Lee Seung Gi Films Cameo Appearance for Best Love Episode 9

The Hong Sisters love to do cameos in their dramas, and there is no shortage of actors made famous in a Hong Sisters drama that is more than happy to come back. Best Love is the ideal drama for celebrity cameos, because its set in the K-ent world. Park Shi Yeon (who did My Girl) has already cameod as an actress named Kim Hee Jin. Now the Hong Sisters have gotten their last leading man Lee Seung Gi (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) to cameo, but this time as himself. Awwww, so cute.

What makes this cameo doubly entertaining is the fact that Lee Seung Gi was originally slated to be the male lead for Best Love, back when it was called The Discovery of Affection. The story was supposed to be a noona-dongsaeng romance, with an older Gong Hyo Jin paired with a younger Lee Seung Gi. Ultimately that didn’t pan out and the story concept was scrapped and voila, we get the Best Love of today. Seung Gi is slated to show-up in episode 9 of BL.

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Lee Seung Gi Films Cameo Appearance for Best Love Episode 9 — 19 Comments

  1. I’m kinda glad the first idea was scrapped. As much as I love Lee Seung Gi, it would have been such a loss to have never seen Cha Seung Won’s utterly insane but somehow loveable Dokko Jin.

  2. they look so happy in the pics…. i wanna join them and hug them both
    i’ve never watched a LSG drama (MGIAG is on my list) but I am so happy that CSW is Dokko Jin, cause i can’t imagine someone else as DJ and as AJ couple. in fact i’m watching BL because of CSW <33333
    waiting like crazy for wednesday and episode 9 to come!!!!!!

  3. Is it bad that i’ve yet to watch MGIAG?
    Is it a recommended series?

    I think i can safely give an unbias comment regarding this lee seung gi guy since i’ve yet to watch his dramas… hmm. lol no comment. I’m not attracted to the guy (guess i have to watch MGIAG to find out…)


    • If you like rom com.. you will like MGIAG… LSG is excellent.. the chemistry between the leads is wonderful…. the first couple episode might be slow.. but it picked up from there.. highly recommended.

      • ooh so much love for this guy, it seems.

        Will watch MGIAG soon-ish. Thanks! 🙂

  4. That’s awesome! Lee Seung gi always lights up the screen; he will add more spark to this already brilliant series 🙂

  5. I don’t know if anybody here is following Manny (which is awesome!) but it would have made a ton more sense if LSG did a cameo appearance there. Anyway, love him and loved MGIAG so I will watch him where ever he shows up

    • hahaha manny it would make so much sense
      eun bi’s obsession with LSG is so outrageously funny
      hahaha can’t wait this week’s ep

      • lol – i had dropped manny because of the many dramas coming out, but now I will have to watch it!! eun Bi was the character i was most interested in the first few episodes!

  6. It would be awesome if he cameos as the celebrity guy who back-stabbed Ae Jung even though they were together. Yunno, the one Greedy Granpa and Ae Hwan talked about.

    • That would be so great if he was the backstabbing old love of Ae Jung, but Lee Seung Gi is playing as himself and he is just too nice of a guy to ever back-stab anyone.

  7. i wish that GHJ’s real life bf (Ryu seung beon) will do a cameo like what he did in her old drama Pasta…and im also happy that the the 1st script was scrapped because i wont see the adorable and crazily funny CSW..i also think that GHJ’s team up here with CSW and YKS is awesome..

  8. Is he guesting as Cha, DaeWoong or as himself? If he’s DaeWoong, will they mention Miho? Kyaa!!! Curious!!! Miss ‘Hoi Couple’… FIGHTING!!!

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