Aaron Yan Filming New TW-drama with Tia Li as Puff Guo Returns to Korea to Join Heechul for We Got Married

Taiwan dramas hasn’t produced an onscreen drama couple quite as popular as Aaron Yan paired with Puff Guo in quite some time. The heydays of Joe ChengAriel Lin or Rainie YangMike He are long past, and occasionally there is a couple that takes their real life attraction and sells it in drama land like George Hu and Annie Chen. I don’t think anything is going on with Puff and Aaron behind the scenes other then they really click as friends and seem to love working together and hanging out. All in good fun stuff. Which is why I like them to pair up for more dramas since it’s really about watching them act adorable behind the scenes and act effortlessly in front of the screen. Their acting is passable at best but when its smushed together it just works. It’s a disappointing turn of events to have Puff pass on the upcoming SETTV Sunday night drama Falling Love With Me (愛上兩個我 Falling in Love with Two of Me) due to her filming for We Got Married Global Edition Season 2 with Super Junior’s Heechul. Stepping in is her fellow Dream Girls group mate Tia Li, who will be headlining her first SETTV leading lady role and consider me totally cringing already. She could end up surprising me, but then again, a genetic freak of a pig could exist with wings and fly. Aaron showed up at the media event to kick off filming for the drama and for some reason Tia wasn’t there so I can’t tell you if they look like they could have chemistry together. Aaron was of course asked about Puff and he confessed she was a great co-star and very easy to make friends with, whereas Tia is more reserved and takes long to open up. While Aaron is off playing a guy with dual personalities and both sides of him will romance Tia in the drama, Puff is back in Korea filming more of WGM with Heechul and they posted cute new selcas below. They are still sporting the same couples orange-red hair and still look mighty cute in that manga playful way. Falling Love With Me starts airing the first week of May after Deja Vu wraps up at the end of April while Puff and Heechul will greet the audiences for WGM in the middle of April. Continue reading