filmed…. At least let the filmed contents air? It’s akin to banning childbirth immediately when there are already women who are 8 months pregnant. If this is how China is run across all sectors it’s no wonder they’re doomed and I hope Xi Jinping doesn’t stay on the throne for too long.

    • Lol. Did you read the recent comment about Xi made by Biden bluntly during his trip to Vienna? That has said A LOT about the economy of China. Biden wouldn’t have rambled something without financial and intelligence data backing up his remarks. I got an inkling that Xi-faction seems to have a fetish to vent on C-ent whenever there’s anything gloomy going on with the country.

      I’m not a BL fan either. But I think it’s pretty bad to ban free expression in any areas, performing art in particular.

    • You do know that the CCP carried out forced abortions (even in late pregnancy) and mass forced sterilisations during the one child policy era, although only for the poor people and not the rich people who could pay the fines. So nothing is that surprising when it comes to the CCP.

  2. Can’t they just sell it to Netflix? What is done is already done, let the production team make some $ back at least to pay all the staff/actors ect.

    • They can’t because the point is that the CCP doesn’t want Chinese people to watch BLs (in case they worship gays and stop having babies….. As if that’s why the birth rate is low🙄) so Netflix airing it will just lead to Chinese fans streaming it illegally as a loss to Tencent Mango IQiyi or Youku.

      This question gets asked a lot and people need to understand that the CCP needs to give the webdrama license permit before Tencent Iqiyi Youku Mango etc sell their dramas to Netflix which is an online platform or put it on YouTube, it’s the same as your typical webdrama that airs in China

      • But Netflix is international so it will be weird but they could block it in China but let other countries watch it. Chinese people could watch it not in China or with a VPN.

    • Other parts of the world love BL stories. I believe The Untamed got explosive popularity not only bcos it’s indeed a good drama but also a BL adaptation. Per my observation on social media, The Untamed continues to expand its popularity to the international community.

  3. I don’t particularly care about BL, without having anything against it (I just loved The Untamed!), but it’s one thing saying that from now on no BL drama will be produced and another flushing work already done down the toilet.

  4. I don’t care for BL. I only like The Untamed because I didn’t know it’s a BL drama before I started watching it and there wasn’t any obvious romance between WWX and LWJ. I only wish for the Chinese authorities to allow time travel, palace harem politics and modern fantasy dramas to be produced and aired.

  5. The only thing I am going to miss, i isf this is true, is not seeing Chen Xing Xu in his BL drama. He is an excellent actor, and I know he would have killed it in that role. Maybe someday, I will get to see it.

  6. I’m actually surprised it took China this long to ban. I’ve seen them ban other things as well like time travel storylines etc. I feel for the dramas already made and wonder if the production companies get any kind of financial help recovering or if they were given any warning.

      • Chinese authorities have the tendency to ban anything too popular because C-ent likes to chase after trends. Whenever a drama became a hit, C-ent will all focus on producing the same drama genre, so much so that the market becomes too saturated with that particular genre. Eg, They started producing a bunch of BL dramas after The Untamed’s success.

        Anyway for time travel story, I believe the excuse they used was that there was an incident where some girls thought that time travel really existed and jumped off a building together to time-travel.

      • Seriously banning time travel stories instead of offering better education in schools to prevent young people from jumping off buildings… hahaha…

      • @Kelly There’s too many people in the world believing in supernatural stuff. Look at the number of religions and cults out there. I believe the ban on modern fantasy dramas is also related.

  7. I hope this doesn’t also coincide with further restrictions/limitations on BL content online, mainly the novels themselves. 😬 the censorship is so frustrating

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