Fifteen Year Old C-actress Ai Mi is Another Gorgeous Breakout From the Visually Stacked Cast of My Journey to You

So the Easter Eggs in My Journey to You are aplenty and even early characters who seemingly are offed get further fleshing out whether in flashbacks or not yet dead returns. Teen actress Ai Mi, who plays Yun Que the younger sister of Yu Shu Xin‘s assassin character Yun Wei Shan, is one of those unexpected and heart breaking returns. She shows up early to hint that Yun Wei Shan has someone she cares about and a reason to exact revenge on the Gong family for Yun Que’s death, and then later we see it’s an entirely different set of facts but even more sad. Young actress Ai Mi really caught my eye from the get go and to later find out she’s only fifteen years old in real life is astonishing because she gives off a much more established aura onscreen. My Journey to You has become as a secondary gift that keeps on giving is the unearthing and/or breakout platform for so many talented actors and actresses.

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