LOVE Holds Star-Studded Movie Premiere in Taipei

Director and actor Doze Niu‘s star-studded and long awaited movie LOVE finally gets its release this weekend just in time for Valentine’s Day. Six out of his eight big stars attended the lavish Taipei premiere to add some glamour to the proceedings. Only Vicky Zhao and Ethan Ruan were missing, with Eddie Peng, Mark Chao, Amber Kuo, Shu Qi, and Ivy Chen walking the red carpet along with Director Niu. The cutest part was actually offscreen, as Ethan sent his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu to the premiere in his stead since he’s off fulfilling his military service, and she was escorted by none other than Ethan’s good buddy Joe Cheng. The movie looks great and seems fun. Can’t wait to check it out when it’s available Stateside, where we’re currently stuck with overripe junk movies like The Vow for this V-day weekend. Continue reading

LOVE with Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Shu Qi and Vicky Zhao Releases First Teaser

Director Doze Niu’s mega cast romantic move LOVE wrapped filming back in September with an eye toward a 2012 Valentine’s Day release. The first teaser has dropped and it looks absolutely fantastic. Starring Ethan Ruan, Shu Qi, Mark Chao, (Vicki) … Continue reading