Yoon Eun Hye Models Cartier for High Cut Magazine

I just love Yoon Eun Hye’s recent hair color, this lovely red that is bright and burnished at the same time. She’s in this month’s High Cut Magazine modeling the Cartier Juste un Clou line that she’s been tapped by the company to showcase (tee hee, I just got one in rose gold and I’m so entranced by it, such a fantastic design), and she’s certainly drawing attention to her hands with all her poses. I like High Cut pictures since it’s always visually arresting even if it doesn’t always merit being called pretty. Eun Hye does modeling like a champ and I’m content with whatever pictorials and CFs she does as she continues her studies while weighing potential project choices.

[Credit: High Cut Magazine]


Yoon Eun Hye Models Cartier for High Cut Magazine — 19 Comments

  1. Now I want to dye my hair that color. SOOOO pretty. I <3 YEH, and I'm anxiously awaiting the news on her next project. It can't come fast enough.


  2. I can not help admiring her, she is my goddess certainly miss her a lot I want to finish school and start as soon as possible a drama.

  3. regal as ever, she is every day more and more beautiful, I want what everyone wants to see her again in a drama or movie.

  4. My favorite captain Koko, say what? You bought something from the Juste Un Clou line? Nicee. Im jelly ofcourse. I mean, I want one because Eun Hye is modeling it and girl makes anything look good, but darn. You work hard for your money so congrats to you.

  5. I live in the States and started watching foreign films from all over the world. My very first Korean Drama was Coffee Prince with YEH. I was so impressed with this young lady who is a singer, actress and model. She does the young women of Korea proud and should be thanked for it. There are wonderful actresses in the States who are multi-talented too…she if she chooses will fit in with them nicely.

  6. I really admire this beautiful lady, the way she dress up, her hairstyle, i Love everything about her…I almost copied her hairstyle in Lie to me…

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