Criminal Minds K-drama Remake Leads Lee Jun Ki and Son Hyun Joo in Vogue Korea July Edition

The look may be dark and mildly sinister but the talent and aura of actors Lee Jun Ki and Son Hyun Joo is bright burning charisma. That the K-drama remake of Criminal Minds pairs the two together is a masterstroke and I can’t to see how they spur each other on to greater intensity. Sometimes Jun Ki does need to dial it out a smidge but that tends to be on the sageuk side when performances veer towards the theatrical, on modern dramas he’s just pitch perfect for me whether as the falsely accused father in Two Weeks or cop-and-gangster machismo of Time Between Dog and Wolf. This Vogue Korea pictorial with Lee Jun Ki and Son Hyun Joo is intentionally dark, so commenting that it’s too dreary is besides the point, but I do hope the duo gets some lighthearted moments in the drama in between cracking cases.


Criminal Minds K-drama Remake Leads Lee Jun Ki and Son Hyun Joo in Vogue Korea July Edition — 19 Comments

  1. Lee Joon Gi and Son Hyun Joo are just oozing power and perfection.Our profilers release the poster photos and teaser and let’s get into some summer goodness☺.Criminal Minds Fighting????.

  2. I love Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart, the best korean drama we ever watched, really a masterpiece drama and rate 10/10 from everyone who watched it that’s why we are all excited to watch the Criminal Minds. We will definitely watch this drama. You are a real great actor Lee Joon Gi.

  3. I’m a fan of Korean drama for many years but Scarlet Heart is the best korean drama I’ve ever watched. All the episodes are so captivating and all the cast was great especially Lee Joon Gi. To be honest Scarlet Heart is the best and number 1 korean drama of all time and I became fan of Lee Joon Gi because of that. I can’t wait for his new project Criminal Minds, I’m sure it will be amazing like Scarlet Heart. We are excited on this.

  4. I will watch anything with Lee Jun Ki in it. He is my ultimate bias along with Park Hyung Sik. And that jawline and phoenix eyes….he is just smoking hottttt.

  5. It’s a pairing of my fave actors and bonus with Moon Chae Won onboard. I am eagerly waiting for the drama poster and teasers. If there is anything, I know my Lee Jun Ki will never ever dissapoint.

  6. I didn’t like Scarlet (except for Kang Na Heul who was really great :p ) so I’m imaptient to see him in a good drama !

  7. Lee Jun Ki just makes me want to drop to the floor and melt. He’s so gorgeous I keep wondering how he doesn’t just live in front of a mirror lol.

    And Criminal Minds’ leading lady is none other than my princess Moon Chae Won. … I’ve dreamed of this pairing of the prince and princess of sageuk for a long time, funny how they’re now costars on a modern drama and I’m not even sure if there is a love line at all!

  8. Lee Jun Ki is a phenomenal actor. All he needs now is lady luck on his side. He has put up nothing short from spectacular performance each and everytime but always ended up in badly written dramas. I have no complaint over the casting of CM cause everyone are great, now its down to writings and I hope LJK strikes jackpot this time around.

  9. I can’t wait for this drama to aired. Lee Joon Gi is such a great actor. I’ve been watching all his drama and my favorite is Scarlet Heart, that drama makes me fall in love more to Joon Gi oppa. I’ve watched other drama but nothing can compare to Scarlet Heart, so amazing drama. Good luck oppa to your new drama we know this will be great too. We love you oppa lee joon gi, we miss you and can’t wait to see you again on tv series. Saranghae oppa

  10. Lee Joon Gi! I can’t wait for this drama. I hope it gets good ratings in Korea, there’s so much talent in the cast.

  11. ok. Moon Lovers is my favorite drama and Wang So my favorite character ever… so i was dying to see him in my screen. but this pairing with SHJ is killing me!!! i can´t wait to see them acting together even if my screen would likely explode…
    LJG and CM fighting!!!!

  12. @Klara, yeah so I heard..anyway its worth waiting…let them work at their own pace..I’m still hyped about this…fighting Criminal Minds????

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