Vic Zhou and Xiao Xiao Bin Continue their Father-Son Cuteness on More Talk Shows

I’m sure everyone’s like “didn’t you just post about this a few days ago?” The answer is no, because a few days ago Vic Zhou was not wearing all black and Xiao Xiao Bin was missing his bright red boy cape. So those two spot-the-difference moments are enough for me to post another round of pictures of Zai Zai and the cast of Perfect Two making more rounds on the talk shows in Taiwan. This time they are on uber-host Zhang Xiao Yan‘s SS Xiao Yan’s Night, where they got a much less gossipy welcome than when they were on Kangxi. Y’all have to forgive me for being so taken with Zai Zai’s every move recently, since I’ve had to deal with emaciated and depressed Zai Zai for so long I feel like I’ve earned the right to luxuriate in his hearty happiness. At this point I don’t even care if the movie stinks up the joint. I’m just thrilled making the movie left Zai Zai so radiant.

I’m loving Zai Zai’s all-black outfit for the taping, but am wondering where the heck Xiao Xiao Bin dug up that red cape. I swear I owned the exact same cape when I was his age. I also think it’s time for his bowl cut to go.

Ella really proves the old adage that a woman in love glows. I haven’t seen her take a bad picture this year, ever since she’s started dating her boyfriend she’s been the personification of a classy beauty. So happy for her. I think she was long overdue in shedding her youthful tomboy image so she can transition to more mature roles for her career.

Yeah, Zai Zai…..still all MINE.


Vic Zhou and Xiao Xiao Bin Continue their Father-Son Cuteness on More Talk Shows — 26 Comments

  1. He may be all yours, be we are still going to drool over him. Gosh, he looks so much better now than he has been lately. Vic darling, let’s not do the icky dirt ‘stache any more, ‘K? You clean up to nicely to be looking like a bum. You’re a cute bum, but even more handsome cleaned up man…

    *sigh* *drool* *sigh* Rinse, repeat.

    • Completely agreed with your comment 🙂 Really drool over him with his clean look and leaner than before…arggghhhh for him by looking handsome and gorgeous ♥

  2. Vic Chou does have a perfect pair of eyebrows. I missed seeing laughing so much too and hope he stays at his current weight. Out of all the F4, I think he has grown so much as an actor and look forward to his future work.

  3. can i dream that he might one day bulk up? ooohh. that would be awesome. his mars days with a little more muscle. i know that’s not who he is at this point in his life and career, but it could’ve been and still can be. ha. he’s looking good at his current weight though.

    honestly, i’m still trying to recover from his loss to fellow cast member, mark chao. what. the. frick. ying xiong’s yelling was too much for me. mark chao’s acting improved throughout filming, but not enough to warrant an award. -_-; i think the only downer for chen zai tian’s character was that they never took him to the next level emotionally. he always got right up there, and yeah he had his moments (episode 4 after seeing he xiao mei outside the window and running after her only to collapse and cry, the time when he spells out black, white, and ultimately gray to ying xiong on the roof/side of the building, plus a few other moments), but he never really made it over. he always slid back to that comic-weirdo personality (which i loved!) with not as much depth as he should’ve had (which i did not love). i always felt that chen zai tian’s character could’ve merged both comic-weirdo and depth beautifully though. not vic chou’s fault at all. the writing’s? a bit.

    anyways, WOW, talk about tangent.

    i know you loved black and white and might have a different opinion of chen zai tian’s character, but there was mine. =D

  4. I say “post them if you’ve got them” and skip the explanation next time …. most of us understand COMPLETELY.

    Meteor Garden was my first TW-drama, and it’s amazing the twists and turns the original F4 have gone through. Jerry’s recent glowering hasn’t helped me think he’s on a good path … so, yeah, very nice to see Zai Zai healthy and seemingly happy, now off to watch interviews if I can find them.

  5. He looks soo happy but he really needs to eat! 🙁 But atleast he is looking healthier than b4. Hope he keeps smiling like this, seems like he is really enjoying being father of Xiao Xiao Bin. No wonder, that kid is super-cute!

  6. I love his hearty laughs, I could just imagine how they sound. I better go hunting for interviews, even un-subbed, just to hear his laughter.

    I agree that no explanation is needed; more photos of Vic, the better. You don’t even have to caption them.

    As for the boy’s cape… look’s like little red riding hood cape to me. But he’s young, so he can get a way with it.

    @ flyingolfcart: I totally share your sentiments :(. But in my heart, it’s still Vic who carried that show.

    I hope to see him soon in a T-drama that’s both fun and romantic.

    • ZZ’s photos of smiles and laughters make me smile, too. And I’m at work so ppl must be thinking, what the heck is she smiling about? 1000 x 🙂

  7. Sigh. So pretty.

    Oh, good lord, I’m such a cliche. I see a handsome man with a little boy and my ovaries start saying, “Uuuuussssse ussssss….” à la Golem. Oh, Zai Zai, why you so hormone ‘splodey?

  8. Thaaanks for these great photos! Almost finished with Black and White (done with ep 17) so I’m into this guy again aha ha ha!

  9. Seriously sis, i did not recognize Ella, she looks just like a lady! So beautiful!

    Zai Zai and Xiao Xiao Bin looks so cute together and they could be like real father and son!

    Thanks so much for posting these pics 🙂

  10. hi ms koala this drama of vic zhou and ella will be a treat to watch. i also hope you can find time to check out the drama series Brain–the story and the lead actor is captivating. I always read your recaps and previews for some of my favorites like office girls and others. Your recap of Brain would be something I would look forward to!

  11. Hi Ms Koala! I’m back!!! If only for Vic Zhou.
    I should say, if Helen of Troy has the face that could sink a thousand ships, Vic Zhou has the thousand of faces that could sink into any role he’s giving life into the small and big screen. Handsome, debonaire, cute, funny, unshaven, shaven, a bum who doesn’t bath, melancholic, a loser, ……. and so on, name it his face would sink into that character!!!
    AWESOME ACTOR!!! and he’s OUR vic!!!

  12. Vic Zhou, you made me so happy from seeing your handsome smiling face. So good to see him having fun with Xiao Xiao Bin. They’re both so cute. Thanks for posting Ms. K, it’s like a breath of sunshine to us Zaizai fans everytime you post anything and everything about him.

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