Office Girls Episode 10 Recap

So Stallone has officially turned quad-lingual on me in episode 10 of Office Girls, forcing me to use of four languages just to fully appreciate his snerk. The man drops Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, and now even Japanese into his dialogue seamlessly, killing me each time with his delivery and intonation. OG continues to move along nicely, taking its time to bring Xing Ren and Zi Qi closer to their mutual epiphany about their feelings for each other, yet allowing us to enjoy the ride because the rest of the stuff is entertaining as all out. This drama is just fun, with such a joie de vivre that it is the antithesis of angst and melodrama. I hope to god it continues to stay this way, because I crave simple happiness in my dramas these days.

Day 10 – More Love, More Hate, What an Emotional World:

Xing Ren explains to Zi Qi that a department store’s anniversary is like the Oscar’s of the shopping world, so he needs to just work hard and don’t goof off. Zi Qi is silent and looks out of it, leading Xing Ren to ask if something happened between him and Kai Er? Zi Qi explains Kai Er had a headache and he took her to see the doctor and she’s all better now. Zi Qi tuns the tables and asks how Xing Ren’s doing, what with her making headline gossip news. Did her mom call to ask for an explanation?

Xing Ren says her mom did call and she explained clearly already. Zi Qi wonders if Xing Ren’s mom didn’t ask how Zi Qi felt about all this? XIng Ren doesn’t think her mom ought to care about how Zi Qi feels. Who does he think he is? Zi Qi reminds Xing Ren that he is “Mama Shen’s Zi Qi”, to which Xing Ren says that was just her mom being nice. She can’t believe Zi Qi is taking it so seriously. Zi Qi doesn’t think Mama Shen called him that just to be nice.

Suddenly their colleague runs over to tell them that Yu Cheng Feng is holding a press conference right now to explain the scandal. When Xing Ren wants to go, Qi Zi stops her, reminding her that her presence will just fan the flames. He heads over to see how Lao Yu plans to handle this.

Zi Qi walks up to join Stallone, who is standing at the outskirts of the media gathered at the press conference. Stallone offers to take Zi Qi to his seat, and when Zi Qi says sure, Stallone yells at them for not working and goofing off here.

Zi Qi glibly replies that Master Yu is holding a spiritual soul passing buddhist ceremony here and he’s here to get some ancillary good mojo. Stallone says through clenched teeth that he says one word, Zi Qi responds with ten quips. Why yes, sir, that he does. He allows them to stay and watch how a Master conducts himself in these situations.

Yu Cheng Feng sits down and tells the media that he is just good friends with Ms. Shen, and this scandal is just a misunderstanding. He hopes that the media will leave Ms. Shen alone from now on. Their colleague notes that Master Yu appears to be trying to protect Xing Ren, but this makes it seem even fishier. Zi Qi hears this and his face freezes. He stands behind a camera and pretends to be the media to ask a question, wondering if Yu Cheng Feng still intends to go out with Shen Xing Ren in the future?

Yu Cheng Feng confirms he will, because they are just friends, and he doesn’t want any potential scandal to affect how he interacts with his friends. Zi Qi hears his response and flips his camera on its stand before pouting away. LOL, his jealousy is just so darn cute. Stallone whispers to Zi Qi that this is real love at work here. Yu Cheng Feng also confirms that he’s taken over as the director of the brand PB, while his partner Mina remains with the Yu Cheng Feng brand.

When asked if Wei Mina agrees to his leaving, she speaks up and says of course not. Mina walks past Stallone and Zi Qi and up to the front, where she greets the media warmly. Stallone stares at her and drools, calling her the real deal hottie with a tight ass and a great figure. Mina says she believes in Yu Cheng Feng’s explanation and ends the press conference. She drags Yu Cheng Feng away.

The boys return to the office where Xing Ren has been working by herself. Zi Qi tells her that her Master Yu held a demon repelling ceremony, but his powers were not enough, so he found himself cornered by evil forces, with his life at stake. XIng Ren asks him to explain what really happened at the press conference? Zi Qi says the real girlfriend Mina showed up and dragged Yu Cheng Feng off, leaving the situation chaotic. But he managed to hold down the fort.

Xing Ren wonders why Mina showed up, wasn’t she supposed to be in Paris? Zi Qi says this is called marking one’s territory. If he had a girlfriend who went out with another man and got photographed, forget about Paris, he’d fly back from Mars! I’m sure you would, Zi Qi. Xing Ren didn’t consider this could happen. Zi Qi says she doesn’t know quite a lot of stuff, and if she wants to help Master Yu, she needs to stay away from him from now on.

Mina and Yu Cheng Feng are driving and she’s throwing a little temper tantrum about how he’s embarrassed her in front of the Paris fashion industry. Everyone thinks she’s been dumped! He apologizes, but asked why she returned and showed up. She wonders what else she can do but come back? First he left his namesake design brand, then became the director for PB, and how he has these scandalous picture for her to see.

Yu Cheng Feng says this is just the media and people stirring up news. Mina thinks that where there is smoke, there is a fire, though she wonders why he couldn’t find a hottie and picked a barely grown little girl. Yu Cheng Feng says the girl’s name is Shen Xing Ren, and she is just a friend. Yu Cheng Feng says he feels bad to Xing Ren for getting embroiled in his mess. Mina says he ought to apologize to her for leaving her in a lurch.

Yu Cheng Feng reminds her that her parents don’t like him much. She says they spent all that money nurturing his talent, can’t he accept their prejudices? Yu Cheng Feng reminds Mina that they’ve discussed this before, they simply don’t see eye-to-eye on fundamental issues. So why do they need to work together and create more problems. Mina doesn’t care and wants him back at the fashion house. He thinks it’s best if they can keep work and their personal relationship separate.

Xing Ren calls Yu Cheng Feng and asks if everything is fine between him and Mina. He says it is, but says he can’t talk right now. Mina wonders if that was his little girlfriend calling to check in with him? Yu Cheng Feng says he doesn’t have any little girlfriend. Xing Ren finishes the conversation and walks out to find Zi Qi pretending to read a magazine. He asks if Mina unleashed a can of whoop ass on Yu Cheng Feng? Xing Ren tells him that those two are having a mature relationship, not everyone is as immature as he is.

They walk back to their desks, with Zi Qi saying that emotional maturity has nothing to do with age. Xing Ren wonders how many relationships Zi Qi has had? She can’t imagined such a mature man as Master Yu will be like Zi Qi, sees a pretty girl and turns into a blubbering idiot.

Zi Qi says love is using the heart not the head. Zi Qi says a person can just control their feelings using a switch, something as easy an on or off button. When you fall for someone, you can’t stop the feelings. Xing Ren doesn’t think that’s an issue. It’s just dating, what’s so hard about liking someone or stop liking someone? Zi Qi sits back and says she makes it sound so easy. But it’s hard to be candid with someone if that person thinks of him as an annoying nuisance. Xing Ren and Zi Qi both realize the potential hidden meaning of what he just said. They sit and stare at each other.

Which is when Kai Er walks in and notices the odd mood between them. Zi Qi leans forward and starts saying something, but then Kai Er calls out his name and makes her annoying presence known. She walks over and says she made a lunch for him and he thanks her. Kai Er asks Xing Ren if everything is fine with Master Yu. She confirms it’s all good. Kai Er asks Zi Qi to go have lunch with her now. He says yes and gets up, but stops next to Xing Ren’s desk and looks at her for a few moments before walking away.

Yu Cheng Feng and Mina are back at their place. She starts to get touchy feely with him but he’s not interested and pulls her off him. He sits down on the sofa and she asks him what he’s doing to her now by being so stone-faced. They haven’t see each other in awhile, doesn’t he miss her? He hasn’t even said that he loves her. He reminds her that just because he doesn’t say it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. She asks him to say it but he won’t.

Mina accuses him of staying at PB for that girl and pushing her away. She doesn’t understand why he could give up what he has accomplished and how hard he worked to get to where he is today. Yu Cheng Feng says he remembers vividly. Mina reminds him that when he had nothing, she supported him without any reservation. If she can give it to him, she can take it away as well.

He’s grateful to her and her family for their support. But he became a designer who is not allowed to set his design level and price points, that is not what he wants. He wants to stay at PB and design an affordable collection. Mina tells him to accept the consequences of what follows if he insists on doing this.

Zi Qi arrives at work with a sandwich and juice in his hand. He stops before turning back around and putting it on Xing Ren’s desk. She looks at him, and he tells her to eat it. He noticed she’s been working hard lately and not taking good care of herself. He tells her not to misunderstand, her mom asked him to take care of her. Riiiiiight. Zi Qi takes the juice box and inserts the straw for her. Stallone walks in and call out “nani?” (which means what’s going on in Japanese), wondering why these two bickering exes are suddenly doing a sickening lovebird feeding show this early in the morning.

Stallone asks what Zi Qi is doing buying delicious juice for Xing Ren. What about Kai Er? Qi Zi says he’s really just platonic friends with Kai Er. Stallone says in English “yeah, yeah, I know, you guys like crystal clear, pure and innocent” friendship. But the way he sees it, only a ghost will buy the bullshit he just spewed.

Stallone asks Xing Ren if she believes Zi Qi, to which Zi Qi pipes up and says he believes it. Xing Ren flashes back to Kai Er walking up to borrow medicine, and quietly says this has nothing to do with. her. Stallone laughs that even the most gullible Shen Xing Ren doesn’t believe Zi Qi. Who does he think he’s fooling? Too bad Mama Shen treats Zi Qi so well.

The other two employees walk in complaining about how short the lunch break is. Stallone tells them to stop putzing around and extols everyone to get back to work. Their annual bonuses depend on this anniversary period. After Stallone walks back to his desk, Zi Qi quietly tells Xing Ren that even if she doesn’t want to know and it doesn’t matter to her, he still wants to say once again that nothing is going on between him and Kai Er.

Xing Ren says she and Master Yu also have nothing going on. Both of them realize there are so many coincidences for both of them with respect to Kai Er and Yu Cheng Feng. Kai Er is told about Mina returning to Taiwan, and decides to try and meet with her to persuade her to set up the Yu Cheng Feng namesake brand at the department store.

Zi Qi continues making his dollhouse for Xing Ren, though he goofs off here and there. He gets a call from Kai Er, telling her that he’s off for today so they can’t have lunch together. He tells her to work hard. After hanging up, Zi Qi flashes back to him explaining to his friend that he can’t possibly like Shen Xing Ren. He takes a big sigh and leans back on his sofa to stare at the ceiling. He looks frustrated and goes back to dollhouse building, this time with renewed vigor. Of course he slices his finger again and gives a yelp of pain.

Le Le is happy she has the day off with Xing Ren, especially since that annoying bug hasn’t come to bother them. Xing Ren wonders how such a poor guy like Zi Qi can afford to wear such an expensive watch, selling it to repay the broken red wine. Le Le says he probably charged it on his card and bought it, he looks like a credit card slave type. Xing Ren goes back to feeding the fish and notices that the electricity suddenly went off. Le Le thinks that idiot downstairs must’ve done something.

Zi Qi sits in front of the completed dollhouse where he cosplays little paper doll figures of himself and Xing Ren. Paper doll Zi Qi is super shuai and has his smirky pose on, while paper doll Xing Ren has hearts for her eyes and looks totally ditzy. Doll Zi Qi offers to buy Xing Ren a luxury mansion for free, so doll Xing Ren cuddles up and thanks him. Doll Zi Qi replies “baby, don’t sweat it.” Hahahaha.

Doll Zi Qi asks who is sexier and more manly between him and Yi Cheng Feng? Doll Xing Ren says of course it’s him, Master Yu is just a fart! As to who is more mature, doll Xing Ren says it’s Zi Qi again, Master Yu is just kitchen scrap. Who is nicer and more considerate? Doll Xing Ren says “you” again. Finally as to who is handsomest man around, before doll Xing Ren can answer, suddenly Zi Qi hears his name being screamed out from upstairs.

Zi Qi quickly hides the dollhouse, but when the girls come inside they find doll Zi Qi and Xing Ren on the table. Xing Ren picks them up and wonders what he’s doing on his day off. LOL, she really doesn’t recognize that it’s her, does she? Zi Qi goes upstairs to help them with their electricity problem. Le Le doesn’t think he knows what he’s doing, but he says this is just child’s play to him, Suddenly Zi Qi gets shocked by an electric current and falls back on the ground in a faint, jerking a few times for extra effect.

Zi Qi is moved to the sofa where he’s still passed out. Xing Ren comes to check on him, calling his name but there is not response. She wipes his face with a cold towel. She looks at him sleeping there, candidly noting that he’s really shaui (handsome) and cute when he’s still like this. Suddenly Lao Yu comes to see Xing Ren and confesses that he likes her. He leans in for a kiss, which is when Zi Qi runs up and pushes him off Xing Ren, warning that Shen Xing Ren is his woman!

Zi Qi throws a few more dirty looks towards Lao Yu before grabbing Xing Ren’s hand and turning towards her. He slowly leans in for a kiss as the camera fades into the sunlight. The scene switches to Zi Qi laying on the sofa making kissy faces and hand movements, with Le Le and Xing Ren staring down at him in confusion.

They finally wake him up, asking what the heck he’s doing? Zi Qi keeps looking around, asking where Master Yu is? The girls are clueless so Zi Qi quickly hurries out. He stops outside where he had the dream kiss with Xing Ren and re-enacts it one more time.

Zi Qi has coffee with Kai Er at work. When she asks what he did on his day off, he says that he was doing arts and crafts again. He shakes his hand a few times, explaining that he helped Xing Ren with her electricity problem yesterday and got zapped. Kai Er wonder why he did it, but Zi Qi explains he wanted to help.

Kai Er tells Zi Qi to take better care of himself, because other than her mom, he’s the most important person to her. She tries to make him promise her not to do anything dangerous again. He reluctantly says yes. Kai Er does not look pleased.

Kai Er finds Xing Ren in the break room. She asks Xing Ren to stop asking Zi Qi to do anything dangerous in the future. Xing Ren apologizes, but Kai Er tells Xing Ren that even if Zi Qi offers, Xing Ren should decline. Kai Er says that even if Zi Qi and Xing Ren are just colleagues, he’s more than that to her. He’s very important to her, and Kai Er asks Xing Ren to not have any deeper interaction with Zi Qi other than word related matters. Xing Ren has no choice but to say she understands. Kai Er thanks her and leaves. Shit, this beyotch makes my blood boil.

Yu Cheng Feng is touring the future PB booth at the department store. Mina arrives to greet him, leading him to ask why she’s here? Which is when Kai Er arrives and introduces herself, then leaving Mina away to meet with her boss.

Stallone walks up to Zi Qi and starts making fun of him getting electrocuted yesterday. Zi Qi pretends his hands are shaking wildly from the shock still, and asks Stallone not to be so mean to him today. Stallone tells Zi Qi to stop pretending and get all his work done. Zi Qi asks Xing Ren to explain for him, saying he got electrocuted because of her. Xing Ren remembers what Kai Er just asked of her and refuses to discuss this further.

Suddenly news that Mina is here and discussing setting up the exclusive boutique for the Yu Cheng Feng brand at the department store and going through Kai Er’s department. Kai Er promises to do whatever Mina wants. She asks for the same contract as everyone else, but has one stipulation, which is that she wants the current booth position given to PB.

Mina calls Yu Cheng Feng out to have coffee. He sits down but isn’t pleased, asking why she is doing this? She reminds him that she’s been gone for two days, yet he’s not even worried about her well being. He knows she’ll not mistreat herself, so obviously she landed at a 5-star hotel. Mina is pleased that he knows her so well. But Yu Cheng Feng doesn’t think he knows her at all. His namesake brand is not suitable for setting up a boutique at a department store, so what is she thinking?

Mina wonders why he looks so serious, and why all they can talk about is work? He wants her to rescind the plan and go back to Paris. He’s given up all right to his self-created namesake brand to her father, so he wants them to properly manage it now. Mina pouts, saying she won’t go back if he won’t go with her. He fine with her staying, but asks her to stop this plan to embarrass him in public.

Mina says she’s doing all this to make him give up his silly idea and go back to Paris with her. Yu Cheng Feng gets a call from Xing Ren that he doesn’t answer, turning off the phone. Mina wonders who is calling, why he’s suddenly so shifty in front of her. Mina insults Xing Ren but he warns her to watch what she says.

Mina reminds him that he got to this place because of her, but now he just wants to ditch her and leave. He says that he is grateful to her and her father, but they also got commensurate value from him. But he won’t use his feelings and his artistic integrity to exchange for a design career. Mina says she will treat what he says today as him just being upset and not hold it against him. She gets up and leaves.

Xing Ren keeps calling Lao Yu but can’t get a hold of him. Zi Qi tells her to send him a text, and offers to go with her to find him if she’s so worried about Lao Yu. Stallone flounces over and suddenly old-school Japanese music stars to play (Taiwan was occupied by Japan for 50 years in the early 20th century, so old school Taiwanese dramas and music were heavily Japanese influenced). Stallone starts to give a monologue to Zi Qi about a man pursuing his love in Taiwanese as if he was singing in a karaoke. His words show on the screen akin to a karaoke scroll.

Stallone’s dramatic monologues goes like this: This brother of mine, as men, the most important first step is to have pride. A man without pride will be derided by others and discarded by his loved one. Sometimes to resolve the pain of a broken heart, a depressed person may consider suicide, others may hurt the opponent. So what do you think? Everyday the newspapers only write about LOVE and HATE. News about murder, poison, and suicide. These kinds of people are really foolish……

With that, Stallone ends his dramatic monologue and resume his usual ribbing of Qi Zi, noting that he wasn’t electrocuted, he was zapped by Xing Ren. Stallone starts to sing an offkey rendition of a song about a love filled with too much love and hate, walking away and cackling like the freak he is. He backs into the entering Le Le, who yells at him for causing her to drop her documents.

He crouches down to help her pick it all up, both of them annoyed with each other. As Stallone turns around to hand her the documents, their lips suddenly touch. Both freak out and start screaming their heads off.

Le Le starts hitting and kicking at him, calling him a pervert and a creep. Everyone runs over and hears how Stallone kissed Le Le. Stallone tries to explain it was just a coincidence and accident. Zi Qi thinks molesting a girl in broad daylight, the cops need to be called. Stallone whines no, but Le Le yells at the creep ought to be locked up. Stallone continues to act all afraid until he suddenly realizes that he’s the boss around here. He stands up straight and says that he already explained it was just a misunderstanding.

Le Le calls him a low-class creep before running off. Xing Ren says the same thing before running after Le Le. Even Zi Qi gets in on the fun and throws the same insult at Stallone before flouncing off. Stallone wonders why even Zi Qi is insulting him, should he help Stallone explain what is going on. Zi Qi tells Stallone to get rid of the evidence and skedaddle.

The other colleague, who has a crush on Le Le, is feeling betrayed by Stallone. He yells at Stallone, who decides he’s such a victim that he cries out “Ma Ma (your highness in Korean), why don’t you please kill Jang Geum!” Stallone continues to bleet like a sheep and pretend to stab himself. Mwahahaha, LOL, a Dae Jang Geum reference. Priceless. Afterwards he touches his lips and looks rather….intrigued.

Xing Ren listens to Le Le rage and fuss about getting molested by that grody freak Stallone, telling Le Le that it’s likely just an accident. Suddenly Xing Ren gets a call from Lao Yu, who is returning her earlier calls. She asks how he’s doing, and he confesses that he’s not doing so well.

Lao Yu sits with Xing Ren in her living room, after having unloaded his stress and worries on her over some beer. He apologizes for burdening her. Xing Ren says she’s great for easing people’s burdens. Lao Yu changes the subject to Mina, explaining that Mina is actually a honest and candid person, very sweet and cute. But sometimes Mina is missing a screw, just like Xing Ren at times. That is the reason why he’s loved Mina for so long.

Xing Ren asks why Mina came to take away PB’s booth at the department store. Lao Yu says Mina’s immaturity is her way of expressing her love. She wants to take Lao Yu back to Paris with her, and that is her way of doing it. Lao Yu laughs about how immature he and Mina are at love. Xing Ren thinks back to her conversation with Zi Qi, about how she thinks Master Yu is so mature he must also be mature in love. Lao Yu says Mina is someone very important to him, and he worries that one day it may not work between them. He takes another drink of beer.

Zi Qi looks at his paper doll versions of himself and Xing Ren. Zi Qi says “Shen Xing Ren, I think I ought to like you.” But that doesn’t sound right. So Zi Qi changes it to “Shen Xing Ren, I think I probably like you.” But that doesn’t work either. So Zi Qi continues with “Shen Xing Ren, if there were no misunderstandings, I think I like you.” He puts the paper dolls down and heads up to Xing Ren’s apartment.

Lao Yu tells Xing Ren that Mina has supported him this entire time and she is the closest person in his life. But they are growing further and further apart. Xing Ren tells him to try communicating with Mina again, who is probably feeling bad right now as well. Lao Yu ends the conversation and gets up to leave, but he’s drunk so he topples onto Xing Ren.

Zi Qi arrives and pulls Lao Yu off Xing Ren and punches the guy out. Lao Yu returns the punch before Xing Ren breaks the fight apart. She yells at Zi Qi for coming up and causing a scene. Zi Qi says he’s here to protect her, but Xing Ren retorts that she didn’t ask him to come assist her. Lao Yu was just drunk and accidentally fell down. Lao Yu sees this and appears to understand what is going on.

Lao Yu leaves but Zi Qi requests to walk him out so they can have a private conversation. Zi Qi and Lao Yu head outside and sit down to have a mano-a-mano chat. Zi Qi is still pissy while Lao Yu starts the conversation, asking why Zi Qi is so angry about what happened.

Zi Qi apologizes for what happened back there. Lao Yu accepts the apology and returns one of his own. Lao Yu asks Zi Qi to honestly say what Xing Ren means to him. Zi Qi says neighbor and coworker, but Lao Yu says Xing Ren appears to mean more to Zi Qi than that. He doesn’t know if Zi Qi is just obtuse or purposely ignoring the obvious, that Xing Ren means a lot to him.

Zi Qi tells Lao Yu to just worry about his Mina and stop caring about what’s going on between Zi Qi and Xing Ren. Lao Yu asks him point blank if he likes Xing Ren. Zi Qi pauses for awhile before blurting out that he likes Xing Ren, so what! Lao Yu asks if Zi Qi feels better now that he’s admitted the truth? Xing Ren is a special girl who deserves to be cherished, so Lao Yu tells Zi Qi to treat her well going forward. Lao Yu leaves Zi Qi sitting there alone, pondering this new breakthrough.

Thoughts of Mine:

Just like I suspected, Lao Yu isn’t interested in Xing Ren as a romantic possibility, but instead treats her genuinely as a friend who he can talk to. I like that his relationship with Mina is still full of love but complicated by the inability to communicate and see eye-to-eye on professional matters. I don’t think there is any easy solution for Lao Yu and Mina’s impasse, but at least they continue to try and talk, even if they are nowhere near finding a common ground. The whole couture vs. ready-to-wear is an age-old dilemma in fashion, and it’s pretty entertaining to watch how OG plans to discuss this issue within the context of this story.

I don’t think Zi Qi’s realization of his feelings for Xing Ren is taking too long, because he’s been acting like he has feelings for her for quite some time. Everyone else can see it. I don’t necessarily require my OTP to verbalize their feelings all the time, I merely dislike it when they try to pretend otherwise. Zi Qi never pretends otherwise with Xing Ren, he simply couldn’t quite grasp the nature of his feelings. He thinks he’s just taking care of her, but really it’s because she’s become so important to him.

Zi Qi and Kai Er is yet another instance where he could tell her to back off, but the timing hasn’t quite led up to that point yet. She’s made explicit statements of her interest, but stopped right at the brink of asking Zi Qi to date her. I’m annoyed by her sheer existence in this drama, and her horrid manipulative and sneaky ways, but I’m glad the OTP continues with their delightful bickering regardless of Kai Er’s attempts to insert herself where she’s not welcome.

It’s been a long time since a TW-drama really got the slapstick mood and execution down perfectly, with everyone nailing their split-second reaction shots and spitting out their dialogue like they are in a speed reading contest. OG is a drama not about the quiet introspective moments, but rather is all about the enjoyment garnered from the rapid fire rat-a-tat-tat of wordplay and watching the two leads emotionally tango their way to the finish line.


Office Girls Episode 10 Recap — 35 Comments

  1. I loved that last scene with Lao Yu and Zi Qi. I’m not sure exactly why, or rather, I suppose I should just say that it felt very emotionally honest. Both actors hit just the right tone with their performances, and I look forward to seeing how ZQ acts now that he’s finally admitted it outloud to himself (and Lao Yu) that he likes Xing Ren.

    • Where do I begin? This drama has become my addiction. I’ve watched that episode entirely twice (once raw, once partly subbed) and several segments much more. Such as the Patrick Li’s line on Mina (his real gf), the “flipping camera”, “the dollhouse”, the “karaoke”, the “dream”, the “lip-touching scandal” which cracked me up so much my neighbors must still be wondering whether I should be locked up. LOL

      Those hilarious moments were well-balanced with the emotional instants, although I too wouldn’t mind the b*tch to get lost somewhere abroad. She had that same attitude towards the female employee in the red team. Been wondering whether the latter will do something significant in the/her future.

      Of course, Roy Qiu and Patrick Li have been stealing the show and I can’t get enough of them.

      Confession-wise, Roy Qiu has somehow admitted to his best friend then to Yu Cheng Feng that he has feelings for Xeng Rin. Next episode’s preview seems to show that he will also tell Kai Er but not Xeng Rin. This is somehow puzzling to me: shouldn’t he confess to Xeng Rin first, instead of her being told last? I get it that she isn’t quite sure/ready yet to admit her own feelings, let alone his. Yet I’m kinda bugged. Well I shall not get ahead of myself and will wait (eagerly) until next Sunday.

      Thank you for this great recap, Mrs Koala! Btw, I’ve noticed that OG hasn’t yet been listed on your “Recaps” list as I had been looking for ep 9’s recap. Don’t mean to pressure you in any way at all. 😉

      • Hi denali,

        On your comment:
        “Confession-wise, Roy Qiu has somehow admitted to his best friend then to Yu Cheng Feng that he has feelings for Xeng Rin. Next episode’s preview seems to show that he will also tell Kai Er but not Xeng Rin. This is somehow puzzling to me: shouldn’t he confess to Xeng Rin first, instead of her being told last? ”

        Isn’t this how it is sometimes in real life? Because XR and him started on the wrong foot, he’s hesitant to confess for fear of being shot down. But he’s ‘forced’ to admit it to people who have prodded him on and people who need to be told (like Kai Er in the next episode). He needs to muster enough courage and confidence before he can confess. We hate being rejected so sometimes (not always), we wait until we’re sure our feelings will get reciprocated before we express our own. I do recall how it was in my younger days so I feel some empathy for ZQ. This is one of the memorable parts of a relationship, the awkwardness of the ‘courtship’ period (if they still call it that).

      • Hi sleeplessinwgtn,

        True this is sometimes how life is. Not perfect at all. Although things are somewhat different in dramas and I wasn’t sure what to expect from OG. The “bestest”, I guess, now. 🙂

        Sleep tight, then, and greetings to Meg Ryan + Tom Hanks!

  2. Thank you for recapping this drama
    Ockoala your panel is so cute…luv those couple in City Hall…sorry off track from this Office Girls Episode 10 Recap 🙂

  3. Thanks for your recaps, they aid a lot in understanding the real meaning behind the English subs. The viki subbers are quite fast in getting the job done, 93% the day after it aired, wow!

  4. Has anyone seen Roy in “Waking Love Up” (a remake of “Prince turns into a Frog” and “Save the Last Dance for Me”)…. highly recommend (especially after episode 7)…. he is uber HOT GORGEOUS YUMMY, one of his best roles yet (he rocks the chaebol role)….

    • Hahaha, to each his/her own. All three of Roy’s C-dramas (The Daughters, WLU, and Unbeatable) was an exercise in destroying my liver when I attempted to stay with it and turned it into a drinking game so I wouldn’t destroy my brain from the excess stupidity all round. Roy needs to stay the hell away from modern C-dramas, and Tang Yen in particular.

      My love for Roy only goes so far. The original PTiF was bearable because young Ming Dao actually had charisma, but the story was as stupid as all out. To remake it was just a money-grubbing exercise in banking on Roy and Tang Tang’s popularity as a couple. While Roy was semi-awake in The Daughters, he slept-walked his way through WLU, so I fail to see any acting being done there. Unbeatable was just a very big CF masquerading as a drama.

      • hmm…everyone is entitled to their own opinion
        but i thought roy in Waking Love Up was better than in My daughter
        that was way too draggy…
        at times, I felt WLU was like a continuation of My daughter
        Tang Yan is a good actress but is more suited for Chinese Paladin style melodrama
        Okoala, Do you know what Roy’s next project will be?

      • Awww, I loved all of Roy’s cdramas. 🙁 I’m actually super grateful to them because they turned Roy into my favorite Taiwanese actor. To be fair, the latter two (Unbeatable and WLU) I only watched because of my love for the cast, but I thought My Daughter was well-handled for the first season. The second season got pretty draggy, though. And although Roy’s acting in his cdramas can’t compare to his performance in Office Girls, I still think he does a stellar job. But maybe my standards have just gotten really low for idol dramas… 😛

        The comment about Unbeatable being a large-scale CF is so true. The product placement didn’t make me cringe, but they definitely could’ve been less subtle about it. 😀

      • You’ve perfectly voiced what I felt about WLU. I was about 15 minutes into the first episode and my face was already frozen in a permanent grimace, alternatively cringing at Tang Yan’s overacting and Roy’s complete lack of acting/horrible dub voice. I can’t blame Roy for phoning in either, because the whole thing is mind-numbingly stupid.

      • @lemon
        yes, its unfortunate that cdramas are always dubbed…
        as i said before, Tang Yan not that bad as she has won best actress for a movie
        It’s not entirely her fault…the production company casted her in 3 similar roles for unbeatable, WLU, and my daughter
        I look forward to her next project “scar of heaven” with Hu Ge.
        It was baron chen’s performance in my daughter that made me stop watching the show…I don’t know if he was supposed to act that way, but his character was extremely childish over love…
        I’ve also heard of Roy’s drama “The girl in Blue” with Joe Chen. Is that one any good???
        As for OG, nobody seems to give Patrick Li enough credit. I started watching cuz i wanted to see roy, but it is Patrick’s humor that really keeps the show going.

      • @bubujinxinaddict: omg I totally know what you mean about Baron’s acting/character in My Daughter. I actually watched the drama just for him (because I adored him in Fated to Love You), but his character was just… ugh. I wanted to strangle him. Then I fell in love with Roy and life is now extremely peachy. ;D

  5. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HIS DRAMA!!! does anyone know where i can download this drama in 720? it’s so hard watching this drama in all it’s greatness with such low quality picture! please let me know! thank u!

  6. Thanks for the recap! I think this was the most ROFL episode to date. I definitely agree with you about the slapstick mood/execution being done perfectly. The quick dialogue and reactions sort of remind me of anime or a jdrama- but without losing its grounded quality. Roy and Patrick Li are especially perfect together. I totally lost it during the karaoke scene! whoever thought to put the lyrics up there in karaoke scroll was a genius!

    As for that horrid Kai Er: I hope that assistant/coworker of hers gets some sort of revenge on Kai Er for being so dismissive of her all the time!

    I tot

  7. Yay! I was waiting for the recap since last time I sat down to watch it, it wasn’t subbed. I’m happy that Zi Qi at least figured out his feelings and I hope (although I know it’s not gonna happen) to see less of Kai Er and she better back off from OTP.

  8. Thanks for the recap! Definitely looking forward to next week’s episode — Ziqi is sooo cute when he’s around Shen Mama.

    Just wondering, what are you thoughts on Mina herself? Or is it too early to judge?

    • I liked Mina from the start and have been praying that she doesn’t do anything too bad and underhanded to destroy my liking for her. I was expecting a character with an air of sophistication and haughtiness( like a Zheng Kai Er version 2), but she turned out to have a cute, childish sort of personality, even if she is, at the same, time whiny and selfish.

  9. Thanks for the recap and sharing this with us, providing some kind of a channel for non-Chinese speaking like me to talk about the drama.
    I enjoy reading your recap as always. I stumbled upon your site a couple of weeks back while searching for anything related to Sunny Happiness. And from then on I’ve been “stalking” your site on and off until OG happened.
    Just like you, I truly hope that the light tone will continue in OG till the end unlike what happened with Love Keeps Going where things suddenly went WTH then all down hill from there.

    BTW, I love the ditzy Xing Ren paper doll. I couldn’t stop laughing looking at it. That is some talent Zi Qi has. If he couldn’t be the CEO, may be he can try being a manga artist. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the recap Ms Koala. I was waiting for your take on it. Absolutely loved it and watched it a couple of times already.

    He speaks really fast. Is that normal speed for a TW? I am not a good subber and can’t break the sentences up. It’s like bullet speed shooting out.

    Loved loved loved his looks. I wish someone would do a montage of him just looking at Xing Ren. Doesn’t she have a clue? Oh man we (there were 3 of us on viki at the same time) really cracked up watching the dream sequence. As soon as it came out after he fainted I was just killing myself laughing.

    Wishing for some definite progress now for ep 11. Can’t wait.

  11. I finally got a chance to watch ep 10… gosh, I love it. There were just so many parts that made me giggle, laugh completely out loud, and just lots of memorable lines. 🙂

    I do think people talk quite fast in Taiwan, but maybe not quite as fast as they do in OG (esp in the office). Stallone cracks me up to no end, but he really matches up well with ZQ and XR when he talks. Ack – he tosses out japanese too?! I’m not quite as good as Ms Koala – I don’t understand japanese, only the other 3 languages/dialects. Had to rely on the chinese subtitles. I rewatched it a few times cause I had no idea what he was saying in japanese. Anyhow – one thing that always drew me to SETTV dramas is the local feel that they have – there’s always taiwanese being thrown randomly into dialogue… it’s hilarious.

    I love how ZQ asks his cut out character XR if he’s more man than LY (DS). HAHA. 🙂 Too many good moments in this episode to type out.

  12. I knew the confession was a dream sequence but atleast he admitted in front of Lao Yu…and he seems to ve told Kai Er in d preview too so now i just hope he confesses soon to Xing Ren.

  13. I am absolutely in love with this drama! there’s no sense of over exaggerated anime acting but just cute-ness all around! lol does anyone know where i can download this drama in 720? i hate seeing Roy’s good looking face in only 480! Please let me know folks!

  14. Koala thanks for the recap! I am one of those loving this drama, but i can’t help having this fear that i am going to get a rush ending. I know its building up, but at this point i would prefer to see them get together and deal with other issues and one of the major ones would be him not really being honest with her about who he is, which of course he couldn’t tell her. Also there seem to be issues with his father that haven’t quite been addressed.

  15. Has anyone seen the newest preview clip?
    He’s giving the ‘house’ to Xing Ren… Awww. Can’t he be any sweeter?
    Let the courting begin!

  16. OH MY GOSH KOALA!!! if not for your amazing recaps, i would have not discover this super amazing and funny drama at all!!! i would not come across this drama what so ever if not for your recaps…seriously lol!!! i love this drama, thanks for the recaps!!

  17. Re: Stallone

    I have some questions about Taiwanese and Mandarin: How different are they? Is Taiwanese a dialect of Mandarin, or a completely different language? Are the characters of Office Girls (and other Taiwanese dramas) speaking Taiwanese or Mandarin?

    Sorry this isn’t directly related to your post, but I hope you let me know.


    • Taiwanese is a dialect of the Chinese language. Mandarin is also another dialect of the Chinese language. The Taiwanese dialect is not an off-shoot of the Mandarin dialect. The Chinese language has over 7 major language groups, each containing tens of dialects.

      Taiwanese and Mandarin are unintelligible to each other, it’s like a foreign language. But it’s close enough for one to learn the other, like a French speaker learning Spanish (both are romance languages sharing lots of the same roots), and not as disparate as a Russian learning Japanese.

      The characters in OG speak Mandarin, but they usually pepper in some Taiwanese sentences, phrases, or slang here and there.

  18. Man I totally love this drama. Why am I only now finding out about the awesomeness that is Roy Qiu, there’s something about his acting that just calls to me. I LOVE when he looks so vulnerable, he really does remind me of a small little boy. And I’m so happy that finally it’s the GUY admitting he likes the girl first, I’m so used to it being the other way around.

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