J-actor Narimiya Hiroki Retires From Acting After Tabloid Publishes Invasion of Privacy Allegations of Drug Use


K-ent tabloids get tons of flack for running covert ops dating and scandal stories but over in Japan it’s just as bad if not worse. Last week was particularly bad as J-ent lost a talented actor after one very egregious invasion of privacy hack job by tabloid magazine Friday. The magazine ran a story alleging that actor Narimiya Hiroki used cocaine in his home accompanied by pictures of him sitting in front of a table with various items on it that isn’t clear where there was even anything illicit. Narimiya Hiroki immediately issued a vehement denial and his agency investigated and even ran a drug test which came back clean.

Then Friday followed up threatening to release audio from that night confirming there was drug use. The actor once again denied any drug use and released an official statement that he was retiring from acting immediately because of this gross betrayal by a good friend and the parasitic nature of being a star when his private life is splashed before the world without any recourse. His agency lamented the retirement and stands behind Narimiya Hiroki’s decision. Japanese netizens are beyond furious at Friday for this invasion of privacy (regardless of whether the report is true or false) and for forcing a popular star to retire. I agree, I like Hiroki for his acting talent not whether he does something in his own private time at home that I agree with or not. Continue reading

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