The Black and White Movie Releases First Trailer

After three years of planning and two years of intermittent filming, the Black & White movie finally has a release date (Lunar New Year 2012) and a first trailer. Those of you who follow my Zai Zai love knows already that Pi Zi is not in the movie. To accommodate losing the soul of the story, Director Tsai decided to turn the movie into a prequel (supposedly) to the timeline of the drama. The movie is also intended to be the first of a trilogy, hence the title is so damn long – Black & White: Episode 1 The Dawn of Assault.

Mark Chao holds down the fort alone this time, with the only other returning lead being Ivy Chen in a small cameo along with new female lead Angelababy. I’m about as interested in this movie as I am examining toe fungus. Cop movies and shoot ’em up thrillers are a dime-a-dozen, but what made B&W was the partner relationship between Pi Zi and Ying Xiong, which is now gone. *sobs* Damn you, Golden Bells, I blame you for destroying a perfectly good bromance. Watch the trailer below and see things go boom boom pow.


The Black and White Movie Releases First Trailer — 19 Comments

  1. sighh, it just won’t be the same without zai zai! i wonder how the other two parts of the trilogy will pan out. if part 1 is a prequel, then what about the other 2? and will the storyline continue off the drama (i.e. the “Heaven” organization and the worldwide conspiracy), or is the plot completely unrelated to the drama’s?

  2. I know it’s not use but…I want the Pi Zi and Ying Xiong combo back! I’m not sure abt liking Ying Xiong pre-PiZi. He was pretty hot-headed and inflexible (not that he changed that much by the end of B&W series). But PiZi and Chen Ling had him question himself.

    But the trailer does look pretty awesome.

    • agree! its call PI ZI YING XIONG. so there shuld be a cop tat is pi zi and one tat is ying xiong. haix lost that soul even with the skeleton.
      sad. nevertheless, i’ll still catch the movie.

  3. Ying Xiong was actually pretty annoying with out Pi Zi to balance him out. My interest level in this is about zilch. Which is too bad because if things had been different I would have been all over this! Pi Zi truly was the heart and soul of B&W. Without him… why bother.

  4. I am not interested unless Pi Zi is in it because frankly he was the most interesting character in the show. Mark Chao was not bad at all but Vic’s acting was great!! What do you mean the Golden Bells thing? Can you elaborate, please?

    • Basically both of them were up for Best Actor and in a huge upset Mark Chao won over Zai Zai. The politics of it involve the fact that it was Mark Chao’s FIRST role but who his Dad was might have influenced the voting…not to mention hater backlash against Zai Zai…though I think the Wilbur thing DESTROYED this as a scandal because wow

    • The Golden Bells award is like the Taiwan version of the Emmys. In 2009, both Mark Chao/Ying Xiong and Vic Zhou/Pi Zi, among others, were in the running for the award for “Best Actor”. And Mark Chao won! Yes, Mark Chao did a great job in Black and White, but most people believed that Vic should have won the award. It didn’t help that Mark Chao’s dad is like some influential dude in the entertainment business (not saying there is string-pulling in the background- but there were unfounded speculations) If there was a best newcomer’s award, I would agree that Mark Chao was the best newcomer. But to be the Best Actor in his first acting role? And things just got sort of awkward between the two.

      Vic did a phenomenal job with this drama. Sure he will get offered a ton of great roles, but this role really allowed him to show off his range and it offered him a great chance at winning the award too. Not sure if another role will come soon that will generate the same kind of buzz and affection.

      • The Golden Bells is a joke! It’s so obvious it’s rigged and whatnot. poor zai zai got shafted big time.

  5. Hi ockoala, i was wondering what you mean by the Golden Bells thing too? sorry if you have mentioned before, but can you please tell us again? please…

  6. Trailer looks good. But w/o Pi zi??? Hmmm, and i tot the movie is supposed to close the drama dubious ending. Keep my fingers crossed that since this is part 1, maybe part 2/3 will see a reconciliation of the bromance…one can continue to hope.

  7. lol Episode 1… I wasn’t the only one reminded of Star Wars, was I?

    The trailer is nice and shiny, but it illuminates nothing about the plot, apart from Mark Chao running around and protectin’ the people or something. I am kind of interested in seeing how Yingxiong became the cop he is in B&W. But who knows if they’ll touch on that.

  8. dissapointed…angelababy? that girl is practically a newbie and cast in a major movie as a lead
    i wanted vic back! oh well, he’s filming sleepless fashion
    ivy should have gotten a bigger part
    btw i love the material queen bg!

  9. Really not interested and with AngelaBaby as female lead? Avoiding at all costs.

    Still devastated that Vic isn’t in this 🙁 He was frankly the best character out the show.

  10. I was about to skip this item but am interested with the comments and I’m glad I did because now I’m more enlightened by that Vic Zhou-Mark Chao controversy. My daughter and I are JVKV (F4) fans forever and we’re not interested if Vic isn’t in that movie. Btw, Vic’s movie 10,000 Years of Love won the Audience Award in the Osaka Asian Film Festival held in March this year.

  11. hey dont be upset…sinse ep1 of the movie took 3 years to come out by the time they shoot the B&W drama version i guess YOUR zai zai wud hav probably calmed dwn n mite play his usual BEST self for ep 2 part of the movie version….fingers crossed ….u neva knw…. 😉

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