New C-ent Rumor Says the Entire BL-adaptation Drama Industry is Fully Banned and No Filmed BL C-drama Will Ever Air

Well, I think the young C-actors who did BL-adapted dramas need to thank their lucky stars for their big breaks before the entire industry came crashing down nearly two years ago with what was then a soft ban. No BL dramas filmed already would be given an airing permit and all have languished on the shelves. This week a new rumored update is that all BL dramas will be permanently banned never ever ever to air, this is what a Tencent executive said when asked about BL dramas during a media day. Basically the entire BL-drama industry is over and the goal is to move BL stories back to the niche and small audience it had prior to those BL novels getting drama adaptations and moving into the mainstream. The three biggest name BL-adaptations that have the most fans waiting are Winner is King with Tan Jian Ci and Chen Zhe Yuan, Immortality with Luo Yun Xi and Chen Fei Yu, and Guardians of the Land with Chen Xing Xu and Chen Mu Chi.

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