Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Min Jae Enter the Idol Life in First Script Reading for KBS Drama The Big Hit

Judging from the wide smiles at the table read for upcoming KBS variety drama The Big Hit, this is clearly a story that entertains the talented cast assembled to bring it to life. Nearly two years after the different and ambitious Producer tried out the variety drama melded genre, the network is doing a second go-around with the same format and one returning familiar face. Cha Tae Hyun was in Producer and is back to act in and also co-direct The Big Hit alongside main PD Yoo Ho Jin who formerly helmed hit variety show 2D1N. This time around the leads are all just youngsters, with my cutie pie Yoon Si Yoon trading the doom and gloom of Mirror of the Witch for the idol life playing a scandal prone top male idol, Kim Min Jae is supposed to study for the civil exam but is training to become the best idol ever, and Lee Se Young rounds out the cast as the female lead. The drama is slated to air in May. Continue reading