Taiwan Stars Get Ready for Vogue Magazine Fashion Night Out Taipei

Vogue Magazine sponsors a Fashion Night Out (FNO) in all the countries where it has a local presence. Vogue Taiwan’s FNO is coming up this September 17, 2011, and the magazine has rounded up a slew of Taiwan stars as its fashion ambassadors, including among others, Rainie Yang, Ella, Joseph Chang, and Show Luo. FNO is a relatively new event just three years old, but gaining traction as high fashion hits High Street in most places around the world. Love seeing some of my favorite stars going edgier for Vogue’s FNO Taiwan.

Rainie always pulls off that weird quirky vibe where she’s neither comfortable in her clothes, nor is she awkward. She always give me the feeling like she’s just testing out the waters.

How can this man look so perfect? I’ll stop asking stupid rhetorical questions with respect to Joseph.

Amber Kuo, still looking adorable. Love the hair!

Show Luo, rocking the more youthful boy-next-door look.

Kwai Lun Mei reminds me of Lin Chi Ling for some reason, in the way she poses so artfully in front of cameras.

Yen J, whose music makes drama after drama come alive.

Ella, loving the outfit and the hair, but the pose and her expression are much too stiff.

[Credit: Vogue Taiwan]


Taiwan Stars Get Ready for Vogue Magazine Fashion Night Out Taipei — 14 Comments

  1. awww Show Luo!!! *love *love*
    Hmm… but for some reason I think his photoshoot didn’t do him any justice… others are much clearer I think…

  2. Just a silly question: are Rainie’s hips wide because she uses clothing which
    makes her look “latina”? In DTLY she only loooked “bottom slim” when wearing
    her work uniform. Btw, by “latina” I mean big bottomed, which is something
    we’re infamous for. 😀

  3. aww more joseph goodness!!

    and koala-san, I love you but please don’t ever mention Kwai Lun Mei in the same breath as Lin Chi Ling! It gives me the shudders…. Kwai is such an ingenue, imo one of the best young actresses tw has to offer…. and Lin… well, she should just stick to still images. I cannot quite forgive her for ruining the awesome Red Cliff- they had such an awesome cast. But when RC2 came on, much as I adored the awesomeness that was RC1, i couldn’t bring myself to watch the second movie where the story pretty much centred on her…..

    • LCL can’t “act” if her life depended on it. I was comparing KLM’s modeling ability to LCL’s, which is a high compliment to KLM since LCL is THE top model in Taiwan and really fabulous at it. LCL just can’t quit her day job. She needs to stay the hell away from my movies and dramas. FOREVER.

      • ok on that count, I agree. Top model. Yes. Good at her day job. Yes. Please stick to it. Do not get any funny ideas about venturing into the world of moving images. and sound. oh god, sound. ><

        Now that you say that about KLM, it makes me nostalgic about her first project (or one of her first) Blue Gate Crossing. She was so delightfully awkward in that gangly teenage way, yet her acting was just so so restrained and nuanced. Play that off a young enthusiastic Chen Bo Lin then, it was just magic. And now she's all grown up.

        Have you watched that? TW does alot of youth-themed movies, but that, now that is on an entirely different plane of existence. I adored it to bits when I watched it just before I entered college. It was so bittersweet for one just entering adulthood. The OST was all kinds of awesome as well.

  4. I love FNO…but I didn’t go last night.

    I went and got my hair done and then when I got home instead of changing clothes…I went to sleep LOL. I’m at work right now with my awesome hair pinned up (I’m in the military)

    I didn’t know it was popular outside of the US and a few European cities.

  5. Question. Why isn’t Yen J in dramas? On the screen, I mean. That there man is gorgeous. He actually looks like an older Song Joong Ki, and I can so get behind that.

  6. omo…both of Rainie’s leading men are here…but where’s Mike He??? that would have been more complete for me…ke ke ke…

    they’re all gorgeous and handsome!!!

    thanks koala!!!

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