Office Girls Holds Final Fan Meeting and Passes Baton to Love Forward

Congrats to the cast of Office Girls, with episode 22 finally breaking 6 and hitting 6.50 in ratings! All good things must come to an end, and I’m totally going to be sad to see OG¬†end. The cast held a final fan meeting this weekend, which also had two special guests. It’s of course the SETTV traditional Sunday night idol drama baton pass, this time it’s OG’s Roy Qiu and Alice Ke passing their respective bears from their drama to Amber Kuo and Tony Yang, the leads for the upcoming Love Forward. SETTV used to do more than pass the baton, sometimes even having the OTP from the previous drama guest star in the first episode of the successor drama. The baton handoff didn’t happen between Drunken to Love You and Office Girls, which everyone chalks up to the awkwardness that would ensue should Rainie Yang of DTLY have to get all cozy with her ex-boyfriend Roy. For now, I continue to savor each and every little bit of OG, from the cast cuteness at the fan meeting to the final bits of awesome in the drama itself. Continue reading