Happy Michelin Kitchen Premieres Next Week on Lunar New Year

Premiering exactly one year after it’s predecessor drama Sunny HappinessHappy Michelin Kitchen will finally hit the airwaves next week on January 23rd after finishing filming last year. HMK is the third and final drama in the Happy Trilogy, and continuing with tradition this one has boatload of cameos from stars of the first two dramas. This time the leads are Cheryl Yang and Blue Lan, and the drama has shades of Coffee Prince but with a completely different plot progression beyond the initial set up of guy thinks girl is a guy because girl dresses like one.

Truth be told, I doubt HMK will win my heart the same way SH unexpectedly did last year, so I’m watching primarily to see the cameos, and hopefully the drama turns out not bad. The production did a trailer dump last week, so have a look to see if it strikes your fancy. Second leads Wu Jian Fei and Ying Er look so far so good in the trailers. It’s nice to see a production not try to turn Ying Er into an ahjumma and allow her natural prettiness to grace the screen. I hope the two second leads getogether because they look cute together.

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