Yoon Eun Hye and Ethan Ruan Film China Cellphone CF Together

Yoon Eun Hye wrapped filming for Lie to Me and immediately she’s off on her other work engagements. She’s just filmed a cell phone CF with Ethan Ruan (Xiao Tian). The CF was filmed in China, and already Ethan is on a flight back to Taiwan (hee hee, I have an Ethan post coming up, I know what he’s headed back to Taiwan for). Eun Hye posted pictures on her Twitterย and Ethan posted a picture on his Weibo along with this note: “Just finished shooting a CF with Ms. Yoon Eun Hye. She’s really pretty, a warm and shy girl. Thrilled to be working on this.”

Eun Hye wrote: “Shooting with the very courteous Ruan Jing Tian-nim, feeling so shy!” She also wrote a second tweet: “At the set for the China cellphone CF. Together with Taiwn’s popular actor Ruan Jing Tian….very kind and very adorable. Traveling so far to be here, feeling happy that we can smileย when working together. Hope to leave a good impression of Korea.” Ethan and Eun Hye look adorable together. But I think a certain oppa may be jealous……ย  ๐Ÿ˜›

I think Eun Hye needs emulate Ethan, the man has been publicly dating Tiffany Hsu for over 6 years, and his popularity, fame, and critical acclaim just keeps skyrocketing. Actually, Xiao Zhong (Joe Cheng) and Xiao Mei (Mike He) need to find themselves girlfriends, too. Who says one can’t have personal happiness and professional success, right?

[Credit: pictures from the twitter account of Yoon Eun Hye and the Weibo account of Ethan Ruan]


Yoon Eun Hye and Ethan Ruan Film China Cellphone CF Together — 94 Comments

  1. Ahhhhh
    That certain Mr better be jealous. Shoot im jealous, and not because of Ethan either. Hahahah
    Aww but Ethan is adorbs. Its funny, I really never cared about commercials, In fact I despise them most times, until I started to like korean dramas and saw that its another outlet to see your fave celeb. Good thing Yoon Eun Hye does these cf’s regularly too.

  2. I love her dress…totally my style. Yes, YEH take an example from Ethan and publicly date Kang Ji Hwan…go to Japan to visit! Now who to pair Joe and Mike up with because the Ariel/Rainie boat has sailed?

  3. she wearing the same bracelet in LTM..

    KJH better be jealous..its not just Ethan and lucky its just Ethan now..a lot will be after YEH. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Yoon Eun Yeh dear! Better watch out, someone will get jealous…it’s only a CF, but why I could not bear to see her with other men what more if she’s set to do another drama. to be honest I’m more jealous seeing her with other men.I have a feeling that, Lie To Me is the last time we get to see YEH doing intense kissing scenes coz pretty soon someone will be marking his territory. ( wink)

    • I am perfectly secure for them to do projects and CFs with other people. As I know they are also secure with that as well. It’s nice to have a peace of mind on this. Otherwise I’d go beserk waiting for HwanHye to go public. Hell, it usually takes a few months after wrapping filming for couples to go public, if they agree to.

      KyoBin – 4 months after WW, Eugene-KTY – 1 year later, NSM-LSY – 5 months later. Everyone needs to chill. No way we’re getting any news anytime soon.

      • I agree, and considering how KJH has and needs projects to make up for his last 2 years being blacklisted, I highly doubt they’d be going public anytime soon.

        If they can’t commit to their characters fully in the future just because of a relationship, what good would that be for their career? I just always think of Lee Sun Gyun and how even if he’s so happily married, he can still do amazing work.

      • To wait 4 months for the good news is killing me, I cant wait 1 year unless they are going to come out and invite me to their wedding! Ah, the truth does hurt Koala. It reall does.
        You know, I’m really disappointed in myself that I fell back on a shipping wagon. I mean, the only celebs I’ve ever shipped was ArJoe, and look where that got me? Broken hearted!!

      • Does that mean HwanHye shippers will need to wait that long? arggggghhhhhh that also means our sanity needs to take a long long long vacation ๐Ÿ˜€

      • @Leishers speaking of Joe Cheng, I remember him saying that YEH is his first choice to play It started With A Kiss/Playful Kiss Korean version

        In regards to the Korean version of the ISWAK, Joe Cheng stated that Lee Min Ho would be an ideal main actor for the role which he played. As for his choice of the main actress, Joe Cheng didn’t even hesitate in saying Yoon Eun Hye. http://yooneunhye.net/forums/topic/joe-changs-choice-of-leading-actors-for-playful-kiss


        Totally understand what your saying, I tried my hardest not to ship the Cola Couple but how can I not when their chemistry is just so undeniable?

        But I also agree with ockoala, there is no way that they are gonna go public any time soon. Both are too busy, maybe in 2 years if they are really together ot if they are still together, will they go public. The downfall in their relationship, is that they are not just regular celebrities…they are both famous so they would feel they have more to lose by getting caught. We all know the ending of almost all high profile couples, who’ve gone public, almost all of them broke up in the end, because after finally taking the courage of going public, media was hounding them…I heard Song Hye Kyo even got threats from antis…so maybe it’s better to keep things private.

      • My Korean friend watched a few ep of LTM as per my recommendation and she told me that it is impossible that they are just acting. She thinks there must be something going on between them. When I showed her the “airport scene” before KJ went to China, she just gave out a “Wo…………w”! That’s not acting!

      • I’m willing to wait as long as it’s good news. =) anyway, hi to all… it’s monday tomorrow and I feel empty without LTM…

      • Remember LTM scene where GAJ and HKJ was sitting on the staircase (near her office). HKJ wanted to tell GAJ that he was going to China. GAJ said to HKJ, it was not the time yet to reveal their relationship, since it would be all over on the papers….well, same case here….LOL……if I were YEH, I would also prefer to keep it secret first, especially on the baby stage of the relationship. Once the relationship is steady / confirm will get marriage, only then I would announce it to public.

        Well, maybe in 1-2 years down the road….

    • oh gawddd this is where the pain starts seeing them with different (WORKING) partners in real life when i have not move on one bit after LTM has ended. no matter how adorable they look with their screen partners, my heart resists and cannot be pacified. this is the sad life of a shipper. we take any morsel of news/speculations big or small just to keep us going. but as of now we are seeing them attending to their individual works which makes it suck for us. lucky for us shippers though Ethan has got a significant other and does not live in S.K. or else my heart will start to feel unsettle. well it is as of current until we have the official announcement our OTP are definitely an item. who knows when that will be.

      hehehe i like that thought migs, LTM is the last drama YEH will have intense kissing scene. i cannot imagine her kissing other actors like she did with her Oppa. thing is if she will then we have something to compare with. i think whoever she will be paired next will perhaps expect intense kissing with her since she has no qualms doing it for the good of the drama. well KJH is special so i guess he is par above the rest.

      btw, did you get my PM? i still have not posted at Soompi. hehe am scared of the police.

      • I haven’t gone to soompi lately, u know I’m under probation, u know me and my big mouth always get me in trouble, I guess I need to behave or else I’ll go to jail. But i’ll go check now. How are you Leah? Haven’t seen or heard from you lately, hope ur out of ur probation period. Hehehehe. Chat u later!!!!

  5. Although I like Ethan, he’s cute charming and all, he is just not Kang Ji Hwan. *sigh* LTM totally ruined me. I would probably feel better if I KNOW that both KJH and YEH are together in real life and have a solid relationship. Then whoever they are paired with in CFs and other dramas is ok, because I know it is just work.

  6. THAT particular oppa had better be jealous, so he will make his moves, big moves.
    Or has he already? *finger crossed*

      • @ dzigh……10000000% agreeee…. :P…… just want to see kang ji hwan paired with yoon eun hye.. other than that i think i better seing another drama… atleast i’m not seing kang ji hwan playing another drama with another lead female….hehehehhehe….:).. yoon eun hye jia you, you are so beautifull here, wish all the best for you …..

  7. still haven’t moved on. even become a sneeky person. tried to sneak inn to my son rm. to watch LTM on his 55 screen tv( his out for 3day wk/end) butI can’t figure out how to connect my laptop. I hate all these gadget that connect to his tv(ps3 xbox cable box n theres 2 more. its hard for this halmoni to figure all this gadget. maybe I’ll just ask him when he comes back. I really like to see the ocean view n of course the kisses on big screen.

  8. We just have to be open minded people.HWANYEH are both working people.Be it commercials or other drama lets be happy they are earning money before they decide to marry. Iam sure after they admit their love they wouldnt want to be away from each other.
    Excuse me if iam going way over my head. .
    I am just very sure they are MU. Filipino term for someone starting a relationship. They have MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING that they are in relationship and that they love in each other.

    Che Rowley

    • @che rowley…another meaning of MU in our language is Mag-Un hehehe yeah i think they’re on that stage…or EXCLUSIVELY DATING haha more appropriate? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Exclusively dating yes sounds better.Just as they can find time to be together is so okay with me.
        Che Rowley

  9. oh my goodness, she is really a workaholic, she just finished LTM few days ago and now she is very busy doing lots od CF’s. after this i think she is going to hong kong and taiwan to promote Amystry.

  10. She always looks good with all of her co-stars no matter how old they r…

    She is so cute as well…

    I can’t wait to see this CF

  11. Yoon Eun Hye looks glowing and happy =) i don’t know, maybe it’s her hair style or her dress, she doesn’t look like the girl she used to be but more like a woman now, i don’t know, she just looks different now, maybe i am just thinking too much. still can’t get over LTM.

  12. It’s really nice reading and looking that YEH is doing her professional life right after LTM. If she has projects lined up after it, it’s good also. And the certain-oppa-who-should-be-jealous if he is well on his work, that’ll be great too!
    I hope they are able to work out some time to connect. If they continue just like ahjung and kijoon did. (AJ went to jeju, continue with her job. KJ went on with his job, and keep on contacting each other). Hope we will hear some good news in a month or two…. (Or do they need more?) Hahah

  13. I can’t get enough of HwanHye. I’ve been a stalker in the playground for quite sometime looking for any update on our OTP. I wonder when will they air the DC of LTM? Ms. Yoon looks adorable here. If I am Mr. Kang, I’d ask her for a date a.s.a.p.

  14. It is a little weird seeing them together.. never seen t and k drama actors working together. They look good ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mike keeps saying he is looking for a gf. But for the actors, you never know if they already have one, with all secrecy going on nowadays…

  15. YEH is in love the reason why sheโ€™s glowing and looked radiant and looking at her photo I donโ€™t see iota tiredness visible in her appearance even after LTM. I see a YEH bursting with energyโ€ฆ ๏Š๏Š๏Š

  16. I think both YEH and KJH kinda support each other in term of their job and activities. For the good start, it can be seen from their LTM BTS; they discuss the scene and practice together a lot of time. Is a good think and make me want them to be together even more ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Let her Oppa sweats a bit seeing his super pretty yoja chingu posing with equally smokin hot Xiao Tian, hahah.

  18. Ok, Iofficially admitted that I can NOT move on from LTM and HwanHye.I have to find regular updates on them and thanks goodness we got detective Koalas..YEH looks so adorable and irresistable…

    Honestly,for me it is not the same spark as I just saw few days ago…I can’t see her with anyone else..oh deary me…I seriously need JH’s watch to fasten time..

  19. Thank you Mommy Koala for keeping people updated on HwanHye’s activities:)

    More reason to be proud for us Lie To Me fanatics. Lie To Me is kicking major ass internationally…

    Sites in Japan conducted a survey recently for the ‘Most want to watch drama’ participated by 1,206 people. Lie To Me got 46% (410 votes) with comment like ‘The romcom is Japanese Favorite Style’. Followed by Miss Ripley 25% (301 votes), City Hunter 17.7% (213 votes) and Best Love 17.2% (207 votes) in fourth place. credit: Lhay http://yooneunhye.net/forums/topic/yoon-eun-hye-drama-lie-to-me/page/70#post-11344

  20. Miss Kaola
    I leave a message to YEH net and could be pleased to let you know
    point one finger or two fingers as Miss Yoon is swearing ,,,,,,,,,……

    The way her co actor and the girl next to her — two fingers mean victory
    I believe all the international fans know what is the different!!!!!!!!!

    • Believe it or not, I think we just found out from your post what the two fingers mean. I live in the US and I’ve never seen that as a bad sign…

    • I live in the US too! I don’t see anything wrong with that. It is not like you pointing the middle finger at someone.

    • Uh… what are you saying? Two fingers is a victory sign in many parts of the world and is very common in taking pictures in Asia (see all BTS crew pictures of LTM). The only place it’s considered an insult is the UK where it’s equivalent to the middle finger.

      But the thumbs up signal is the same. If you do it in Middle Eastern countries, it’s the most insulting thing you could do since it’s the equivalent of the middle finger in western countries.

      So I don’t know what you could possibly be insinuating, @bobo.

  21. Koala do you have any news on Love Song?
    I know this will never happen but i wish to see YEH and KJK in Love Song.

    • U mean KJH right? KJK is the Han Namja singer ๐Ÿ™‚

      About the V sign, I live in Australia and honestly, we don’t do that sign (for peace or insult) here except if u r Asian taking a photo and everyone knows it means peace to Asians whether it’s facing your way or the other.. perhaps before it was offensive if it’s facing the other way but nowadays I only see the middle finger being showed when someone is insulting someone..?

      oh well, not an expert on the subject..

      • It’s a sign of peace, we often do that in our place, in our country … when we hear mass usually when we see our friends on the other end we make the V sign for “peace be with you.”

  22. YEH looks adorable. She’s indeed glowing…must be due to a certain Oppa. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the update Koala. Ethan is cute!

  23. is the v signs happens in yen ‘s sign before or the facts is oppa v signs?if they r, lovers were affect each other as ones move.hahaha =)

  24. @ Miss koala…haloooooo, just get back from the church and want to see latest news from my favorite OTP ever … :)…..first of all i want to say thank you to Miss KOALAS. thank you so much for giving us a latest news about our OTP…. thank you :)….. right now im watching the MV on baidu ( kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye)…. ๐Ÿ™‚ … i missed them so much, and i think i want to see LIE TO ME marathon, i want to buy the dvd, im looking it but not yet there in here in indonesia….. :(… anyway succed always AND all the best wishes for KOALAS PLAYGROUND, for ALL THE FANS OF YOON EUN HYE AND KANG JI HWAN, for OUR LOVELY COUPLE YOON EUN HYE AND KAN JI HWAN :p ….. GBU

    • hi @fafa, from Indo tooo here *wave both of arms*
      there are some indo-LTM-fans around too.

      There are many saying Mr ehem better be jealous as YEH suddenly post on her new project in which included to meet new man co-worker, i do want HIM to be jealous indeed. But when i think of KJH upcoming movie or drama, or anything that will lead him to meet a new lady co-worker, i couldn’t imagine how UPSET i am seeing another lady instead YEH beside him >.<

      • @ mell…… ๐Ÿ˜€ it’s nice to know that there is indonesian LTM fans here … :D… hallooooo mell, nice to know you.. yupp yupp yupp, i cannot see KJH with another lead female… that’s why i think i dont want to see KJH new drama or movie with another lead female … :)…. pherhaps i will see the mv of my favourite couple and watch LTM again start from ep 1… or watching another drama… hehehhehhehhe… :p … nice to meet you mell… all the best for you and god bless you …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Ethan will never be Eun Hye’s choice. He is funny, pleasant, naughty boy and definitely not EH’s type. Given LTM’s popularity in China, I hope Kang Ji Hwan and Eun Hye will get offer to do CF soon.

  26. I think oppa is more worried for our pretty Yeh future co-stars. According to my korean colleagues they told me they usually date each other if they find that they are their potential marriage partner. They dont date tom dick harry. haha

  27. Whilst reading this blog i really roll down with laughter as all of us are crazy fanatic Yeh die hard…haha so funny reading all the concerns and comments…aiyoo….

  28. i dont buy china phone even yoon eun hye is the model of that brand i request people who has plan to buy china phone observe im not racist

  29. Glad to see YEH moving on with new projects unlike a bunch of fanatics – that’s us who will stayed glued here watching anything about them. Please keep them coming . . .

  30. thanks, Koala! this is good news indeed. i already miss YEH so much.
    Good thing I could see her in ads and cf. :)) They look good together. well, YEH looks good with anyone she teams up with. YEH unni, Fighting!

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