Wu Zun in the Pages of the May Edition of Esquire Hong Kong Magazine

Dayum boy, you are getting finer by the day. Wu Zun graced the pages of May’s Esquire HK magazine, and I’m not even going to bother translating the article, because my boy Zun isn’t exactly known for his, uh, deep thoughts. What he is known for (to-die-for cheekbones, patrician features, and the ability to be the prettiest man in any room), he appears to have improved on. How that can be done, I frankly have no clue. All I know is I almost went cross-eyed for a moment looking at these pictures. It was all little too much sensory overload.


If you had asked me which TW-actor of the last decade would be best suited to star in period projects, whether dramas or movies, I would have put Wu Zun near dead last. Being such a wooden actor, I couldn’t fathom how he’d pull off the gravitas to do wuxia or period thrillers. And then he went and banged out three period movies in a row, and is now signed up for a fourth one. He’s not afraid of challenges, that’s for sure. After watching the long trailer for My Kingdom, I’m totally looking forward to watching Wu Zun in it.

[Credit: all pictures from moko.ccΒ courtesy of Esquire Hong Kong]


Wu Zun in the Pages of the May Edition of Esquire Hong Kong Magazine — 22 Comments

      • Dork! (I can say that becuz she’s my fwend) Heehee. β™₯

        Okay, but how annoying is it that these guys just keep getting hotter as they get older? What is up with that?! XD

  1. Omo… Am I the only one who sees a younger Song Seung-Heon Oppa here? From the amazing cheekbones (and global gorgeousness) to the er… could-still-improve acting? I hope Wu Zun will age like SSH, and realize that looking cool is not what matters… And who knows, he might even have a My Princess-type of moment as well?

    • The resemblance is uncanny and getting more pronounced as time goes by. They could literally be blood brothers in these pictures and recent MP stills of SSH. My Heon-oppa love probably influences why I have such a pinch-his-cheeks-he’s-so-adorable soft spot for Zun. Who, frankly, sucks way more at acting than SSH ever did. Still, he tries….

      • Probably the same here. SSH, at least, turned out a very reasonable and mature actor in the last interview I read of him. Obviously, I haven’t read Wu Zun’s interview, but from what you say I guess they’re not exactly on the same level there, heh…
        They both have similar paths though, one being a model-turned-actor, the other an idol-turned-actor… No surprise both had/have the obsession of looking ‘cool’ on camera, before even mastering the acting chops. Hopefully our Oppa is getting out of this (:

        Wu Zun is damned fine though *dreamy*. I guess it’s just fate being fair, you cannot be *ΓΉ*!$^ handsome AND a good actor at the same time πŸ˜€

    • I was told how great singers nowadays are not that pretty, and I guess Wu Zun was not gifted in so many ways too….GOD is fair πŸ˜‰ And I wished he was much a simple guy….I guess something is making him happy and it ain’t me ahihihi…. πŸ˜‰ I liked this guy more than anyone can put their fingers on…. I guess I have always seen things beyond the naked eye, hehehe I handled a team of poor performers and it challenged me to make them perform (I know he’s not perfect that’s a fact)…. this guy gotta have passion, but what scares me is that he knows he’s pretty….I guess he’ll never know why I loved him so….he’d never asked hahaha for two years I watched him grow and I could not say why I had to let go and help someone else it’s what angels do right rescue a lost soul so I had to jump to the next soul in need ahihihi….he’ll make his own mark in this world, I’d leave a legacy in my own time and pace too….
      πŸ˜‰ Media is a small world if we were bound to meet we will meet πŸ˜‰

  2. HOTTTZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! **drools** omo ok **speechless** ..sorry I just don’t have words to describe how HOT this man is…**keeps looking**….

  3. Don’t know who he is, but damn…he’s hot!

    Maybe it’s just me but he looks a lot like Song Il Kook. Especially in the pics where he’s on the floor.

  4. This guy should thank his parents every day on his knees for making him soooo gorgeous. He ain’t much of a singer and definitely can’t act. His cute butt is the only reason I sat trough the entire Tokyo Juliet and half Romantic Princess + some other stuff I’m ashamed to mention …

  5. Oh yeah I ran away from a fan site so I could avoid seeing this guy and whatdya know it seems fate is stalking me and life is being a tease (I love Koala’s blogs and her as well so honest πŸ˜‰ )….yes currently I keep pinching myself back to earth…. I’m floating again I keep seeing a poor child who I greatly have this urge to run over hug and arm wrestle with, I don’t care about those big arms I think with my well trained instinct I’d win LOL πŸ˜‰ This guy brings the best and worst in me arghhhh… πŸ˜‰ If I see you I’d probably slap you and then kiss you at the same time…. I’m going short circuit gotta go I’m writing a bed time story wish me luck it may be the start of my writing career for kids mwah fun fun fun!!!!

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